Wellpartnerpharmacy Reviews – Online and Mail Order Pharmacy Based in Portland, Oregon

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Wellpartnerpharmacy.com is a licensed mail order and online pharmacy by the State of Oregon. It is one of the core businesses of Wellpartner.com and is owned by Wellpartner, Inc. Its place of business is the largest city of Oregon i.e. Portland.

The website handles requests of US citizens by phone, fax or mail to deliver the prescription medicines at home. The prices are relatively lower as compared to retail prices. In case of refill of prescription, the patients can also place their orders via online.

The website lists wide range of non-prescription items along with healthcare accessories and nutritious products enabling users to make purchases through online store. These items can be searched by brand or by category. The category includes Diabetes Management, Nutrition, Personal Care, First Aid, Pain Relief, Digestive Health, etc. Every user can access the history of their orders through online Medicine Cabinet after registering a free account.

Mostly orders are processed and delivered within 7 days. There is no standard shipment charges for prescription items. The shipment of non-prescription items carries a standard shipment fee of $5.95. The requests of urgent delivery of items are also entertained subject to payment of additional fee. The mode of payment includes debit card, credit card, check or money order.

In addition to that, the website serves a role of facilitator between physicians and patients in the context of specialty pharmacy solutions to treat chronic diseases. This includes Hemophilia, Oncology, Dermatology, Anemia, Osteoporosis, Urology, Gastroenterology, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and many more. It is also committed to providing comprehensive therapy management and clinical support round the clock.

Wellpartnerpharmacy.com Reviews

Customer reviews are hardly found about the website prior to 2016. Despite the website ensures a convenient platform for home delivery of health related items under the management of licensed pharmacists, but still no feedback is available over internet.

Wellpartnerpharmacy.com Reviews

The company got A+ rating which is the highest on a scale of A+ to F, but is not BBB accredited. As per BBB website, 01 complaint has been resolved with BBB in last 3 years and one complaint has been resolved in last 12 months as well.

Above all, it seems that customer reviews are not available before 2016 in spite of its presence in the healthcare industry for more than a decade.

Wellpartnerpharmacy.com Reviews 2016

Customer reviews are not available in 2016 as well. The viewership and popularity may be determined through ranking websites. According to alexa.com, the website of the company is ranked among top 1.160 million most viewed websites in the world. It shows upward trend in worldwide ranking during the last 12 months in terms of monthly traffic, but its historical data is not available. It is ranked among top 206,000 most viewed websites in the United States. The representation of its ranking is given below:

Wellpartnerpharmacy.com Reviews 2016

According to easycounter.com, the website of the company is among top 1.120 million most viewed websites in the world which may be considered as below satisfactory as mentioned above. Its popularity can also be gauged through daily visitors and daily page views which are 432 and 1,040 respectively.

Wellpartnerpharmacy.com Reviews 20161

On the whole, online feedback is not found in 2016 as well. Its ranking is below par along with negligible daily visitors and few daily page views.

Wellpartnerpharmacy.com Coupon Codes

The prices of each item are listed on the website. Presently, no discounts and coupon codes are offered by the website.


The website is a part of Wellpartner.com and is based in Portland, Oregon. The website works as mail order and online pharmacy to provide convenient healthcare solutions. It manages home delivery of healthcare products and accessories including prescription and non-prescription medicines across the United States. The delivery is quick and the prices are affordable. With respect to chronic health conditions, the website not only offers pharmacy services but also manages therapy management for both physicians and patients. Its interface is user-friendly. Online feedback is not found over internet. It’s below par ranking shows that the company is not popular among users, and there are other competitors in the marketplace who are providing better healthcare services. All in all, it receives 2 out of 5 stars rating.

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