Webeyestore Reviews: Legitimate Online Pharmacy but with Poor Online Reputation

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Webeyestore.com is an online store that aims to provide shoppers with contact lenses over the internet. This is made possible through the regular online shopping procedures. Webeyestore.com, however, only provides contact lenses to those people who have a valid contact lenses prescription from a licensed specialist. This site takes all the necessary precautions and goes through the rightful procedures in order to provide the shoppers with the right contact lenses. The difference one notes when shopping from the site is that the prices are much cheaper than those generally offered in physical stores. This is an advantage to those who really need these lenses as they are able to carry on with their lives at a very reasonable cost.

Webeyestore.com, unlike other providers, ensures that even at such low costs the shoppers are able to buy the original contact lenses and not fake ones. Additionally, relevant information is available on the site in order to ensure that shoppers have the right information and are thus able to use the lenses as directed.

Webeyestore.com Reviews

Annie Dunavan from Warrenton US advises people not to shop on the site. She ordered for two boxes of lenses and instead got four boxes of the wrong type of lenses, that is, different lenses from those she had ordered. She tried to get the chat feature but it is never working. She also tried to call but was on hold for about twenty five minutes so she gave up waiting. The only contact that is available is via email and this takes a long period of time to get a response. She ended up paying for the shipping fees in order to return the wrong contact lenses and only got part of her refund back.

Tony Jordan from Richmond US says he will never do business with this site again. He made his order and it arrived thirty days after the site claimed it would arrive. He called the contact number and his calls went unanswered. He also tried sending emails to the shipping contact address and the customer service address only to get generic mail as a response. When he finally got through to a representative he was assured the product would be shipped within the week and a tracking number would be provided, both of which did not happen. He says the only reason he cannot send the product back and ask for a refund is because he is sure it will be another long nightmare.

Webeyestore.com Reviews 2015

As the Web Eye Store is a US based business based in Brooklyn, NY, the trust rating from scam alert websites is high according to scamadviser.com.

Webeyestore.com Reviews 2015

But other than the positive feedback on scam alert websites, the online pharmacy received a negative response from customers in their reviews. For example, the website was reviewed 22 times on trustpilot.com with an aggregated rating 2.1 out of 10 which is extremely poor.

Webeyestore.com Reviews 20151

The website has also not received any reviews in 2015 which indicates that it is losing business. Customers mostly complained about their unresponsive customer support and most called them awful. Some customers also complained that their orders never received in time while others claimed they advertised false prices on their website to lure in customers.

Webeyestore.com Reviews 20152

On Reseller Ratings, the online pharmacy is reviewed by 252 customers but most of them were unhappy customers as they were rated 4.3 star pharmacy out of 10 which is again below average. All in all, even when the business is legitimate, poor customer feedback indicates that their services are not what customers expected.

Webeyestore.com Coupon Codes

Webeyestore.com provides its customers with a number of discounts that are available through coupons. These are found on different sites and on the site itself. They include:

  • No shipping and handling fees for orders that total $99 and above.
  • NORETAIL which is a coupon code that offers the shopper $2 discount off of purchases that total $129 and above.
  • A deal that is available to Facebook fans. The deal offers $5 discount on a purchase.
  • A deal that offers up to 45% on the purchase of Biomedics contact lenses.
  • NOSHIP795 which is a coupon code that offers free shipping for orders that are $75 and above.

Webeyestore.com offers customers many discounts through the purchase of coupons and through access to various coupon codes that are available on sites that are dedicated to availing coupon codes to online shoppers. These coupon codes and discounts offer shoppers a great deal of savings.


2 stars is a fair rating for webeyestore.com. This is because the customer reviews available online do not have positive things to say about the site and its services. In fact, most of the customers complain about the service and the way things are handled in terms of the delivery of orders and the customer care which is unperturbed by mistakes made and unapologetic about any of these same mistakes. In regards to such complaints, the people in charge of the site should make some changes or continue to lose customers. The site, however, is legitimate and not a scam, despite all the mistakes that punctuate their operations.

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