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Walgreens.com is one of the largest online stores dealing in pharmaceutical and daily products. It has a variety of products falling in different categories. The website launched its first pharmacy in 1999 which had a complete range of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

The Walgreens.com is the sister company of the Walgreens conventional stores which have crossed the 8,000 mark worldwide. The company has been there since 1901 and today it is one of the leading companies that hold a chain of conventional and online stores. It started with a pharmaceutical company and after years of hard work have stepped into every field of life. Whether it is rendering services or offering quality products the company has it all to satisfy the needs and wants of every customer.

Walgreens pharmacy is also well reputed and licensed to work in the United States. It provides a complete range of drugs and healthcare services to the customers. The online access to their pharmacy provides a personalized experience to every account holder. Customer access is also available through phone contact and email 24/7 while customers can pay through credit cards for their orders. Shipping is available to every state in the America.

Walgreens.com Reviews

There are quite a few external reviews available about this website and most of them are really good. As the saying goes ‘it is impossible to satisfy everyone in this world’ therefore there are some bad reviews to the website as well. But it is understandable since this business is so popular therefore the expectations of the customers are also at peak and even a slightest of shortcoming can lead to the ultimate of disappointment for the customer.

Walgreens.com Reviews

According to the legit script a company that verifies the online internet pharmacies as a legitimate business, Walgreens is allowed to work in the United States and is completely legal for the residents of the United States, this company complies with all the set standards.

According to Alexa which ranks online stores on the basis of the popularity and the traffic acquired by them on a regular basis, Walgreens.com is a pretty famous and renowned online store among the masses.

Walgreens.com Reviews1

It shows that the costumers of this store are not only in the United States but also some other countries like China and India. Although the graph shows a bit of a decline curve during recent times but that could be just because of the promotions going on right now on the website.

Walgreens.com Reviews 2016

The Walgreens is a reputed online store among the masses and people have given it some reviews to it. Some of these reviews are discussed below.

Walgreens.com Reviews 2016

If you read both the reviews by both the customers (needless to mention both the reviews are external i.e. not on the official website), you will realize that both the customers are talking about the exceptional customer service that the business has on offer which is one of the trait of this store since a very long time.

Walgreens.com Reviews 20161

Both the above customers are not found satisfied by the company. The first customer talks about one of the products and the price that it carries and also that it is available at a cheaper rate on other stores. The second customer is not so impressed with the online version of the stores and says that they do not justify the name and reputation of the conventional Walgreen stores.

Walgreens.com Reviews 20162

The Walgreens.com is not a Better Business Bureau accredited business. The Better Business Bureau does not accredit business on the terms of the quality of products or the services that it has on offer, but the level of customer satisfaction. It analyzes the number of complains the business has been able to solve with its customers. There are no complaints for the Walgreens by the customers it might be the case where the Walgreens have not applied for a BBB accreditation.

Walgreens.com Coupon Codes

There are quite a few discount voucher and codes that are available on the website through which you can get some very good discounts. These discount terms keep on changing with time. There are also different seasonal promotion offers taking place time to time for different products.

When talking about the shipping, it too is absolutely free for most of the products and the probability of the order being received at the defined time is immense. Therefore as far as prices are concerned this website has something for you, if you are looking to save some bucks.


Altogether the website is a pretty standard one with a high quality easy to use customer interface; it also has an attractive look to it. Therefore with this quality and a lot of accreditations from different bodies governing the online stores this business can be given 3.5 stars out of 5.

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