Virecta 100mg/50mg Pills Eva Review: Mediocre Drug at a Low Price

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Virecta 100mg/50mg is a generic version of Viagra used to treat erectile dysfunction in troubled males. Virecta consists of sildenafil citrate which has been proven as a strong agent to fight sexual disorders in men. Virecta is only available in the form of tablets and can be used once a day with water to observe the effects. Use of food and alcohol is not advised as they may interfere with the functioning of Virecta. Minor adversities are associated with the use of Virecta which can be avoided by using the drug in a proper manner. It must not be used in combination with other ED treatment drugs or nitrates for safety concerns.

About Eva

Eva Pharma is known to be amongst the top ten pharmaceutical companies working in Egypt. Situated in the city of Cairo, with over 500 employees, this company is dedicated towards the success of its operations. The manufacturing unit of Eva Pharma is situated in Algeria and its sales and marketing operation are carried out in the Middle East and North African region.

Eva Pharma Location

Eva Pharma Location

Eva Pharma takes pride in being called the fastest growing company at a rate of 50 percent CAGR for 7 years. The company is involved in making several products, including generic versions of branded medication related to men’s health. Eva pharma is also known for its products related to skin care and hair care. The company provides its clients with an extensive range of products in order to fulfill everyone’s requirements. [1]

Sildenafil in Scientific Publications

“Acute Effects Of Sildenafil In Patients With Primary Pulmonary Hypertension Receiving Epoprostenol” by Karl P Kuhn et al checked how sildenafil affected the problem of pulmonary arterial hypertension in people who were already taking epoprostenol for this purpose. It has been seen that the administration of epoprostenol in patients who were suffering from primary pulmonary arterial hypertension improves the survival rates in them. Nevertheless, only two-thirds of the patients who received this therapy are still alive after 3 years of first getting the therapy. It was suggested that the therapy of epoprostenol combined with sildenafil might prove beneficial in these patients. For this purpose, 8 patients were selected who were suffering from pulmonary arterial hypertension and were consuming epoprostenol for it. The authors of the study checked the biochemical as well as the hemodynamic effects of administered sildenafil and nitric oxide when inhaled in. These parameters were checked both separately and in combination with each other. The average duration of therapy with epoprostenol was found to be 2.9±1.6 years. The mean dose of this agent administered in the patients was recorded as 25.7±10.8 ng/kg/min. It was seen that the administration of sildenafil in these patients in a single dose consisting of 50 mg brought about a decrease in the vascular resistance offered in the lungs. Moreover, the cardiac output was also found to be increased up to 8 percent in these individuals. A decrease in the pulmonary arterial pressure up to 10 percent was also seen during the administration of nitric oxide; however, there was no effect on the cardiac output. This led to a decrease in pulmonary vascular resistance by 13 percent only using nitric oxide which was no different from the baseline. It was concluded from the results that the hemodynamic effects of sildenafil are much more than those of the nitric oxide. It was also seen that administering sildenafil in patients who are already taking benefit from epoprostenol might be really helpful in treating the disease. [2]

“Sildenafil in the Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction in Spinal Cord–Injured Male Patients” by Schmid D.M. et al was conducted with an aim to check the efficacy of sildenafil in treating erectile dysfunction suffered by males who have been through an injury related to the spinal cord. In this study, a neurological study was been hunted which could guide better about the suitable dose of sildenafil required to produce hard erections in males suffering from a sexual disorder. For this purpose, 41 males were selected who were suffering from spinal cord injury. Anamnesis was conducted and neurological examination along with International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) was used to determine the extent of erectile dysfunction in these patients. An audiovisual stimulation was used to check the capacity of psychogenic erection and a vibrator was utilized to record a reflexive erection. In addition to clinical examination, cystomanometry along with neurophysiological recordings were performed. In these neurophysiological recordings, bulbocavernosus reflex, pudendal somatosensory evoked potentials and a sympathetic skin response. Neurogenic bladder dysfunction was classified in the patients using urodynamics. The incidence of any major organic diseases was excluded by injecting PGE1 via intracavernous injections. Sildenafil was given to the patients, thrice a day initially. After a few days, the dose was adjusted according to the response of the patients. The results were recorded and it was seen that the reflexive erections were preserved in 28 of the patients and 2 of them completely lost their erectile capability. 38 patients were seen to positively respond to sildenafil. 3 patients withdrew from the therapy because sildenafil did not work in them. It was concluded that sildenafil is effective to treat ED in patients with spinal cord injury and the satisfaction levels of such patients are high. [3]

Mechanism of Sildenafil Action

Sildenafil is an agent that works by inhibiting the phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme. This enzyme is normally responsible for hindering the accumulation of cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate by continuously breaking it down. With no cGMP to participate in the NO-cGMP pathway, an erection cannot be observed. Sildenafil works to stop this enzyme and hence, increases the levels of cGMP in the corpus cavernosum of the penis. A normal signaling via NO-cGMP pathway occurs which causes relaxation of the penile muscles and an increased flow of blood towards the penis. In this way, an erection is obtained. [4]

Virecta Benefits for Erectile Dysfunction

Virecta is mainly used to combat different types of sexual disorders encountered by males. It not only provides hard erections but also tends to ease the process of reaching the climax. Premature ejaculation is also prevented and the overall duration of a sexual intercourse is lengthened. Virecta is seen to improve the satisfaction levels in both partners and in turn, an improvement in the quality of their lives. On several occasions, Virecta is also used to dilate pulmonary vessels for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. [5]

Recommended Duration of Therapy and Doses

Virecta is directed to be taken via an oral route once every day. Plain water must be used to make the swallowing process easier. A daily dose of this drug must not increase one tablet, otherwise side effects can be observed. It should be taken at least 30 minutes before a sexual activity to observe maximum effects. A heavy meal or excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks can slow down the working of Virecta, hence, they must be avoided. The duration of action of a single tablet of Virecta lasts for 2 to 4 hours. The pills of Virecta are meant to be swallowed without crushing or breaking to avoid any irritation in the esophagus. The patient can keep using Virecta for as long as he likes, however, a doctor must be consulted for better guidance. [6]

Side Reactions and Warnings

If taken optimally, Virecta is absolutely safe to use. However, certain side effects can still occur in some individuals. The most common of these adverse effects include a headache and dyspepsia. The patient may suffer from an upset stomach and diarrhea as well. The face might flush and there can be a pain felt in the muscles of the body. In extremely rare conditions, Virecta can cause a disturbance in the visual acuity and can also cause a decrease in the auditory perception of the patient using it. [7]


Virecta is not directed to be used with certain medicines like nitrates for the risk of drug interactions. Other drugs which can cause a cross-reactivity when used with Virecta include HIV protease inhibitors and azole anti-fungal drugs. Rifampin and St. John’s wort is also discouraged to be used when a patient is already pursuing a therapy with Virecta. Moreover, certain antibiotic drugs like clarithromycin can potentiate dangerous reactions in the body when used concurrently with Virecta.

Customer Reviews

No reviews exist for Virecta to account for its efficacy as well as its safety. Such drugs with no authentic proof of information are best to avoid because of the unknown consequences and the harms they might bring along. Therefore, the users who are searching for a perfect medicine for treatment of erectile dysfunction are strongly advised not to use Virecta and instead look for other authentic medicines which can be safely used.

Pricing, Existing Forms, and Safe Dosage

Virecta is available at many online stores and can be purchased in a box of six tablets. The box comprising of six tablets is priced at 1.2 US Dollars. Each tablet of Virecta has 100mg of sildenafil in it.

Virecta Price

Virecta Price


The same online pharmacy offers a flat shipping rate of 1.19 US Dollars to deliver Virecta across the globe to countries like America, Canada, and Australia.

Virecta Shipping Cost

Virecta Shipping Cost

Virecta is manufactured in the form of tablets. Each tablet consists of sildenafil which is to be taken no more than 50 mg initially. The dose can later be adjusted to any suitable number between 25 to 100 mg according to the user’s health. [8]

Conclusion with Rating

Virecta is a moderate drug with not confirmed reliability. I found it to be extremely cheap and easily available as various websites which sell it online with low delivery charges. However, Virecta does not seem to be a trustworthy drug since it does not have any user reviews. I also found the manufacturer of this brand to be of unknown reputation. Virecta did not give me enough reasons to be qualified as a good drug for treating erectile dysfunction. I am giving Virecta 2 out of 5 points and would not suggest the users take it as a first line drug.

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