Vigorex 100mg/50mg Capsules Square Reviews: Before and After Use of This Drug? There’s No Proven Information

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Vigorex is the generic Viagra product of the company Square Pharmaceuticals Limited (Bangladesh) and also coincidentally, also the Sildenafil brand of the Pharma company Sigma in Egypt. Vigorex contains ingredients similar to Viagra and is indicated for the treatment of ED (erectile dysfunction) in male patients. Viagra and Vigorex have the same contents; the most significant among them being Sildenafil Citrate.

The product Vigorex benefits the patients by giving them positive results when it comes to their erectile function.

Sildenafil Citrate is a PDE5 inhibitor (a drug inhibiting the action of a specific phosphodiesterase enzyme found in several parts of the body) [1] which has various applications. For one, Sildenafil is used for impotence treatment, for managing pulmonary arterial hypertension, treating prostate enlargement symptoms, fertility treatments/IUI for female patients, and others [2]. Sildenafil products, the generic ones, are typically safe and well-tolerated and are effective in the treatment of impotence (not to mention generics have a cheaper cost).

In the contrary, Sildenafil Citrate is not contained in most herbal and Ayurvedic preparations for impotence such as Musli Power and other remedies based on herbs and therapeutic plant life. The closest you can get to naturally occurring impotence treatment, though is via foods containing L-citrulline, which is the precursor of L-arginine, the amino acid essential in the creation of NO (nitric oxide), which mediates the erectile response. L-citrulline is naturally found in cucumber and watermelon [3].

Vigorex is packaged in several doses (50 and 100 mg) but is also created in various product formulations such as capsules, oil, syrups, tablets, and spray forms. Since it is a generic Sildenafil product, you can expect a cheap price for Vigorex products.

About Square Pharmaceuticals Limited

One of the most prestigious pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh is Square Pharmaceuticals Limited, which is a company founded in 1958 [4]. Given the tenure of the company in the business, Square Pharmaceuticals is believed to focus on the quality of its products for numerous therapeutic areas such as dermatological diseases, gastrointestinal concerns, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, eye and ear preparations, and a lot more others [5].

Square Pharmaceuticals, Bangladesh

Square Pharmaceuticals, Bangladesh

The company admittedly stated that the journey was not as easy as they have anticipated, but the company persisted and became the largest pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh [5]. Concerning the company’s accreditations for quality manufacturing, Square Pharmaceuticals is accredited by the UNICEF, Copenhagen, the United Kingdom’s MHRA (2007) and Australia’s TGA (2012) [6].

Square Pharmaceuticals’ facilities were built in accordance with the WHO’s GMP requirements and as well as the US FDA’s specifications. The enterprise is illustrious for its standalone Cephalosporin plant and its capability to produce insulin in the human recombinant DNA form (it is the first company in Bangladesh to introduce the Modular Aseptic Compact for this insulin’s form) [6].

Sildenafil in Clinical Research

Despite the efficacy of Sildenafil Citrate when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, there is always a certain risk for side effects for the patients. The risk for side effects seems inevitable for any form of the drug, especially for drugs of the PDE5 type and drugs which are dealing with illnesses with underlying medical conditions as contributors to the main clinical concern the drugs are treating. Because of the inevitable occurrences of side effects in patients, the authors Tsertsvadze et al conducted their enquiry entitled, “Oral sildenafil citrate (viagra) for erectile dysfunction: a systematic review and meta-analysis of harms” in 2009, which evaluated the adverse event occurrences reported for Viagra, the leading erectile dysfunction drug [7]. The authors conducted a meta-analysis of clinical trials conducted for Viagra/Sildenafil Citrate found in the databases of EMBASE, MEDLINE, SCOPUS, Cochrane CENTRAL, and PsycINFO [7]. The authors used data from these sources to determine the rates of adverse events ascertained in clinical trials conducted in the studies utilizing Sildenafil [7]. Tsertsvadze and the other researchers were able to discover 49 randomized placebo-controlled trials with the relevant keywords and they determined that the incidence of adverse events amongst the users of Sildenafil and placebo was greater in Sildenafil users [7]. The side effects recognized as prevalent among the patients are dyspepsia, visual disturbances, flushing, and headaches, however, the withdrawals due to these adverse events did not have a significant difference in withdrawals occurring in the placebo-treated demographics [7]. The limitation of this study is that the authors were unable to explore adverse events occurring in the long-term use of Sildenafil in patients [7].

There are is a multitude of causes of erectile dysfunction in patients and one of these causes include surgeries involving the removal of the prostate in patients with malignant or cancerous prostate hypertrophy. Studies on Sildenafil’s effect on the erectile function of patients whose prostates have been excised were conducted; even animal studies in this regard were also conducted in the past years. Özden et al in 2011, conducted their study entitled “Effect of sildenafil citrate on penile weight and physiology of cavernous smooth muscle in a post-radical prostatectomy model of erectile dysfunction in rats” which aimed to determine the morphometric changes in the rat model (post-op ED) [8]. Rats were used in the study and were segregated into 3 groups [8]. The first rat group was not operated, the second group had BCN or bilateral cavernous neurotomy, and the last group had UCN or unilateral cavernous neurotomy [8]. The rodent groups were further subdivided into 2 and were either treated with Sildenafil or placebo [8]. Cell apoptosis was studied by the authors and evaluated using TUNEL, Phenylephrine, SNP/Sodium Nitroprusside, Acetylcholine, and EFS/electrical field stimulation responses from the cells [8]. Based on the result of the study, the BCN penile weight was comparably lower than the unoperated group, while the UCN operated rats had significantly more weight that the un-operated group. In terms of Sildenafil administration for the UCN and BCN, both groups exhibited improvements in the penile tissue weight and also indicated the preservation of the cells in both operated rat groups [8]. The authors concluded that treating patients who had ED as a consequence of prostatectomy in the early stages of their post-op life can improve the penile erectile function, as reflected by the data obtained by the authors from their rat model study [8].

How Does Sildenafil Improve Erectile Function?

The erection mechanism in patients is a result of the vital balance of the chemical signals mediating the erectile function in the males. Erection is a hydraulic event mediated by the nitric oxide/cGMP pathway and the PDE5 enzyme. The chemicals NO and cGMP has a vital role in eliciting erection in patients, as the cGMP is the one stimulating the smooth muscle relaxation and the vasodilation of the arteries in the penile walls.

Sildenafil Citrate is the one hampering the effect of PDE5 in patients, as in the pathological model of erection, patients are unable to elicit and maintain the erectile response due to the degradation of the cGMP by the PDE5, causing the lack of stimuli for the blood vessels to dilate. Sildenafil Citrate prevents this action and helps the patients have regained vasodilatory action due to the effect of the cGMP’s corrected levels.

Vigorex Effects for ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

Vigorex, when used by impotent patients, can cause amelioration in their erectile responses. Although patients with ED have long suffered impotence for months (or years), the induction of Sildenafil in their system causes the chemical imbalance of the neurotransmitters to be corrected. This action of Sildenafil instantaneously restores the correct place of the PDE5 enzyme, which leads to the notable augmentation of erectile function.

In the presence of sexual stimuli, the patients are able to conjure erections which are sufficient enough for penetration and successful completion of any coital activity. However, the drug does not last extra long unlike Tadalafil, so patients have to be aware that the function of Sildenafil is only limited to 4 hours. However, the 4-hour excellent erectile function is seemingly a more pleasant choice than having no erectile function at all.

Effective Doses and Safe Duration of Therapy

For mild to moderate erectile dysfunction in patients, the recommended dose is 50 mg, but for more severe forms, 100 mg or more may be required from the outset. Patients are advised to take Sildenafil products such as Vigorex without food and 1 hour before sexual intercourse. For those who are into alcoholic drinks before sexual intercourse, Vigorex is not a drug which is viable to be taken with alcoholic drinks, as the alcohol composition of those drinks can impel the ineffectiveness of Sildenafil.

The prescription of Sildenafil for patients is commonly long-term, so patients can expect to take Sildenafil indefinitely. For dosage recommendation, once a day is the only daily recommendation for Sildenafil Citrate regardless of the dosage prescribed for the patients. This due to the possibility of the aggravated incidence of side effects if Sildenafil is administered more than once a day.

Side Effects and Warnings

Sildenafil use is associated with minor treatment-emergent adverse events such as facial flushing, dyspepsia, headaches, and visual changes [7]. These side effects are observed in clinical trials but in only a small fraction of the treated population. There are more serious side effects to worry about like chest pain, seizures, blindness, deafness, priapism, and others, which require medical attention. Overall, if patients feel like something feels odd in their Sildenafil treatment, they should take the initiative to consult their doctors and ask whether what they feel is within the norms of the tolerable side effects which can be expected for Sildenafil treatments.

Drug Interactions

Sildenafil is not a drug which can be administered with whatever drug of the patients’ choosing. Patients should be wary of Vigorex and other products’ potential harmful interaction with Sildenafil. For instance, patients with hypertension and heart disease comorbid with their erectile dysfunction should inform their doctors regarding their current hypertensive/heart medications, as their present drugs may interfere with Sildenafil’s exposure and efficacy. Patients with other diseases such as fungal infections, bacterial infections, Hepatitis C, AIDS or HIV, and other diseases treated with protease inhibitors, fungal medication, nitrates, antibiotics, alpha-blockers, and other medicines should also keep their doctors abreast with their entire medication base, so that any interaction with Sildenafil may be ruled out during prescription.

Customer Reviews

Although Vigorex is made by Bangladesh’s most prestigious pharmaceutical company, there were no user feedbacks available for Vigorex. However, that does not mean that the product is not at all effective. For all we know, patients in Bangladesh may not be used to reviewing products online, let alone products for sensitive and personal conditions such as erectile dysfunction.

Though Vigorex did not have online comments for its efficacy unlike other ED medications, we can still be assured of its good effect due to the credibility of its manufacturer. Generic Viagra products are as effective as the brand-name product due to the similar active ingredients, and since Vigorex is from a reputable company, the drug may as well be effectual for treating impotence, not to mention cheaper than the branded treatment’s price.

Price, Forms, and Dosage

Vigorex is available in the archetypal 50 and 100 mg forms, so patients can procure any of those doses from their local pharmacies. There is a listing for the product price for Vigorex on

Vigorex Price

Vigorex Price

According to the price quote for Vigorex, it costs $2.50 (or 200 Bangladesh Taka) for a pack of 4 tablets. The price is actually acceptable and cheap, as even some of the generic brands for impotence treatments do not come across as cheap. This is one fair pricing for a generic product from an enterprise with a good integrity.

Although the cost of the product is severely encouraging, it is for our eyes only as there is no shipping option for international clients. Legalities prohibit the Bangladesh company to export its product to other nations of the world, so Vigorex is made exclusively for the residents of the country. You should not despair, though, because it is sure that there is also a generic counterpart native to your country, from reputable companies in your area too.

Conclusion and Rating

Vigorex 100mg/50mg has a surprisingly good price for its product. The cost for 4 tablets is a mere $2.50 for 4, which is quite affordable and not in the least a burden for the buyers. Square Pharmaceuticals is a celebrated company in Bangladesh, with accreditations from the prestigious UK MHRA and Australia TGA, which implicates the excellent quality for its products. However, there were no reviews available for the product and also no shipping available for buyers from countries such as the USA, Australia, or Canada, due to legal prohibitions. Still, we find that Vigorex is recommendable and good to use for the management of erectile function, and it can be given 4 out of 5.

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