Usarx Reviews – Affordable Rates but No Customer Approval

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This company basically serves as the provider to various other pharmaceutical companies across the USA from which customers can buy medications. It serves as a kind of means to help customers avail discount at these other websites by providing them with the required means to be able to do so.

This company basically operates on a loyalty based operation which is specially designed to offer customers relief and ease of transaction. Customers can sign up for a USA Rx Card through which they can easily get up to 75% worth of discounts and save up to an average of 51% on the prescription medicines that they order. The website provides this facility for almost over 60,000 participating pharmacies located across the country.

The Rx Card acts as a bridge for those who wish to buy medicines online without having to go through the painstaking issues of tedious shipping and unaffordable budgets. This allows them to save instantly and wisely. The company operates on the principle of customer satisfaction. To assure this, they are available at any day of the week via phone or email and their Customer Service Officers can be contacted 24/7 via any of these means. Reviews

Even after an extensive research online, there were no customer reviews found for this website. This could be an indication of the fact that this website is not really trustworthy and customers and patients must be vary while ordering from this website. While it could also mean that maybe no reviews have made their way online, it is best advised to stay safe rather than taking a risk with your money as well as health.

Some reviews and testimonials were found about this website, however, they were found on the company’s own blog and website which does not assure customer credibility. Reviews

Apart from customer reviews, this company has also been vouched for by their employees. The employees who work at USA Rx, report that their workplace environment is not only comfortable, but also gives them a sense of security. Some employees also said that they actually feel like they are actually making some progress in the pharmaceutical industry as well as helping people. However, it is quite possible that the employee reviews are fake and do not hold any merit. Reviews1, a website which verifies online companies deemed this website quite risky. This is another affirmation to the questionable background of this company. The fact that in the search results, the real location of where this website is based was hidden is also a reason to be suspicious of the activities of the company and those who operate it. According to, another website that verifies pharmaceutical websites, there were no results found. Due to these reasons, the validity of this website is put into question. Reviews 2015

According to the extensive research conduct to find reviews based in 2015 for this website, there were not many reviews found. While this could mean that this was due to customers not trusting this website for their services, it could also mean that no bad reviews have made their way on the internet about this website. Hence, conclusively, we can hold off judgement about the credibility of this website until any bad reviews emerge online regarding the services of this company. Discount Coupons

According to the research conducted, it was deduced that while the company does not offer any Coupon Codes, there are other “apparent” perks available on this website. It is quite easy to buy a card from the company for free. This card allows the holder to get up to at least 75% discount on all medications. Whether or not this offer is valid or trustworthy is however questionable.


It is quite easy to deduce that this visually and verbally this company has a lot to offer. Not only do the people who run this company apparently making medical care affordable but they are also developing very good relationships with their customer base. The company promises to value their customers the most and tends to put their customers first before anything else. However, there is a major contradiction between what the company appears to be doing in comparison with what online research results have revealed. Two reputable verification websites have given produced results which definitely deem this company suspicious. These reasons all constitute to this company receiving a rating of 1 out of 5. This is a conclusion in light of the lack of reviews as well as the doubtful results that this website’s name has produced on the internet.

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