Trust Pharmacy Review – A Legitimate Pharmacy Network Offering Quality Meds and Services

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There is no disputing that Trust Pharmacy is one of the famous web drugstore networks today. Although the site has a simple appearance, it carries the majority of drugs that a lot of people usually depend on. The network started its operations back in 2001 and has managed to grow their consumer base from none to over a million customers today. This network is composed of several online med stores which bear the same name, products, and pricing but have different web addresses. These online stores feature the following template on their front page:

Trust Pharmacy Homepage

Online med store networks such as Trust Pharmacy are usually operating within the confines of the law. This is to mean that they are usually legitimate. Trust Pharmacy sites have already managed to get the necessary approval from regulatory bodies. Since all med stores feature the same look but can be loaded using different domain names, scammers have found a loophole to exploit unsuspecting customers. What they do is create duplicate pharmacy websites which resemble Trust Pharmacy network sites. They will then place the sites in their own spammy web addresses. If you happen to use a spam web address without knowing, you will land on a fake pharmacy and get conned. The best you can do is always order from web domain addresses you are 100% sure of.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

Proving that a pharmacy network is real is something that can be achieved by checking the experience previous buyers had. This is what we did and came up with the following reviews:

Trust Pharmacy User Testimonials

Cheap and high-quality are two terms people usually want to hear in their medications. This is exactly what you will be offered by Trust Pharmacy network drugstores. Erica confirms that after dealing with the Trust Pharmacy network, she enjoyed good quality medications which did not drain her bank account since they were cheap.

Sophia, another happy customer says that she never reviewed another online pharmacy before. She has decided to let other people know that she enjoyed dealing with the Trust Pharmacy network. The stores carry the most popular meds and hence making it easier for people who need these meds to find them. The prices are great when compared with those that other online pharmacies usually offer. Due to the help she got and great prices, she indicates she will be shopping from this pharmacy network.

Leeroy has ordered a couple of times and his orders always arrived. Waiting too long was never an option as the meds usually arrived early. He saved money and the contents present in the package were good. He is pleased.

Trust Pharmacy Online

As one of the reviewers has indicated, the Trust Pharmacy stores feature a full product line-up. The stores have over the counter (OTC) meds, supplements, prescription drugs, and even herbal products for people who want to deal with their health problems using non-chemically produced meds. You will not find many online pharmacies that carry all the four medication groups at the same time. Having these four products at the same time gives the Trust Pharmacy customers an upper-hand when shopping for drugs online.

Customers never find it hard to navigate Trust Pharmacy sites. These stores have made sure the products they offer are cataloged according to the medical problems they treat. This means that consumers who are not knowledgeable regarding the generic or brand name of the drug they are searching will find it easier to locate the meds since they already know the health complication they are trying to treat. The stores also have a search function which makes them even easier to navigate.

The products you get at any of the Trust Pharmacy shops are approved by the FDA. These products are obtained from the manufacturer directly by the Trust Pharmacy team. The meds have prices that favor any one’s pocket. If you are thinking of sourcing your meds from Trust Pharmacy network, you should not get intimidated by the fact that the network has numerous stores which look the same. The positive comments raised by previous users should help you know that these pharmacies are great to deal with.

Trust Pharmacy Coupon Codes

We have come across some coupon codes for the Trust Pharmacy network in the past. However, these coupons are usually seasonal. This means that they expire. When we searched for coupons this time, we could not locate any. However, the Trust Pharmacy sites had great offers. A good example is the following special offer they have for Cialis and Viagra:

Trust Pharmacy Special Offer

Other offers included the free shipping for people whose orders exceeded $200 and the free bonus pills they add in for every order made. For bulk buyers who spend at least 200 dollars, a 10% automatic discount is applied.

Trust Pharmacy Phone Numbers

One sign that indicates Trust Pharmacy is not a shady pharmacy network is how easy they have made it for buyers to access their contact details. They have two numbers clearly visible at the top of each one of their pages. These numbers are +1-718-487-9792 (US) and +4420-3239-7092 (UK). You can also reach the pharmacy network via the contact form that allows you to send them an email.

Trust Pharmacy Spam and Phone Calls

Although there are pharmacy networks which are associated with spam, Trust Pharmacy is not one of these networks. They have no consumers complaining that they have received either spam calls or spam emails from them.


Trust pharmacy being a network that has received approval from top regulatory bodies including CIPA and MIPA, has the lowest prices for genuine drugs and only has positive consumer comments, we rate it 5 stars. The fact that none of the previous Trust Pharmacy network users had complained shows that this is a network that focuses on making their customers 100% satisfied. For this reason, you should be confident when shopping from the network.

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