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[show-testimonials taxonomy='{current_page_id}' orderby='menu_order' order='ASC' layout='grid' options='theme:card,info-position:info-above,text-alignment:left,columns:1,rating:on,charlimitextra: (...),image-size:ttshowcase_small,image-shape:circle,image-effect:none,image-link:on'] is an online pharmacy operating from Canada that sells prescription drugs to the clients residing in all parts of the world. The company claims that all drugs available at this platform are reliable and have been approved by the Health and Protection Branch of Canada that is said to be equivalent to FDA in the United States. The customers are required to present a prescription to the company every time they place an order. The team then contacts a local pharmacist or a physician who gets a similar prescription, Canadian in origin. This is how medicines can be bought from Thrifty Meds. The store offers all types of drugs related to different health conditions. Customers have to submit a release form, a prescription order and a medical history form for their order to get processed. The process of verification of prescription and delivery takes about 8 to 12 days. I checked the price of generic Viagra at this store and found that 50 mg of Viagra is sold at 11.7 US Dollars per pill which is too expensive.

Customers can pay using MasterCard, Visa, certified checks and money order. The shipping service is offered for different parts of the world at a price of 10 US Dollars on orders that have a net worth of less than 100 US Dollars. The company can be contacted via email or by calling at 1-866-999-7928, or 1-204-272-3781. Reviews has not been able to receive customer reviews through all the years it has been working online. I find it rather surprising for an online pharmacy to exist and continue to work without presenting any customer reviews to its new potential clients. Customer reviews are important and there is no doubt that they can make a huge difference. These reviews tell about the history of a store and the level of satisfaction associated with it. By going through these reviews, customers are able to know who well a particular store has been treating its customers, whether or not it delivers the medicines on time and if the medicines are authentic and effective. Because these reviews are generated by real life customers, it is easier to trust them as compared to the claims made by the pharmacy itself. For Thrifty Meds, a pharmacy with no record of its efficiency and services, it might be hard for the users to trust it and to buy medicines from this store straight away. Hence, I would say that such pharmacies must not be tried out. If the customer still insists on buying from one of these pharmacies, he must always check its status and position via scam analyzing websites such as Scamadviser, LegitScript or Scamner. Reviews 2016

Although I was pretty sure that ThriftyMeds would not have received any customer reviews in the year 2016 as well, I decided to give it a try. As expected, I found nothing in this regard. Hence, as mentioned above, my only chance to avail information about the authenticity of this drug store was to check Scamadviser and LegitScript for it.

According to Scamadviser, Thrifty Meds is not a pharmacy to trust completely. The store has been given a yellow card which means that Scamadviser thinks there is some kind of threat associated with it. It has also been found that this store is based in Canada but it seems like all of its operations are being carried out from the United States. Scamadviser has also mentioned that this website has received a sufficient level of negative feedback from its customers.

Scamner also does not seem to be sure of the working of Thrifty Meds as it has given this store a low rating of 4 percent. It has been said that ThriftyMeds is not often visited by many customers i.e. it has a low popularity rating. Moreover, Scamner has said that this drug store is not safe for browsing and that the customers must not buy from this website. Coupon Codes

The only discount that I was able to find regarding is by suggesting the company to a fellow companion.

The company has made it clear that if a customer suggests Thrifty Meds to its fellow, both of them are liable to receive 10 US Dollars on their orders.

The company has not mentioned it but I assume that the clients only get this discount if the suggested person actually places an order on this website.

Other than this discount offer, I was not able to find any other deal that could prove beneficial in the favor of the customer. All I can say is that I am rather disappointed in Thrifty Meds as it can definitely do better. Customers are also looking for the best discount deals in order to save money and Thrifty Meds could have done better to attract a lot of customers.


To conclude, I have to say that has not been able to qualify as a good pharmaceutical store for buying drugs online. I was unable to find any feedback given by customers who had tried this pharmacy out in the previous years. As I turned to Scamadviser and Scamner, I was able to find that this pharmacy is not considered as a safe platform for buying drugs. The discounts were also non-existent and I was not particularly happy with it. All I can say is that the clients must not buy ED drugs from this unconfirmed vendor. I will give it a rating of 1 out of 5.

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