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[show-testimonials taxonomy='{current_page_id}' orderby='menu_order' order='ASC' layout='grid' options='theme:card,info-position:info-above,text-alignment:left,columns:1,rating:on,charlimitextra: (...),image-size:ttshowcase_small,image-shape:circle,image-effect:none,image-link:on'] is an online pharmacy based in America. We would say it’s a fraud but it’s too early. Now, we understand we made a statement but hear us out; the company offers little to no information about itself. You won’t find the company’s address. On a positive note, the company does have a toll-free number (1-866-798-2623).

The company sells medicine at extremely affordable prices. Delivery turnaround is usually ten days but can take up to 25-30 days. Approvals and Certifications


Pharmacy Express Scamadviser

ScamAdviser gives a detailed review of Pharmacy Express. The checker provides this online pharmacy a high trust score of 78% and considers it safe. ScamAdviser offers special server day including its slow speed, last refresh time which was five days ago, and the current value of the website. It suggests the website location is Australia. This is unnerving considering Pharmacy Express mainly serves in the United States.


Pharmacy Express cipa

CIPA doesn’t verify Pharmacy Express. The Canadian International Pharmacy Association database has no mention of Pharmacy Express. This is a major loss for this internet pharmacy as being verified by CIPA helps to inspire customer confidence.


LegitScript considers Pharmacy Express to be an utter fake. It labels The Pharmacy Express as a Rogue. Pharmacy Express fails to meet the internet’s verification standards and engages in fraudulent or deceptive practices. Therefore, it qualifies as an unapproved pharmacy and appears to violate various regulations of the industry. Readers are advised to stay away.


Pharmacy Express pharmacychecker

PharmacyChecker has listed Pharmacy Express as a rogue company that fakes identity to fool their customers. Yes, Pharmacy Express fails to make it to the list of verified and approved online pharmacies. It doesn’t meet essential safety standards and engages in identity theft, commit consumer frauds and various other crimes.

Therefore, the PharmacyChecker strongly urges clients to stay away from this scam pharmacy. Reviews


It seems like trust pilot hasn’t even heard of this online pharmacy. TrustPilot is among the most trusted platforms, and millions of users leave their personal experience with a brand. Considering the site didn’t even mention Pharmacy Express under any light, positive or negative, we will refrain from commenting on the pharmacy. Follow up on our conclusion and see what we have to say about this internet pharmacy.

Pharmacy Express trustpilot


It seems no one is familiar with Pharmacy Express. WOT is no exception. The safety rating is “Unknown.” Pharmacy Express has no reputation, rating or user reviews whatsoever.

Furthermore, there is no data available on Child Safety and Trustworthiness. It’s unnerving that most platforms don’t recognize Pharmacy Express, least give a positive or negative expression. This isn’t the first time WOT failed to recognize an online pharmacy, but Pharmacy Express raises suspicion because most pharmacy checkers didn’t recognize it.

Pharmacy Express wot Google Reviews is not very popular, rhetorically speaking. didn’t even make into the database of various checkers. Well, it gets even worse because the pharmacy also doesn’t have any Google Reviews.

Yes, we gave it a few shots but couldn’t find anything. There are no Google Reviews so far. We found it very disappointing because a search engine is your first line of defense.

Trusted Pharmacies Reporting

Scam Pharmacies Reporting Coupon Codes

We tried our best, but there was nothing we could boast of. There is nothing positive about the Pharmacy Express. It doesn’t care about its customers, and we say it because it doesn’t try to build customer loyalty. So no discount offers or coupons available.


We dig deep every time we review an online pharmacy. It doesn’t affect us whether a company has negative or positive reviews, because we convey their image as it is.

However, it does concern us when a company is not reviewed on certain platforms. This is the case with Pharmacy Express. has all the bells and whistles, but it is relatively unknown, and it bugs us. The last bit, it doesn’t have any presence on Google is daunting. This raises suspicion, and we believe the company does that on purpose. Reviews we found weren’t encouraging at all. Pharmacy Express is guilty of bad business practices, and we believe it tries to hide, and loot uninformed buyers.

So, whether you did or didn’t know of before, we strictly suggest you stay away from it.

We give 1 out of 5 stars.

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