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TexasChemist.com worked for 9 years in the online market before shutting down. It was among the leading pharmaceuticals stores working on the internet. The main goal of Texas Chemist was to deliver good quality generic drugs that were safe to use and cheap to buy, and its products were promptly delivered to the customers’ homes. Every product available at this drug store was manufactured using the best raw materials in the top-class manufacturing units located in India. Because these drugs were used to be manufactured and shipped from India, every one of them was certified by the Indian FDA.

The store considered the safety of the customers used to be its first priority. Therefore, every drug sold in the store was in compliance with the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India. The company was sure that their products were worthy of meeting the standards of their clients all the time. It further said that other information about the dosage and relevant facts had been displayed on the websites in order to assist the customers in a better way. Concerning prices, Texas Chemist was among the cheapest vendors on the web, offering only $1.12 for its generic Viagra drug, when brand Viagra from Pfizer is now almost $70 per unit.

Some of the drugs available at Texas Chemist required the presentation of a valid prescription from the customers while others were sold without one; buyers only needed to confirm with the support team which of the meds were eligible for no Rx purchases. The payment options included credit cards alone (VISA cards) and the store instructed the buyers to consult with the team for other options.

Refunds were given by Texaschemist.com in case of order losses or any problem during delivery. In addition to an email address and a live chat, the customers had been provided with a number i.e. +1-702-965-3395 to call the company. The United States Postal Service used to ship the products to the US while First Class Mail Delivery was used for the rest of the countries that charged 20 US Dollars additionally and required 5 to 7 days. Texas Chemist only catered to US-based consumers and have done so for nearly a decade, making its closure a huge loss for its regulars.

TexasChemist.com Reviews

Texas Chemist e-seller had testimonials received from its regulars. One of these customers had thanked the store after receiving pills. He said that he “had an opportunity” to try them out. Both the customer and his girlfriend were “happy” with the results.

https://rxstars.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/word-image-187.pngAnother comment made by a customer named Brian thanked the store for sending him the drugs only after “two days” of placing the order. The customer had mentioned in his review how “impressive” the service was. He assured the company that he would definitely order from this store again and would also recommend his friends to do the same.

Only good reviews existed for this web drugstore and most consumers from the recent years praised this shop’s excellent service and delivery.

TexasChemist.com Reviews 2017

Texas Chemist even had reviews from consumers posted in the present year. Most of the buyers were eager to write their grateful reviews for the drugstore—here are some of the buyer comments available for the online drugstore:

Bob gave the shop 5 out of 5 stars and mentioned that Texas Chemist was a “reliable supplier”. He seemed doubtful about the store’s capability to fulfill orders, but in the end, he was impressed with Texas Chemist’s service. However, he stated that his orders always took longer than 3 days to reach him, but he mentioned that he wonders if it was his un-strategic location that caused the delays.

Heisenberg, a customer who rated the store 4 out of 5 stars, was also impressed with the delivery and service from Texas chemist. However, his rating was imperfect due to the sometimes delayed delivery from the shop—although this is quite beyond the store’s control. Still, he praised the shop for its genuine, effective products.

TexasChemist.com Coupon Codes

Texas Chemist used to offer discounts, especially to its returning customers. The shop gave a 5% discount for its 2nd to nth time buyers, as indicated in the promo image below:

https://rxstars.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/word-image-190.pngThose with more return times to the shop were given a larger discount, though—Texas Chemist allowed buyers to have 7% discount on their orders. Besides this, Texas Chemist also offered holiday and seasonal discounts.


TexasChemist.com used to be an excellent pharmacy with credible reviews from its patrons and even recent reviews from its regulars writing their comments on third-party websites. It is unfortunate that Texas Chemist is now closed; however, buyers should not fret—the store just moved to another domain (check the links on this post) to serve its customers better. Despite the “recently moved” status, I’m rating this store 5 out of 5 points—Texas Chemist is still recommendable, just visit the new domain to experience the same excellent service from this shop.

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