Sustiva 600 mg Dosage Reviews: A Popular Drug for HIV Treatment with a High Cost

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Sustiva is a antiviral drug containing the active ingredient Efavirenz, which is used for treating HIV infections. The drug is used with other HIV medications (e.g. Truvada) to prevent the virus from multiplying. It lowers the chances of experiencing complications associated with HIV and improves the quality of life of the infected.

The active ingredient in Sustiva is a very effective and it is in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) List of Essential Medicines, a list of “the most important medication needed in a basic health system.”

This does not mean it is 100 percent safe – Sustiva has a number of side effects, the most common ones are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, headache, fatigue, insomnia, strange dreams, weight changes, and trouble concentrating. This product is manufactured by Bristol-Myers Squibb Company in the United States and is sold in capsules of different strengths.

Sustiva Reviews

Sustiva Reviews
Sustiva has many positive reviews but several users complain about its side effects. This is very powerful antiviral medication and side effects are to be expected, especially when you first begin treatment. One user said, “This is my 4th day on Sustiva. I’ve experienced drowsiness, mental confusion, anxiety and sleepiness… The symptoms usually die down within 2 hours of my awakening and I feel somewhat like my old self… hopefully, these symptoms will subside as I continue to partake.” This user experienced all of the common clinically known side effects of Sustiva but they admit that the effects subside after a few hours. Contact a doctor if any of the side effects of this drug persist and become severe.
Sustiva Reviews
A middle-aged male user called John said, “I’ve used this med along with Epzicom for almost 5yrs. At first I took my med’s in the morning, it left me somewhat out of it but it was effective. After about 6 month’s I begin taking my med’s at night and that helps a lot, still have some vivid dreams but I can handle that because I’m staying healthy.” John talks about having vivid dreams as a side effect. This is a very common psychiatric symptom affects people who take this drug in the night. Overall, Sustiva is safe to use and user feedback backs up this assessment.

Pricing and Dosages

The price of Sustiva varies depending on the region you live in. In developed countries, the average price of this product is $550 for a one month supply. This drug should be covered by your medical insurance plan. The adult dosage for HIV infections is 600 mg taken orally once a day.

How to Buy Sustiva Online

Several online pharmacies sell Sustiva. It is a well-known brand name drug for treating HIV infections. However, you must have a valid prescription before you can buy this product.

How to Use Sustiva

Take this medication exactly as directed by your doctor or read the patient information leaflet. Sustiva is normally taken at bedtime on an empty stomach. Taking this product with food can increase the risk of some side effects. Never take Sustiva alone; it must always be taken with other HIV antiviral drugs or your disease may become resistant to its effects. If swallowing the capsules is too difficult for you, open them and mix their contents with a spoonful of jam, jelly, or yogurt to make it easier to ingest.

Sustiva Side Effects

Sustiva has a large number of side effects, the most common ones are; nausea, vomiting, skin rash, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, strange vivid dreams, and drowsiness. The drug can also cause some psychiatric symptoms like suicidal thoughts, extreme fear, hallucinations, aggression, and strange behavior. In addition to these symptoms, this drug can increase your risk to certain conditions and infections. Tell your doctor if you experience any strange symptoms after starting treatment.


Sustiva is invaluable for people living with HIV. It is easy to use and it works really well if used with other forms of treatment. Its active ingredient is so effective, it was added to WHO’s List of Essential Medicines, but its effectiveness comes at a price. Sustiva has many side effects, many of which are manageable after a few weeks of treatment, but some of them can dramatically affect the quality of your life. The drug is easily available in pharmacies online and offline provided you have a valid prescription and it is covered under most health insurance plans. We are giving this product 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it to anyone fighting HIV.

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