Review – Untested Pharmacy Taken Down

[show-testimonials taxonomy='{current_page_id}' orderby='menu_order' order='ASC' layout='grid' options='theme:card,info-position:info-above,text-alignment:left,columns:1,rating:on,charlimitextra: (...),image-size:ttshowcase_small,image-shape:circle,image-effect:none,image-link:on'] is a go-to online pharmacy for users who would like to get their orders on pills filled and refilled, all of these for prices cheaper than what they would get it for from their local pharmacy or the big pharma. Things went sour for this vendor along the way, and now, they are off the internet in totality. Not only can they not be found anymore, but they also took with them a whole lot of information to have helped any review.

It is unclear when Super Pills was on the internet, but sources on the web state that they might have started in the year 2014 and left in the year 2016. For these two years, there is no mention of what country they served out of. That is not acceptable, and although the time spent on the web is truly little, they should have had some sprinkled information. E-Pharmacies are being hunted this year by FDA and domain registrars are enforcing very strict criteria when it comes to registering a domain for an e-pharmacy. if an e-pharmacy is not able to prove and submit its license, there is no chance it will survive and be left online.

There is no telling what the main assortment of this vendor was. However, I found solace in the knowledge that Super Pills was a vendor that used to offer a wide variety of both generic and brand medicine. This would ensure that they had the popular options in stock. There was no information that states where the website gets its medicine from, and the promise of an FDA approval is surely lost at this point.

The mode of payment accepted on this vendor is just credit cards. They managed to accommodate a lot of customers too with their credit card options ranging from VISA, Master Card and American Express to ACH vendors. Shipping is done either via the Registered Airmail which just takes a period of 10 – 20 days for the package to arrive. This comes free, but the EMS option doesn’t. When a customer opts for the latter, they would need to pay just $20 and wait for 7- 10 days for their package to get to them.

There was no way I would have known if there was a live chat panel on Super Pills. Since that is even irrelevant now, it is worthy of mention that Super Pills vendor has provision for toll-free numbers and a generic email form instead. I know just as much as anyone else that gets to the website now about the refund and reshipment policy – nothing. Reviews

There is just one comment that caught my attention about this website on an independent review vendor, and it is no surprise that Super Pills is now on the web. According to the user, frosty19, they ‘would avoid this [vendor] like the plague.’ The reviewer supposedly placed and order and got charged more than they had agreed to pay for.

This points to credit card fraud, something that should not be expected of a legit establishment on the web. Reviews 2016

After being accused of credit card fraud by a disgruntled client, the same vendor comes to be given a low trust rating and safety score of 4% by Scam Adviser. While the popularity is not known, the analysis website cannot determine whether the business is truly from the United States or the United Kingdom. This suggests that the webmaster might be trying to hide their location in one way or the other. was rated 0% on trust and popularity. At least, that is what thinks. This same vendor was called out for missing an SSL certificate, not having a lot of visitors and being registered for only a year. The latter is signifying low life expectancy, buying there is not advised.

Good thing they saved future clients a punch by dragging themselves off the web. Coupon Codes

There are no offers/coupon codes seen from Super Pills vendor. Not that I was expecting anything from an Internet pharmacy whose website can no longer be reached.


Taking a lot of things into consideration, it did not even take me long to reach a verdict for There was scarce information about this vendor on the internet. Even if it had been available for just two years, doing its business right would have earned it some online presence. But then, whoever did their business right and quit again?

Poor customer reviews, poor ratings on independent websites and a bad safety score, doesn’t get more than 1 out of 5 rating.

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