Suhagra 100mg/25mg Tablet Cipla Reviews: No Benefits if Used with Alcohol!

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Suhagra is a tablet that has the same ingredients as Viagra or Silagra: it contains sildenafil. It can be bought as a pill of 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg [1]. Suhagra is also available in the form of oral jelly, oral spray or capsules. Thus, a patient has a choice of buying a preferred dose form.

Sildenafil has proven and scientifically established benefits in men suffering from impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED). It has also found use in difficult to treat pathology like pulmonary arterial hypertension, due to its effect on blood vessels and hemodynamic. Further, it is being studied for its use in men suffering from premature ejaculation as it decreases the recovery time between sexual acts.

Though Suhagra is not approved for use in females, there is an increased interest for its use in this population group. Females often suffer from the absence of sexual arousal due to a poor blood supply to genitals, and it is believed that sildenafil can help by improving the blood flow in a similar way to males. Thus Suhagra may be good for a female in certain conditions.

Suhagra helps to rebuild the loss of manly self-esteem of those suffering from impotence. As impotence doesn’t just have sexual symptoms but psychological as well.

About Cipla Ltd

Cipla is a global pharmaceutical company from India. It is also one of the oldest and respected companies in this sector, established in 1935. Today it employs more than 7000 people globally and enjoys the turnover of more than 2 billion USD per annum. Its product range comprises of more than 1000 products from various therapeutic segments. The company is selling its products in more than 100 nations [2].

Cipla Main Office

Cipla Main Office

Cipla has 35 manufacturing units for finished formulations and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Its facilities are approved by Indian FDA, US-FDA, KS-FDA, Australian TGA, SUKL- Slovak Republic, PIC-Germany, ANVISA-Brazil, NDA-Uganda, Danish Medical Agency, WHO-Geneva, APVMA-Australia, MOH Canada, MCC-South Africa, and many others [3].

Respiratory medicine and cardiology have always been of strategic importance to the company. It was Cipla who introduced first beta blocker to India in the form of Propanolol. This ushered in a new age of affordable beta blockers. Over the years, the company has come up with various formulations helping to cure or treat conditions like angina, myocardial infarction, cardiac failure, arrhythmia, hypertension, diabetes, metabolic diseases and obesity. Today Cipla manufactures high-quality drugs for every thinkable disease, from HIV to antimalarials, from drugs for dermatology to urology.

Scientific Publications on Sildenafil

Erectile dysfunction(ED) is often associated with various lifestyle problems. One such problem which often leads to ED is chronic alcohol dependence. Though sildenafil has been well studied in ED associated with disease conditions like diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, but very few attempts have been made to understand its use in alcohol dependence. A study by Grinshpoon A et al. titled “Sildenafil Citrate in the Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction and its Effect on Quality of Life in Alcohol-Dependent Men: Preliminary Findings” focused on the ED along with alcohol dependence (AD). In the clinical trial 54 men with established diagnosis of AD agreed to take part, they were given 50 mg sildenafil with the treatment of AD for 12 weeks. Efficacy was evaluated using International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF), Quality of Life Enjoyment and Satisfaction Questionnaire and General Health Questionnaire. In the end of the trial there was a significant improvement of 42% in IIEF scores, further, all the participants reported marked improvement in satisfaction from the quality of life, and decrease in emotional distress. The trial established the beneficial effect of sildenafil therapy in men with AD, thus helping in the development of new strategies for treatment of both AD and ED [4].

Sildenafil has been recognized as the effective treatment of ED and more recently for pulmonary arterial hypertension. Its use in other pathologies is being investigated, and in one such trial titled “Sildenafil Reduces Alcohol‐Induced Gastric Damage: Just Say ‘NO’” Duffin R et al. investigated the use of sildenafil in preventing damage to gastric mucosa due to alcohol use. The author found the convincing evidence that sildenafil can protect the gastric mucosa from damage via NO/cGMP pathway, which is the same pathway responsible for its effect on erectile function [5].

Erection hardness is directly related to sexual function and emotional well-being of men. In a trial titled “Quality of erections in men treated with flexible‐dose sildenafil for erectile dysfunction: Multicenter trial with a double‐blind, randomized, placebo‐controlled phase and an open‐label phase” by Kadioglu A et al. author studied the correlation of hardness achieved by sildenafil to emotional well-being. In the clinical trial 307 men were given 25, 50 or 100 mg sildenafil for 12 weeks and outcomes were measured using Erection Hardness Score (EHS), Self-Esteem And Relationship (SEAR) questionnaire, Erectile Dysfunction Inventory of Treatment Satisfaction (EDITS), Quality of Erection Questionnaire (QEQ) , International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF). There was a great improvement in all the score formats. Thus it was demonstrated that in ED treated with sildenafil hard erections were achieved on 58% (95% CI, 52–65%) of occasions. Improvement in male function, emotional wellness, and satisfaction rate was highest in men with absolutely firm erections and interrelate positively with other measures of hardness [6].

How Sildenafil Acts

Though sildenafil cannot treat the underlying causes of ED, it benefits men by improving the erection hardness and duration by its positive effect on NO/cGMP pathway. This pathway helps to increase the blood inflow of penis, and further helps to keep its hardness for a longer time (hard enough for successful and satisfying sexual act), thus increasing the satisfaction and emotional wellness of men. Sildenafil helps to increase the concentration of a vital chemical called cGMP in penile muscles and walls of penile blood vessels.

Suhagra Benefits for Erectile Dysfunction

When a man fails to gain hardness enough for coitus, it is very frustrating experience, but not anymore as Suhagra can help most of the men in getting that needed hardness. For most of the men, Suhagra alone would be good enough to have enjoyable and satisfying sex, though some small cases may need treatment for additional disease conditions.

Good news is that it doesn’t lose effectiveness or cause any added adverse effects even if taken along with a moderate dose of alcohol. Though surely as with any medicine, above moderation is contraindicated.

Safe Doses and Duration of Therapy

The dose for Suhagra will be same as for Viagra or Manforce or Penegra: 50 mg taken an hour before planning to have sex, and later either followed by a decrease or an increase of a dose. Though the practical clinical experience has shown that most men increase the dose to 100 mg for optimal satisfaction.

There is no described duration of therapy; it is safe to use it over a long period of time. Only proper dosing should be followed, it could be harmful if taken more often than once a day. It works best when taken on empty stomach with a glass of water, for best result it should not be taken with milk.

Side Effects and Warnings

Adverse effects profile of Suhagra is similar to any drug containing sildenafil. Most common of them being flushing and reddening of the face, blurred vision, headaches, stuffy nose, and dizziness. Most of these unwanted effects are mild and caused due to the mild vasodilatory effect of sildenafil [7].

As sildenafil is a drug which changes hemodynamics, so it must be avoided in cases when a person has suffered a stroke or cardiovascular accident recently. Under the influence of sildenafil, a man may unintentionally exert more stress on the heart than needed, which may not be good.

Drug Interactions

The drugs that use the same NO/cGMP pathway (as sildenafil) for action are nitrates. They are used to dilate cardiac blood vessels in angina (a cardiac disease). Sildenafil, if taken along with these group of drugs, can cause a dangerous or even fatal drop in blood pressure and thus should never be taken with them. If you are cardiac patient and not sure whether you are taking nitrates or not, then better to consult your doctor before starting to use this drug [8].

It is also recommended to practice caution if a person is on any kind of antihypertensive therapy. Though sildenafil is generally considered safe but some people may be unusually sensitive to its hypotensive effect.

There are few other drugs that tend to increase the concentration of sildenafil in blood by interfering with its metabolism, most common of them are erythromycin, clarithromycin, ketoconazole, itraconazole and certain anti-HIV drugs.

Customer Reviews

Suhagra has been well received by the customers and a large number of the customer reviews is evident of this fact.

Suhagra Testimonial

Suhagra Testimonial

Suhagra Feedback

Suhagra Feedback

Suhagra Customer Experience

Suhagra Customer Experience

Most of the people who used this drug got the expected result and were happy with that. One of the users, Adrian, writes that keeping an erection was a problem for him, but after taking this blue pill he has been able to have an excellent time, while another user with nickname Regular guy says that he would recommend this one.

Based on the user’s reviews, most of the patient comments seem to be quite genuine. It would be fine to say that Suhagra is an effective and high-quality product and one can order it online without any worry.

Price, Available Forms and Dosage

Price is the main advantage of using generics and the cost of Suhagra is really affordable: it will cost around 1 USD if ordered in small quantities, and below 75 cents in larger quantities.

Suhagra Price

Suhagra Price

What is best about ordering this product is the availability of free delivery by airmail, though trackable EMS will cost 16 USD. It can be shipped to most international destinations, but it is always better to clarify the postal costs for various destinations.

Suhagra Pricing

Suhagra Pricing

For most men, 50 mg once is effective enough, though some may need a higher dose of 100 mg. Even if you order 100 mg tabs, you can divide it before taking, this can help to save some bucks.

Conclusion and Rating

There are many things that speak in the favor of Suhagra. The product is being made by a trusted, respected and big manufacturer and there are hundreds of online review about Suhagra confirming its quality and safety.

I would give Suhagra 5 out of 5 stars as it is a high-quality brand that will surely help you to get out of frustration of erection failure and will give a hard erection.

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