Review – Drugshop with Insufficient Customer Feedback is an online drug store that offers a broad range of medications, generic in nature, for different diseases such as blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, anti-allergic, skin care, gastrointestinal, weight loss, and many other ailments. The drugs present on this website are generic and manufactured by different companies belonging to India. This online pharmacy claims that it offers safe and secure medications for ordering and the payment options are made as secure as possible. Customers can buy with complete assurance and peace of mind that they are ordering from a trustworthy and legitimate website. Generic Viagra was found to be 1.22 US Dollars per pill which is nominal.

Unfortunately, the FAQ section of Solid Rx was not accessible so I was not able to find out about the delivery processes that are offered here. Payments are made by using Visa and Master Card along with all of their derivatives. The live chat was there but was found to be offline and was taking messages through email instead. Customers can also call at +1888927-26-75 for getting in contact with the company.

call+1 888 927-26-75 Reviews has been able to receive only one review on an independent reviewing website. Because of its high probability of being authentic, it was crucial for me to check it out.

The review has been made a customer who is clearly disappointed in Solid Rx. The customer said that the pharmacy had promised him that “they had the meds” that the customer specifically asked for. While filling out the form, the client noticed two boxes so be put his number in the first box and the address in the second.

After paying for the parcel and getting it dispatched, he noticed that only the number that he had put was recorded as his address. He got panicked and emailed the company to which he got a reply in 2 days that the order was on its track. The customer said that he could “no longer contact” the company after that as “an error message” popped up every time. He ended up by admitting that he had lost his money.

The customer review was quite detailed and because it was posted on a famous reviewing website, I had my doubts clear about is reliability. From this review, I can say that Solid Rx might not be the best pharmacy for ordering medicines. Reviews 2016 has not been able to receive any customer reviews in the year 2016 onwards. This means that I have no clue regarding the most recent working of this store and I would have to rely on the sole customer review that I found before. Because this is not enough to judge a store, I decided to see what Scamner had to say about SolidRx.

According to Scamner, Solid-Rx is like all those fake stores that are not visited by customers very often and have no verification about them.

The e-vendor has been given a zero trust rating by Scamner that has also mentioned that there aren’t too many people who visit this store. It has been highlighted in red color that browsing or buying from this web store was not recommended at all.

According to Scamadviser, the website seems to be based in the United Kingdom but it is more likely running from the Russian Federation.

Russian Federation is a notorious country as far as online pharmacies are concerned and it is generally considered that the websites operating from this area are scam and cannot be trusted. Such pharmacies are also involved in selling cheap replicas of medicines that might prove to be hazardous to the health. Hence, Solid Rx has been threat-listed by Scamadviser and it has been said that the company is not suitable for buying drugs. Coupon Codes did not impress me at all when it came to coupon codes. After searching the entire website, I was only able to find one offer regarding discount.

The offer is regarding free shipping and it has been mentioned that the customers are provided with a free shipping with all the products available here.

The shipping is made possible with the help of Air Mail Service. The store has also pointed out that there are no hidden costs in this procedure and that the delivery will be guaranteed.


To conclude, I have to say that has turned out to be another pharmacy that has bad customer reviews. The discount offer is appreciable but not sufficient to overcome all the flaws. Scamner has considered it unsafe for buying drugs and Scamadviser has detected that a high-risk country is involved with the operation of this store. Hence, I will say that it is not safe for buying ED drug products. I will give it 1 out of 5 for its poor operation.

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