Sleepingtablets Reviews: A Site with a High Trust Rating, But You Should Be Cautious Review

Have you been suffering from sleepless nights? Do you feel that you need a permanent solution to this condition because you want your sleep back and need to feel the rejuvenation that comes with a peaceful night rest? If this is your situation, is the place where you should come for a lasting and affordable solution. This is an online pharmacy that has over the years continued to provide reliable medications that can help you with your sleep problems, insomnia in particular. The different pills offer for this disorder all come at very affordable prices and the more you buy the more you save because the prices are highly discounted.

The company provides free shipment for all your orders regardless of how much they are worth or where you are located. Delivery takes less than 21 working days. If you have any queries about their products or services, feel free to contact their support desk. Reviews

Although there are not very many customer reviews about, the little information available online is clear enough to help judge what kind of a website it is. Some of the reviews are positive while others are negative, but the negative ones seem to be more. One comes from a user with the username omelette84 who says that he placed an order a few days ago but is yet to receive his parcel. He says that he has been trying to make a follow-up but there seems to be no progress and his worry is if the company is still operational.

Sandra also says that she made some payment for some drug she needed, that was 2 weeks ago and up until now there is no response on phone or email. She strongly advises against using the site as they are a scam website.

However, according to, has a high trust score rate of 77% which implies that it is safe for use as it is based in Australia which is not considered a high risk country. The fact that it also uses a free email address should not really be a worrying factor for this particular site. Coupon Codes

You will get free shipment of your order if it worth $99 or more, but below this you will have to budget for additional fees. The site assures you that their products come at highly discounted prices and if you compare their prices with others offered on other sites you will find this information. There are currently no coupon codes on offer at the site. The company may consider introducing special offers where customers are guaranteed of making huge savings on their purchase, and this way, they will always feel safe to come back for more products.

Referral codes are among the offers that the site can introduce in which their customers get certain discounts on their next order for every friend, family member or colleague they refer to the site. This can be a great way to say thank-you to the customer as well as to retain their loyalty and to make them feel special.


Reviews from other websites show that has low trustworthiness rate and reliability score and in addition, it is not a member of CIPA. National Association of Boards of Pharmacies has also listed it as a site that is not recommended, despite the fact that it seems to have too many visitors each day. Due to this discrepancy in reports and figures, it is only advisable to keep off the site or to be very cautious as you order from them. The site seems not safe for personal and business use, and you would rather buy your medications from elsewhere. The site gets a rating of 2.5 stars.

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