Silden 100mg/50mg Tablet Eipico Review: Sildenafil from Two Different Manufacturers

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Silden 100mg/50mg, the Eipico drug for impotence, is also manufactured in the emblematic blue color, much like the Viagra blue, although it is shaped like a textbook circle tablet. At first glance, you may not think that the product is actually a drug due to its metallic box, suggestive that it is a beauty product and not a medicine for impotence.

There are a lot of drugs made by pharmaceutical companies in the area of impotence, as the disease is associated with aging [1]. The geriatric implication of impotence or erectile dysfunction is good for the industry, as, as long as the male patient age, there will always be someone purchasing the companies’ erectile dysfunction medication. However, aging or being old is not the only factor causing the dreaded impotence symptoms; there are a lot of causes for the disorder. Younger males are also at risk for contracting ED, especially those who live without care for their bodies and engage in substance abuse and succumb to alcoholism or chronic smoking [2]. Besides that, males who are exceedingly stressed out mentally can also be susceptible to erectile dysfunction, as the brain is the main organ mediating the erectile response [3]. Aside these mentioned factors, there are so much more, although one of the most common causes of ED is disease, especially of the endocrinal kind (those disease related to hormonal imbalances),

Silden, along with the other treatments for impotence containing Sildenafil Citrate, is effective in most cases when used in the management of the dysfunction. Its manufacturing companies, Eipico/Sopharma, created the drug in the regular oral pill form which is familiar with the Sildenafil-prescribed population. No other product forms exist for Silden other than the film-coated 100mg/50mg product formulation.

About Sopharma and Eipico

The name EIPICO stands for Egyptian International Pharmaceutical Industry Co. This company, EIPICO, is responsible for the manufacturing of products for human medical consumption, as well as pharmaceutical products for veterinary medicine [4]. The company EIPICO is founded on 1980 and is accredited by the WHO and was also awarded the GMP certificate for quality manufacturing, ISO 9001 certification for its quality assurance systems, and ISO 14001 for its environmental compliance [5].

According to EIPICO, it is famed for its “sterile area”, which is characteristically the “largest” facility in all the Middle Eastern countries and also in the Northern African Region [5]. This sterile area is known for making the manufacturing facility for EIPICO up to 99.7% particle or impurity-free [5]. As for the focus of EIPICO in production, the company is known for its medicines for the alimentary/GI tract, cardiovascular, genito-urinary system, skin products, hormones, infection, musculoskeletal and others [6].

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Aside from EIPICO, though, the Bulgarian company, Sopharma Zdrovit, is also manufacturing “Silden” with Sildenafil Citrate for erectile dysfunction [7]. Sopharma is significant for its phytochemistry research, which the company uses for its drug manufacturing [7]. The company Sopharma is incepted in 1933, and is, until now (according to the company), is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Bulgaria [7].

Sopharma has various plants which are concerned with the production of pharmaceutical goods in ampoules, tablets, suppositories, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and others [8]. Apart from those, though, Sopharma also has a plant solely for gamma radiation used for the sterilization, disinfection, and polymer structure alteration, of its products [8]. According to Sopharma, their “BULGAMMA” facility is the largest gamma ray facility in the whole of Bulgaria [8]. Sopharma’s plants are awarded the WHO-GMP certificate, along with other international accreditations from bodies regulating the drug quality manufacturing.

Scientific Studies on Sildenafil

According to Herrmann et al, the condition, erectile dysfunction, can also be a symptom of a vascular disorder with characteristic endothelial failure (“Can atorvastatin improve the response to sildenafil in men with erectile dysfunction not initially responsive to sildenafil? Hypothesis and pilot trial results” in 2006) [9]. Endothelial function is aided by drugs (statin), so the authors assessed if allocating statin drugs in conjunction with Sildenafil treatment can improve the reaction of the patients who were originally unresponsive to Sildenafil Citrate [9]. 12 men with moderate to severe ED were apportioned with Atorvastatin to take concomitantly with Sildenafil [9]. Based on the study’s findings, administering Atorvastatin with Sildenafil Citrate resulted to a bettered erectile function to the patients [9]. Not only were the results of this study significant in determining ways to improve Sildenafil administration in patients; the outcome of this research also ascertained that problems with the endothelial function are also a causative agent of erectile dysfunction [9].

Studies determined that there is more than one cause of erectile dysfunction in males. One of the causes of ED in patients is PADAM or the partial androgen deficiency in aging men. The paper by Shamloul et al in 2005, “Testosterone therapy can enhance erectile function response to sildenafil in patients with PADAM: a pilot study” suggested that an augmentation to Sildenafil treatment (the addition of testosterone therapy) can ameliorate the response of patients with ED to Sildenafil Citrate [10]. The outcome of the study indicated that patients who were both given with Sildenafil Citrate for ED and also underwent testosterone therapy were able to have substantial improvements in their erectile function compared with the patients given with Sildenafil alone or testosterone therapy alone [10]. In spite of the positive effects, the authors warn about the potential adverse reactions to androgen therapy and therefore charges doctors to carry out the treatment with much caution in order to avert the dangers of adverse interactions for the treatment [10].

Sildenafil Citrate is also administered to patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension, not only in adults but also in the pediatric population. The case report of Carls et al in 2014, “Substantially increased sildenafil bioavailability after sublingual administration in children with congenital heart disease: two case reports” presented two cases for Sildenafil administration in pediatric patients, which resulted in the discovery of an alternative route for Sildenafil allocation in patients [11]. The researchers discovered that Sildenafil administered in the sublingual route showed 314-361% increase in plasma concentrations as opposed to the usual enteral route, due to the bypassing of the first-pass metabolism [11]. According to the authors, the sublingual route of administration for Sildenafil can be considered in lieu of the typical enteral dosing, especially for patients with problems with drug absorption [11].

Sildenafil Action

The more obvious effect of Sildenafil in patients is the drug’s ability to encourage the surge of blood flow to the penile tissues about an hour preceding its intake. Although the vasodilatory effect can be attributed to Sildenafil use, the actual effect of Sildenafil is not the stimulation of the blood flow ascribed to arterial relaxation in the penis.

Sildenafil Citrate’s action is actually very simple—it just prevents PDE5 from carrying out its effect in the male patients. PDE5 enzyme in the penis is actually the one responsible for the degeneration of the chemical transmitter responsible for the erection mechanism. Since Sildenafil Citrate is able to suppress the premature action of the PDE5, the proper amount of the chemical transmitter can aggregate and later on initiate the erection mechanism. This mechanism, however, is still triggered by sexual stimuli. Contrary to the popular misconception, Sildenafil products are not able to cause erections out of nowhere.

Silden Benefits for Erectile Dysfunction

Silden 100mg/50mg has its own Sildenafil Citrate composition which is essential to the cycle of erection in patients. As proven by a number of papers for the function of the PDE5 inhibitor Sildenafil, any product containing the appropriate amounts of the Sildenafil active ingredient is able to inhibit the PDE5 action and therefore cause an improvement in the insufficient erectile function in patients.

Silden is good to use by patients with impotence, regardless of cause, as the drug is capable of restoring the neurotransmitter equilibrium essential to the system potentiating the erectile response. In the simplest sense, patients can anticipate erections when they are sexually stimulated, while they are on Silden, regardless of the root cause of their impotence problem.

Safe Doses and Therapy Duration

Like Viagra, Silden is typically dosed at 100 mg in patients. The 100 mg Sildenafil Citrate in patients is an effective amount of the medication. However, some patients may react differently to the 100 mg dose; in the case of intolerable side effects, the patients may be given less of the drug or may be advised to take just half of the 100 mg in lieu of the whole 100-mg pill.

There are no proofs of deleterious effects for long-term Sildenafil use, so patients can take Sildenafil Citrate as long as they are prescribed by their urologists/GP to take the medication. The ideal Sildenafil intake is from 1-4 hours before the planned intercourse. The drug should be taken with a profuse amount of water or liquid (not alcohol, though). Silden/Sildenafil drugs take effect usually within an hour of administration and last for an average of 4 hours (in some cases, more).

Side Reactions and Warnings

Sildenafil drugs are contraindicated in some patient populations. If you have erectile dysfunction occurring with your liver disease, renal disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, you should consult your doctors first before taking the drug on your own. Patients with various medical conditions related to the aforementioned are more sensitive cases for Sildenafil intake, as the drug can have exacerbated effects on patients suffering from the mentioned illnesses. In some cases, these patients are allowed to take Sildenafil for their ED, but usually in a more cautious dosage for safety purposes.

Concerning the side effects, patients usually report dizziness and blurred vision when taking Sildenafil. Besides that, the patients also observe migraines, stuffy nose, and dyspepsia occurring whenever they take the drug. These side effects can really occur, but they usually do not take long, and are, in a sense, manageable by the patients. But, in cases where patients find these side effects vexing, they can always reach their GPs and ask for remedies to help them cope with the adverse events.

Drug Interactions

Patients are often in the dark when it comes to drug interactions of Sildenafil, but they should strive to know which drugs are not eligible for Sildenafil co-administration, as there are drugs which are perilous to take with Sildenafil. Online drug information for Sildenafil Citrate indicates that the drug has thousands of possible drug interactions with both generic and brand-name medicines, although the bulk of these drugs are nitrates, antiretrovirals, antibiotics, antibacterial, and some benign substances such as vitamins and other oral supplements.

The products Lasix, Lipitor, metoprolol, Fish Oil, Vitamins C/D3/B12, Tylenol, acetaminophen, CoQ10, Cialis, aspirin, Xanax, and pregabalin are only some of the examples of common products which can interact with Sildenafil and cause harm to the patients.

Customer Reviews

It is always unfortunate news that products from reputable manufacturers are without online visibility. Silden 100mg/50mg did not have its own reviews, although the product should have had double exposure since two manufacturers have the product listed. Buyer assessments for Silden were unavailable online, although there are several peddlers with Silden available for online sale.

The scarcity of reviews for Silden may cause the product’s integrity to falter, online at least. There are a lot of ends why the drug did not have any user evaluation for its efficacy; however, in Silden’s case, there are no obvious causes why. Nevertheless, we can still assume the best for Silden considering there are no reports of the drug’s discontinuation, ineffectiveness, or other ill reports for the drug’s standing.

Price, Silden Forms, and Recommended Dosage

Silden 100mg/50mg by two companies EIPICO and Sopharma is available in the 100 mg and the 50 mg form. Both variants are also sold online by Egypt-based and Europe-based Internet apothecaries.

Silden Eipico 100 mg Price

Silden Eipico 100 mg Price

Silden from EIPICO is sold in 4s by and the product price given to Silden is a meager $0.51 for 4 tablets of the 100 mg drug.

Silden Sopharma 100 mg Price

Silden Sopharma 100 mg Price

Silden Shipping Cost

Silden Shipping Cost

However, although the Silden price by EIPICO is cheap, the Silden product from Sopharma is steeper, at $33.78 for the same 4-tablet product. There was no shipping information for the EIPICO product’s shipping, but Silden by Sopharma is shipped by the online pharmacy for $10.56 regardless of location.

Since there were no voiced-out restrictions for Silden online, the buyers can avail of the product wherever they are in the world. However, it is the buyers’ responsibility to know their importation laws so that they can avoid wasting their money on products which may have the potential to be sequestered by the customs department.

Conclusion and Rating

Silden 100mg/50mg is a product with two manufacturers, EIPICO and Sopharma Zdrovit. The two Silden products did not have any user reviews, so we can’t necessarily compare and contrast the efficacy of both drugs. As for now, we can give these products with 3 out of 5 only due to the fact that their manufacturers are well-reputed in their own countries. Should there be recommendations for the use of these Silden products, you should go ahead and sample them, as there are currently no known critical reports related to the drug’s use.

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