Sex-up Capsules Induquimica Review: Unpopular Impotence Drug from Induquimica

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The product Sex-Up has a name which is suggestive of what it actually does. Although the name of the product leans more on the herbal product types, Sex-Up actually contains the active pharmaceutical ingredient, Sildenafil Citrate which is an actual drug intended for the professional treatment of the male problem erectile dysfunction.

The manufacturer of Sex-Up is Induquimica, which is a pharmaceutical company in Peru and which started in the 1980s although the enterprise only had its involvement in the pharmaceutical industry in 2000. The focus of Induqumuca’s product distribution is the countries Bolivia, Ecuador, the USA, Central America, and Uruguay. Regarding the accreditations received by Induquimica, the business is actually awarded the ISO 9001:2008 accreditation, the GMP/BPM, HACCP, the local FDA and the DIGEMID and SQF. The conglomerate focuses on the areas of generics, prescription, and OTC manufacturing, and in the areas of antibacterial, respiratory, male and female health, pain relief, pediatrics, and more.

The Sildenafil content of Sex-Up is the one responsible for its efficacy, as the active ingredient has been proven pertinent to the restoration of erectile function even in males with ED. Being an inhibitor of the PDE5 enzyme, the Sildenafil in the drug is able to suppress the erection-busting enzyme, which leads to the eventual continuation of the mechanism.

Customer Reviews

It is problematic to try and conclude regarding the efficacy of Sex-Up due to the nonexistence of its user reports. Unlike the other Sildenafil brands (generic or branded), there were no users enthusiastic enough to share their thoughts for the drug. The patients seemed rather reticent about their experience with the drug, as, during our search, we were not able to find any relevant information for Sex-Up from the clients who bought the product. It is unfortunate that no reviews exist for Sex-Up, as reviews are crucial for a product’s integrity. Although the drug may be efficacious and can deliver the effects required of it, having no reviews can affect how the potential consumers may regard Sex-Up. Having a dearth of reviews can sometimes be associated with inefficacy although that may not necessarily be true.

Pricing and Dosage

Albeit we can assume that the impotence drug Sex-Up has a good pricing (due to its generic nature), we weren’t also able to locate a decent price list for the product. There were simply no price quotes available for the product, as there were no online web stores with the product in-stock. Although the sale of Sex-Up may purely be local, sometimes there are drug sites which offer an overview of the product pricing.

The dose of Sex-Up is usually recommended at a starting dose of 50 mg, then depending on the males’ response, the dose may be upped to 100 mg or relegated to 25 mg. The drug is not a maintenance medication, so the use of the product is just limited to an on-demand use of the product.

How to Buy Sex-up Online

It is apparent that the product Sex-Up is only available domestically in Peru and its adjacent countries. Local buyers are able to obtain the product from the drugstores, but the international clients cannot somehow procure the product due to its lack of availability online.

There were simply no vendors selling Sex-Up, so we were unable to list the websites which make the product accessible. For local buyers, though, since Sex-Up is a Sildenafil Drug, the patients are required to provide the proper prescriptions for the product.

How to Use

Taking Sildenafil Citrate for impotence is simple; the patients are simply asked to take any Sildenafil Citrate product 60 minutes prior to sexual intercourse, as the drug typically takes effect within 30 to 60 minutes of use.

Patients with erectile dysfunction are most of the time with concomitant diseases such as diabetes, chronic hypertension, heart disease, prostate enlargement, and other illnesses. These cases require extra care for Sildenafil use, since the product may also influence certain aspects of their diseases.

As for the patients with other prescriptions, there are drugs such as nitrates (for hypertension, angina, and other diseases) which should not be used alongside Sildenafil due to the exacerbation of the hypotensive effect of the drugs. Other drugs which should be avoided or taken with an adjusted Sildenafil dose are the alpha and beta blockers, protease inhibitors, and others. Alcohol, grapefruit juice, fatty foods, herbal drugs, some vitamin supplements, and other PDE5 inhibitors should also be avoided when taking Sex-Up.

Side Effects

Side effects which may annoy males taking Sex-Up include stuffy nose, persisting headaches, vasodilatation, and heartburn. These side effects are known to affect a certain fraction of the Sildenafil-treated population, so males should not be too flustered when observing these symptoms as a result of Sildenafil use. However, there are also side effects which are rare but are precarious, such as myocardial infarction, chest pain, critical hypotension, heart attack symptoms, anaphylaxis, blindness in one/both eyes, hearing loss, and more. It is imperative that you get checked by your doctor first before being administered with Sildenafil products, in order to avert life-threatening adverse interactions with the drug.

Conclusion with Rating

There were no product reviews for Sex-Up, which makes us still doubt about its efficacy. Also, no online sale for the product was available, which also limits our evaluation of the drug. However, its manufacturing company seems reliable and well-accredited, which can lead us to somewhat recommend the use of the product for patients who were actually prescribed with the drug. Sex-Up has not yet touched the International market (maybe due to patent restrictions for Viagra) and may just be available for local sale. We can only bequeath 2 out of 5 for Sex-Up as there is not much information for the drug.

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