Seromycin Reviews: Second Line Drug for Tuberculosis

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Seromycin contains the active ingredient Cycloserine, which is a broad spectrum antibiotic, meaning that it is effective against a wide range of bacteria including gram negative and gram positive ones.

Seromycin is also effective against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which is responsible for causing tuberculosis in people.

It is used as a second line drug for tuberculosis, meaning that if other drugs are not working or are not suitable for use in a particular patient, only then it is prescribed. This is due to the increased number of adverse effects associated with it. Other uses include treatment of urinary tract infections. Seromycin is available in the form of oral capsules present in only a single concentration which is 250 mg of cycloserine.

Seromycin is manufactured by The Chao Center which was founded by donations from a professor family of Purdue University. It is now being operated under Purdue Research Foundation and serving the School of Pharmacy and Department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy of Purdue University.

Seromycin Reviews

No reviews are currently available for Seromycin, that is why its effectiveness in treating the bacterial and tuberculous infections cannot be commented upon. Neither can any statement be made on the frequency and severity of the adverse effects it may cause. The patients are advised to use this drug only when prescribed by their treating physician and with caution. Immediately notify or report to your doctor if any untoward symptoms occur. In case of severe reactions or adverse effects the patient should seek urgent medical attention. The manufacturer of this brand drug is a reputed small scale company, running under Purdue University Research Foundation.

Pricing and Dosage

The Seromycin brand is not available to buy online. We were not able to find the price of this brand even after a long web research.

The recommended dose of Seromycin in most infections is 250 mg twice a day at an interval of twelve hours. The total dose per day may be increased to one gram daily but should not exceed this limit.

How to Buy Seromycin Online

Seromycin is not sold online, but we were able to find a lot of sellers who were selling generic version of this drug. Be careful not to make a mistake in buying generic instead of branded drug.

How to Use Seromycin

Seromycin is usually used to treat bacterial infections and tuberculosis. It is taken by mouth, with or without meals. It is to be taken twice daily at intervals of twelve hours. It should be taken at regular intervals, so that the level of drug remains constant in the blood, which is required to treat these infections.

The drug should be used for the entire prescribed period even if the patient has started to feel better or the symptoms have settled. Otherwise, the infection will not be eradicated properly and might become resistant to the drug. Such a resistant infection is very difficult to treat.

Seromycin belongs to the pregnancy category C which means that it should only be used in pregnant females if it is unavoidable.

Seromycin Side Effects

Numerous adverse effects have been associated with the use of Seromycin. The most common ones are related to the nervous system and are dose dependent. These effects are mostly seen in patients who are taking more than 500 mg of Seromycin daily. The effects include drowsiness, feeling of confusion, anxiety, dizziness, nightmares, changes in mood, the patient becomes restless and irritable and may have suicidal thoughts.

The patient using Seromycin may develop heart failure, allergic reaction to the drug in the form of skin rash. Patients with pre existing liver disease may have a rise in the liver enzymes and various types of anemia have also been associated with it including the common type known as folic acid deficiency.


The active ingredient in the drug Seromycin is Cycloserine which is an antibacterial agent classified into a broad spectrum type of antibiotic, because it is effective against gram positive as well as gram negative bacteria. One of its important uses is to treat multidrug resistant tuberculosis, because it is also effective against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacterium that is responsible for causing the disease.

As customer reviews are not available on the internet for this drug, it is not confirmed whether the drug is very effective and what are the frequencies of adverse effects related to it. Moreover, the drug is not available to purchase online. However, it can be rated 4 on a 1-5 scale for its life saving use of multidrug resistant tuberculosis treatment.

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