Review – Closed Down, New Pharmacy with Bad Trust Records

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If one was to search for the domain on the internet now, the website would be nowhere to be found. However, when it was still in the trade, this used to be a business that offers pills and other medicine to clients who would like to do their business online. With limited information about the business online now, it can still be found out that this was a business that had been in existence since as far back as 1999 and operated in and out of the United States of America.

There are a lot of pills to be obtained from this e-store, and their main assortment is set on erectile dysfunction medico. Having Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and all other such popular and less advertised options in tow, Selected Meds was it when it came to the ordering of cheap medicine. From the remnant information that is left of the internet pharmacy, I found out that all of these medicines can be obtained from a starting price of $0.75.

There is no way to determine if Selected Meds had an FDA approval on the pills that was sold by the online drugstore. However, payments used to be accepted via credit cards. The package can be sent out on shipping via either of Standard Airmail service or the EMS Courier option. For both methods, different prices and wait times apply. This information is however inaccessible as at the time of making this review. Getting in touch with the customer care agents was limited to using a generic email option or calling one of the toll-free numbers on board.

It does see that Selected Meds didn’t have a need for a Live chat option when they were in business. Not that it would be significant now that they cannot even be found by a single search of the domain. While Selected Meds would not condone customers who wanted to return their packages, they would offer a refund or reshipment to those that got their packages lost or damaged during transit. Reviews

Either the vendor didn’t manage to get some reviews when it was still on the internet, or it has been off long enough for people to then start forgetting all about it. Not matter the case, the absence of reviews for a business that was on the internet for close to two decades is not a good sign at all. Reviews 2016 claims that it has been in the business since the year 1999. However, the feedback that Selected Meds got from ScamAdviser suggests that they might be a new website instead.

The same analyses website called out this e-store to be based in the Switzerland area, even though it might truly be from the US. For a supposed new site with unknown popularity, it is still surprising that they managed an 89% score on safety rating.

The next analysis website that I took this internet pharmacy to was LegitScript. The review website concluded that this pharmacy did not meet its established standards for an internet pharmacy, thus, earned itself a Rogue reputation. Coupon Codes

Following the line of missing information so far, the latest in the list is the coupon code or discount offers that Selectedmeds pillstore might have had in place for its users. While there might have been really some, the cards just folded up on them since they are now off the web itself. Not even third party websites would help them out much.

Conclusion has taken its business off the internet, there is a lack of or even, erased user comments all around the world-wide-web and a bad run of scores on independent analysis websites. I don’t need to mention that the website was called new, bringing into question the faked somewhat nineteen years and more season of operation that the website would have users believe instead.

If those are not enough to nail this e-store, then try being labeled Rogue on for size. It goes without saying that I would not want to buy from them, and I’d do well to score Selected Meds just 1 out of 5.

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