Save Our Bones Reviews – Natural Osteoporosis Remedy Program Minus Mainstream Supplements

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Osteoporosis is a very real and alarming issue as far as the modern day and age is concerned. People all over the world suffer from it and many o not even have the proper awareness to tackle it. is a website that features the “SaveOurBones Program” which is a self-proclaimed Osteoporosis remedy program. This program relies heavily on alternative medicine and natural remedies and goes against the generally offered treatment through prescription drugs. The website features a wealth of knowledge which aims to make the lives of those suffering from this issue better.

The company was found by Vivian Goldschmidt who claims to have had suffered from Osteoporosis and found the cure by looking for the root of the disease. The program features everything you need to know to cure the natural bone loss through a series of exercises, diets, and supplements that, according to the website, don’t have the backing of Big-Pharma and no side effects.

The company offers a few books as their complete guide to get rid of bone loss including a free “Bone Building Kit”, Save Our Bones Program Book, Bone Appetit (a book to cook bone healthy meals), Densercise (exercise program), and OsteoCleanse (A manual to cleanse bones off osteoporosis drugs). Reviews

The website did not have many featured customer reviews online, however, various reviews can be found for the program itself online. SaveOurBones Program has largely gotten confused and negative reviews on the internet among a few positive and encouraging ones. Most of the customers who ordered the book were taken aback by the lack of depth of author’s knowledge and insight of Osteoporosis. Reviews

One of the users was highly dissatisfied with the program and mainly called it a scam and a regurgitated version of internet articles. The user also raised some valid concerns about the eligibility of author writing about such topic and rightly said that she thinks of herself as a nutritionist when she doesn’t have any formal education in that sector. The user found both the quantity and quality of useable information to be very low in the book. Reviews1

Most of the few reviews in favor of the program are mainly based on the view against the modern medicine and in favor of alternative medicine. They seem to have a strong bias against modern medicine. These are the exact kind of niche the author of program seems to be targeting on her website when she talks to length about how the “game in modern medicine is rigged by Big Pharma against a common man”. Another such review is given below. Reviews2 Reviews 2015

The reviews to the program were similar in the year 2015 just as the years before. The customers seemed to be mostly dissatisfied with how the product projected and what it delivered, with a few people in favor of it. Reviews 2015

Another user found the book to be full of redundant and vastly known knowledge of the disease and recommended it for someone with zero knowledge about it. The user also felt that the program didn’t live up to the expectations of being something groundbreaking. Reviews 20151

Here again, the positive review seems to be biased in favor of alternative and against modern medicine. Reviews 20152

But other consumers are consistent in their view that this program doesn’t offer anything substantial. Reviews 20153

According to, a web service that provides analytical data about websites, is ranked among the 120,600 sitesmost visited globally and among the top 37,000 most visited sites in USA. also tells us that the site’s most of the traffic originates from USA and India, with visitors from Spain, Canada, and UK also making up a minor share in the whole count. Coupon Codes

There don’t seem to be any coupon codes for the websites online. seems to have some discount offers for the website’s products but they require signing up with email first and it is unclear whether the offers are genuine or clickbait.


According to the reviews this website has received from consumers and analyzing the website in general from content, it is safe to say that Save Our Bones Program is not worth spending money on. First of all, the author has a direct conflict of interest with modern medicines and she seems to be preying on the paranoia or even the concerns that might have some weight to them of people regarding mainstream medicine. She seems to be cashing out on it to sell her products. She is also not a nutritionist and not qualified enough to comment on medicines of osteoporosis. Most of her “evidence” against modern medicine is merely anecdotal with misrepresentations of some far-fetched studies that aren’t credited much in medicine communities, even by the skeptics. The website has gotten more bad reviews than good, even among the people who agree with her point of view regarding modern medicine. Most of such customers believed her to have not anything substantial to offer and giving information already available easily on web blogs. Taking everything into account, the website gets 1 out of 5 stars.

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