Samrx Reviews: Unreliable Online Pharmacy review is an online store that has been around since 2003. This online store provides medication that is of high quality. The quality of this medication is assured because it meets the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration body more commonly referred to as the FDA. The online store provides both brand name medication and generic medication. These medicines are lowly priced. This is done so as to fit the customer’s pocket. The site also has transparent relations with the customers. This helps the customer and site to have a trustworthy relationship that always ensures the customer is fully satisfied.

The online store offers high quality products through great services at the lowest possible prices all in a bid to ensure that the customer is a hundred percent satisfied. To add to this, the delivery of each and every product available on the site is done in a mode that is acceptable and timely. Reviews

Greg is a disgruntled customer. He has placed two orders with this online pharmacy. He received the first order. However, on the second order he asked whether his product had been shipped when he stayed a while without receiving it. He was told that the product was shipped that day, which was three weeks later. He went on to ask for the tracking number which he did not receive. After a lifetime of waiting he quit waiting to receive anything. To this day he has never received his product. He advises online shoppers to steer clear of this site. He says that there are other online sites that provide the same products and services with far less trouble.

Curt has had a great first time experience. He says that he was very happy with the way business and transactions were undertaken by the company. He made his order which he received in less time than he expected. He also tested the meds he bought and they were of high quality. He definitely plans to do business with the site again. He owes this return business to his first time experience which he says was flawless and quite easy. Coupon Codes provides coupon codes, deals and discounts to its customers. These are available on other sites that provide coupons and coupon codes. They include:

• GV2hY2NP is a coupon code that offers every buyer 5% off of any product that they purchase on the site.
• givemeten is a coupon code that provides every buyer with a discount of $10 off of any order made that is $50 or more.
• YOURWLKM is a coupon code that provides the buyer with a discount of 15% off of any purchase made on the site.
• Sx29032NP is a coupon code that provides the buyer with a 10% discount on all the products bought at the site. provides its customers with a number of coupon codes on other independent sites. These coupon codes enable the buyer to enjoy discounts and hence make some considerable bargains. These discounts are better than those available on other sites.

Conclusion is an unreliable online pharmacy. There have been a number of great customer reviews. Most of the positive reviews come from first time users. There have also been negative reviews. Most of these negative reviews come from people who have used the site to shop more than once. It seems that the site provides great services the first time or the first few times before showing their true colours. This is a negative view and therefore buyers are advised not to buy from the site. However the site is not termed as rogue hence it is not completely unsafe to use for shopping. 2 out of 5 stars are a reasonable award in ratings for this online pharmacy.

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