Review – Not The Best Pharmacy To Obtain Cheap ED Drugs

[show-testimonials taxonomy='{current_page_id}' orderby='menu_order' order='ASC' layout='grid' options='theme:card,info-position:info-above,text-alignment:left,columns:1,rating:on,charlimitextra: (...),image-size:ttshowcase_small,image-shape:circle,image-effect:none,image-link:on'] started its operations in 2003 and has been a source of generic and brand-name medicines for the general consumers ever since. Regardless its unknown location, SamRx guarantees a 100% delivery rate of high-quality, FDA-approved, inexpensive meds.

In nowhere SamRx reveals from where the meds are shipped, but looking at the pharmacy’s repertoire I’d say only medicines produced and manufactured in India are being sold here. Nevertheless, SamRx promises that every single one of them is approved by the correspondent Indian FDA entity.

Judging by SamRx main page, it’s straightforward to realize this store’s main assortment is erectile dysfunction products. SamRx is able to provide me with much cheaper options than brand-name medicines. I can avail these meds without having to compromise my financial stability. This pharmacy is dispensing pills of generic Viagra at $0.62 per pill and generic Cialis at $1.80/tablet. The pricing is, without a doubt, economical and budget-friendly. Since these are prescription drugs, I must inform myself how to proceed in order to get them. SamRx is not exactly clear on its prescription policy, explaining only that customer support will contact me via e-mail or phone after purchasing.

This e-pharmacy allows me to pay using a variety of payment methods, particularly Visa cards (debit or credit) and eCheck payments. has a discount benefit to those who prefer to pay with eCheck.

Orders above $100 have a guaranteed free shipping. For smaller purchases, SamRx asks for an exorbitant fee of $18 for regular airmail shipping or charges $25 for express shipping. My goodies will take up to 21 days or 12 days to arrive, respectively. If my meds won’t arrive for whatever reason, SamRx will resend my package at no cost.

The pharmacy provides a live chat option to clarify in real-time any questions clients might have. However, this chat is only available during working hours. In any other case, consumers should either send an e-mail or give SamRx (+1888-808-0333) a phone call. Reviews

Even though they are not abundant, has a few reliable reviews written by consumers. I’m still unsure regarding SamRx’s reputation as the reviews are quite diverse.

In 2015, David Smith evaluated SamRx as a 5-star pharmacy on This consumer appreciates the “quality” of this pharmacy, saying that this e-shop provided him with “low-priced” medicines and covered all guarantees “efficiently”. This customer is happier with the services provided by SamRx than the ones in local stores, particularly for getting his package “before the date mentioned”. David is a “completely satisfied” with the service of this store.

In 2013, Greg shared his “bad experience” with SamRx on He orders two times but only had issues with this last order.

Greg complains about the store’s lack of response, including the inability to provide a tracking number for the shipping. At the end, this user does “not recommend SamRx” as there are far better e-pharmacies than this one.

However, in 2012, SamRx got another 5-star rating by user Curt. This consumer is satisfied with the time of delivery that was “faster” than expected. He will definitely be a returning consumer. Reviews 2017

I need more information to ascertain reputation. The existing reviews aren’t bad but aren’t exactly assuring either. One bad review in the middle of two good ones still has a tremendous power, thus there is a high chance that SamRx is not the store for me.

When I don’t have enough consumers’ feedbacks, I always check the security statistics on scam alert websites such as

Indeed, according to Scamner, SamRx’s trustworthiness is only worth a 0%. This unpopular website is not recommended to either browse or purchase.

This is not a singular opinion since Scam Adviser also doesn’t trust SamRx’s reputation. The results provided by Scam Adviser tell me that SamRx is a suspicious site and should not be trusted. This pharmacy is most likely based in China, therefore it’s operating from a high-risk country. Coupon Codes is filled with discounts to make customers happy. The store provides many benefits to his clients and I can say they are quite satisfying ones.

Being a returning customer has its own advantages. Starting on the second order, customers can get a 20% off on their orders if paid with an eCheck. If payment by credit card is preferred, then SamRx will happily give a 10% off on every order. Giving me this kind of discounts can guarantee my return, so this is definitely a point in favor of SamRx.

If I’m ordering my meds for the first time, I can still get a 10% off discount if I used eCheck as a form of payment.

SamRx doesn’t stop here and also provides free shipping on orders above a certain amount. If my meds surpass the total value of $100, then I can expect free standard shipping.

For orders above $250, SamRx offers me free express shipping, thus I can get my hands on my meds within 8-15 working days.


Even with two positive reviews, I don’t believe I can put my entire trust on The company is, apparently, based on China but does not claim anywhere on its website. Personally, I don’t like when pharmacies have something to hide regarding their physical address.

To be completely brutal and honest, I feel there are far better pharmacies to get Indian-manufactured ED meds. SamRx lacks trustworthiness, popularity, and reputation. Moreover, the shipping fee is quite expensive “just to give it a try”. I won’t risk my money here and I don’t believe you should too. I’m giving this pharmacy a 3/5 for now, hoping to get more reliable information in the near future.

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