Rxstore24x7shop.com Review – Another Rogue Copy of Canadian Pharmacy

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There is a surprising lot of internet pharmacies which claim to have come from the North side of America, one of them being Rxstore24x7.com. This e-store looks to have all the relevant information on its website but makes no mention of the number of years it has been in business. One of the things I noticed when I first entered the website is the ‘Canadian Pharmacy’ tag. This tells that the internet pharmacy is based in Canada, but it is something that I have seen on a number of internet stores in the past too. A chain, maybe.

Rx Store 24×7 sells a lot of pills, and they are mostly remedies for medical conditions. The one that takes the best place on this e-pharmacy is, however, the erectile dysfunction medicine. There was nowhere the buyer turned on Rxstore24x7shop that they would not be met by one kind of ED pack or the other. Speaking of the ED options, the business lists its Viagra as selling for a price of just $0.72 per pill.

They had great prices on their Cialis and Levitra offering too, selling each pill of these generic medicine brands from the same $0.72. At the base of every page is a reminder that the pills sold on the e-store have not only been certified by the FDA but that it itself has gone through checks from Pharmacy Checker and CIPA.

As soon as an order is placed, the buyer is prompted to pay with a credit card. The card is checked by a Fraud Department that they have on the website and then, the order is processed. After processing, the order is sent out for shipping to the customer that has requested to have it. This shipping can come in form of EMS or International Registered Mail. The latter option attracts no less than a fee of $20 on all orders worth anywhere in the range of $0-$300. For orders which pass this mark, the package would be sent out on free shipping.

While the method above would require the customer waits for 2 – 3 weeks, EMS option brings in the products faster at 7 – 12 business days. This would attract a fee of $30 on all orders between $0-$300 likewise, cost $15 for orders between $300 – $400 and for the perks, go free for orders exceeding $400.

The customers are enjoined to get in touch with the care agents via either of the generic email form or toll-free numbers on board. These are the only modes of contact that has been provided to the buyer. Even though they would not accept returns, there is a refund policy which supports buyers who don’t get their package at all or get goods damaged in transit.

Rxstore24x7shop.com Reviews

One commenter, going by the name of Vin, left their comment about Rxstore24x7.com. Making use of an independent review website, the comment of Vin didn’t show the internet pharmacy in the best of lights. Identifying two of the darkest sides of this business, Vin first warns that ‘this pharmacy charges you a hidden fee.’ This is not to be expected of a pharmacy which promised to be customer-oriented.

Again, Vin went on to clarify that even though Rxstore24x7shop.com wants buyers to believe that they are from Canada, ‘it is [really] Chinese.’

Rxstore24x7shop.com Reviews 2016

It is shocking that even ScamAdviser has a hard time picking an exact location for this business. In what can be said to be a testament to Vin’s comments above, ScamAdviser.com suggests that this business could be from either Germany or the United States.

There was a sharp blow to the e-store which got a depressing 0% score on safety, and as advised by this review website as being unsafe for use. Even the popularity is not known.

It didn’t take long before LegitScript.com saw through the practices of this internet pharmacy and determined that they were a Rogue pharmacy. Not much else that needs explaining.

Rxstore24x7shop.com Coupon Codes

There was no coupon code or discount offer on the website as at the time of this review, but it does look like they used to offer some. There was a single tab on the page that points to a percentage savings option on goods ordered by clients.


I have seen the ‘Canadian Pharmacy’ sticker on more than one internet pharmacy, and like this one, it doesn’t end well. There seemed to be no way this e-pharmacy could have gone wrong from what is on their website, but the real deal of information is not disclosed.

The poor customer treatment is evident from the comment. There was more than one suggestion of Rxstore24x7shop.com possibly hiding its location, and there is not even a single proof of how long they had been in business.

I don’t know what more I’m looking for. Even though Rxstore24x7shop.com is still in the business, I don’t ever want to associate my pill purchases with them. Asides that, I rate them 1 out of 5.

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