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Rxpharmacy-online365.com (also known as Pharmacy Express), an online pharmacy based in New Zealand and Canada, is one of the top online pharmacies in web market today. Although modest, this store is packed with a wide range of products intended for various medical uses and has both brand and generic choices for the consumers.

The store Rx Pharmacy Online 365 started its journey in the online pharmaceutical selling industry in 2001 – a time where online drugstores are ignored. Despite the challenges of being an odd store amongst its counterparts, Rx Pharmacy Online 365 persisted and maintained its credibility and integrity, making it one of the most sought-after drugstores today. Unlike other web drugstores, Pharmacy Express (Rx Pharmacy Online 365) is duly certified – the store has accreditations from no less than the CPA, Pharmacy Checker, and the Food and Drug Administration for its products. The shop also so bravely posted its license to operate on the website, something I don’t see every day.

Rx Pharmacy Online 365 offers a wide spectrum of products including but not limited to erectile dysfunction treatments, blood pressure medications, cholesterol treatments, antibiotics, and plenty others. All of these products are at least approved by the FDA (or counterparts of the association) in the countries where they are manufactured in, meaning the drugs sold by this store are all safe to use and effective for the medical conditions they are intended for. What I like about this store is that Rx Pharmacy Online 365 does not require customers to hand over their prescriptions, leading to hassle-free transactions. However, this is no excuse for buyers to NOT consult their doctors first — it is imperative that patients consult their doctors prior to ordering any brand or generic drug online.

One of the main features of the shop Rxpharmacy-online365.com is its low prices. I expected steeper prices for the items highlighted in the store, but to my surprise, Rx Pharmacy Online 365 offered cut-rate deals for its products. For instance, I can only purchase generic Viagra pills (from reputable international companies) for only as low as $0.72 per pill — which is nearly 100 times cheaper than the current Viagra market price. Rx Pharmacy Online 365 is also super generous when it comes to its generic Cialis stocks — the shop only has the drug available for $0.72 per pill, which is also significantly cheaper than the current retail price for Cialis from Eli Lilly.

For buyers keen on purchasing medicines at Rx Pharmacy Online 365, the shop requires payments via leading credit card companies (like VISA and MasterCard). Shipping, on the other hand, is considerable at $20 for the regular mail option and $30 for the EMS option (some shops charge more). One of the selling points of this shop is guaranteed deliveries, so it pays to pay a bit more for the shipping method. Also, I appreciate that Rx Pharmacy Online 365 indicates the foreseen delivery dates so the buyers are aware when to anticipate the arrival of their orders.

While the store does not have a dedicated chat support yet, buyers can contact Rx Pharmacy Online 365 using its email option and its phone support. The team is responsive so customers can expect swift replies to their inquiries.

Rxpharmacy-online365.com Reviews

It is not surprising that Rx Pharmacy Online 365 has good reviews available from its customers, considering the excellence of service offered by the shop. Most of the buyers have excellent remarks for the shop, so I only included some examples of the comments written for Rx Pharmacy Online 365:

Rxpharmacy-online365.com Review

According to Mike Nicholson, he suffered erectile dysfunction for so long and Cialis from Rx Pharmacy Online 365 helped him overcome his problem. He wrote about being able to perform his sexual duties through the drug he purchased from the shop.

Another customer named John Smith, also commended the store’s effective product, the Cialis product in particular. According to him, the Cialis he bought from the store made him “feel young and full of enthusiasm” and also helped him satisfy his wife.

Kevin Radner only had praises for the store, not only because of its efficient products but also because of its helpful customer support team. According to him, the person he spoke with assisted him in choosing between Viagra and Cialis and also with deciding upon which delivery method to use. Apart from these, the customer assistant also gave him a 10% discount on top of his order. He was grateful for the store and its great service.

Rxpharmacy-online365.com Reviews 2017

Reviews for Rx Pharmacy Online 365 for the present year were also positive — according to most of the consumers, the shop still gave excellent service, genuine products, and timely deliveries. Although not as much as the older reviews, the present reviews were still positive about Rx Pharmacy Online 365’s performance.

Rxpharmacy-online365.com Coupon Codes

In spite of Rx Pharmacy Online 365 not offering coupon codes for the buyers, the shop had other deals set in place, like freebie pills and other discounts (highlighted in the image below):

Rxpharmacy-online365.com Coupon Codes

Buyers are given free shipping for every $300 spend and are given freebie pills along with every purchase, regardless of order quantity. Besides the aforementioned offers, Rxpharmacy-Online365.com also presently runs a 20% off discount for its buyers.


Rx Pharmacy Online 365 is one of the best stores to shop from because of its hefty roster of brand and generic meds for various clinical concerns. Although to be exercised with caution, the no-Rx policy for the products on this store will be helpful for a lot of buyers, especially those with existing Rx for certain medicines but may have lost their scripts. All in all, Rx Pharmacy Online 365 merits a high score of 5 out of 5 for its cost-effective products and good reviews from satisfied clients.

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