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rxpharmacy-online24.com reviews

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has a new address, and that's the only thing that changed. All the prices, terms and bonuses remain the same

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Established almost 12 years ago, RxPharamcy-online24.com now operates with a new face, design. The online pharmacy is among the leading Canada based pharmacies and claims to offer high quality medicines at rates that are up to 90% less than the actual over the counter prices. The newer online version is not only with better deign and user friendly interface, but it also offers new prices with even cheaper rates.

The website ensures high quality of the delivered products that is why it only sells medicines approved by FDA and CPA. The new version also contains wider range of products with addition of brand Cialis, brand Caverta, brand Eriacta, brand ManForce and many. The latest additions allows customers to choose between generic and brand versions according to their convenience.

Other than featured ED and Sexual Health Drugs, more product categories like Blood Pressure, Cancer, Anti Fungal, Anti Inflammatory, and many more are also available. Prices are also rock bottom. For example, Viagra is available for just $0.72 per pill while another popular ED drug, Cialis is available for $0.72 per pill which is much cheaper than average retail price of $0.94 to $1.15.

Customers can reach the support through their toll free phone contact and email. Payment options available for the customers include credit cards of Visa and MasterCard. The online pharmacy also offers three different shipping options with different rates and shipping durations.

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RxPharmacy-online24.com Reviews

Even though, RxPharmacy-online24.com receives a limited feedback from customers, but the available feedback is overwhelmingly positive for the website. This means that most of their customers are satisfied with no complaints to put on the review websites.

Customer reviews and feedback on different review websites or online forums mostly talked about the good quality of the drugs delivered to the customers, on time delivery, quick response from the customer support and their low prices. Some customers also praised the wide number of options available on the website that allows them to buy all their medicine needs from one online store.

Most customers are happy about the prices and claimed that the prices offered by the website are among the lowest available on the internet or any drug store.

Some customers claim that even when email response is quick from the website, but it can be good if they can also add their phone contact or live chat option so that customers can have more channels to reach the website. Other than that, customer feedback is mostly positive with no complaints or issues raised by customer.

RxPharmacy-online24.com Reviews 2015

Just like previous years, Pharmacy Express continues to receive positive reviews from customers in 2015. Other than positive reviews, trust rating on scam alert websites is also above average which makes it a legitimate online option for buying cheap drugs.

Rxpharmacy-online24.com Reviews 2015
According to one customer who reviewed the online pharmacy on July, 2015, the online pharmacy is a safe option as he has used the pharmacy for many times without any problem. The customers also praised the friendly staff, fast transactions and safety for his personal information.
Another latest customer review by James also talked about the similar experience. According to him, he ordered from the online store for 6 times without any problem so far. He praised the quick shipping and quality of their generic ED drugs like Viagra.
Rxpharmacy-online24.com Review 2015

Another positive about the Pharmacy Express is that there is not a single negative review about them in 2015 which indicates that their customers are happy and satisfied with them.

RxPharmacy-online24.com Coupon Codes

Even though, the website offers medicines that are up to 90% cheaper than the actual retail prices on the drug stores, RxPharmacy-online24.com also offers range of other options to save more money for their customers.

• 20% Discount on Most ED Pills. The website is currently offering 20% discount on most of the ED products listed. For example, the current price of Viagra Super Active is available for just $1.50 with 20% discount instead of actual price of $1.88.

• Free Shipping Option. Out of the three available shipping options, the website offers free shipping for the order of more than $400 for Trackable Courier option and free shipping for orders above $300 for Unregistered Mail option.

• Coupon Codes. Currently, coupon codes are not available on any major coupon store or on the website, but the website allows customers to put their coupon code at the top of their webpage that means they often put coupon offers on the internet, although not currently available.


RxPharmacy-online24.com is one of the leading online pharmacies known for its high quality medicines, extremely low rates, guaranteed delivery and responsive customer support. The website is also well designed, easy to navigate and safe for online shopping. Even though, customer feedback is limited but the available feedback is mostly positive with no complaint from customers. For a website offering online drugs for more than 11 years, 0 complaint ratio on review websites means an excellent online reputation. All in all, the online pharmacy deserves 5 out of 5 for their outstanding medicine quality, prices and positive customer feedback.

has moved to
has a new address, and that's the only thing that changed. All the prices, terms and bonuses remain the same
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