Rxcanadapharmacy.com Review – Canadian Pharmacy with a Bad Front

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There are a number of Canadian Pharmacies out there, and of this bunch is Rxcanadapharmacy.com. The first thing of joy when I went ahead to look for this website is the fact that they were still online. In a time and day when internet pharmacies take their business off the internet with a snap, it is great to still find one waxing strong. Established in the year 2009, this pharmacy is still in the trade till now. I didn’t need to go all around to look for the location of the drugstore. According to the domain name and the information on the first page, there was no use doubting the Canadian location.

Rx Canada Pharmacy packs quite the array of medicine for sale. There were a lot of options there for the online buyer who wanted a remedy to any medical condition they had. As much as the products list was, the drugstore would focus most of its efforts on erectile dysfunction medicine.

The pack of ED pills included such popular options as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Looking at the price tags, they were offered at deal prices of $0.86, $1.64 and $2.15. All of these are the least prices for which the generic options of these pills could be gotten from the online pharmacy. While they’re not the cheapest offerings in the market, they do represent some amazing savings options.

I rummaged through the Rx Canada Pharmacy’s website and could not find as much as an FDA approval on any of the medicine being sold. What there was, however, are the certification badges from both of CIPA and Pharmacy Checker. I reckon that both of these bodies are also reputable when it comes to internet pharmacies, but an FDA certificate would have done me better.

The payment is accepted via the use of credit cards and eCheck. For the credit card option, they are in favor with issuers such as American Express, VISA, and MasterCard. Since the processing would be completed on payment, the orders are then sent out to be shipped to the respective customers.

While the customer could opt to get their package via the Regular Airmail Service, there is also support for those who would like the EMS Delivery option instead. The latter, of course, goes for higher and takes between 8 – 14 days for the product to get to the customer. If a buyer would like to spend less on shipping, an Airmail option which takes 10 – 21 days for delivery is the best bet for them.

To get in touch with the customer care agents, a client could either call via a toll-free number or drop an email via the generic email form. There is no live chat support whatsoever on the website. There is a refunds policy, and part of this is tied to an even better return policy. The customer is guaranteed a reshipment of package or refund if they fail to get the order the have put in for, or they are not satisfied with the product they have got. Of course, terms and conditions from the e-store would apply.

Rxcanadapharmacy.com Reviews

There were two reviews left by two women on the internal testimonials page of the website. While none of the reviews pointed to the kind of service they got from the online pharmacy, 34-year-old Gertrude Reizig and Isabel Ramirez were more than happy with the effect of the Viagra pills that they had bought.

With this hinting towards quality service and great products supplied by the e-pharmacy, they cannot be fully admitted since they could have been easily manipulated to suit the needs of the internet pharmacy.

Rxcanadapharmacy.com Reviews 2016

Rx Canada Pharmacy was not a darling of independent analysis websites, and it still isn’t. The pharmacy looks like one that hasn’t been in the best books of guidelines established to judge a great internet pharmacy. It was because of this that they were labeled Rogue by LegitScript.com. The same kind of thought existed for RxCanadaPharmacy.com on ScamAdviser.

There, it was determined that the Rx-CanadaPharmacy has a low trust rating, and might be unsafe for use. This is not to mention the claim that the internet vendor might truly be from the United States with its true location being hidden. Canada maybe?

The popularity of RxCanada Pharmacy on the internet is very low, despite its eight years of existence in the business. Overall, this e-store could just be given a score of 26 out of a possible 100. That was, of course, on safety.

Rxcanadapharmacy.com Coupon Codes

There were some special deals on Rx Canada Pharmacy, and all are aimed at giving the buyer the best experience ever. The one that caught my fancy the most was the discount offers on ED medicine all around this e-store one could get Viagra for a full 20% off, buy Cialis at a 14% reduced price and get other brands of the same Viagra for some 10% off.

These are deals which are sure would be updated with a tie, meaning the customer can actually get so much more done with so much less in the long run.


RxCanadaPharmacy.com is a good alternative pharmacy for those that wanted to get their pills online. However, it might not be all that it promises to be. Looking at the facts, Rx Canada Pharmacy does not have a defined FDA approval on the medicine that it sells, has a low trust rating from a lot of independent analysis websites and doesn’t even scale the bar of popularity.

Some independent user reviews would have done well to restore the pride of this internet pharmacy. All there was, however, were some user comments on the website which could have been doctored. In the end, I find no reason to trust the e-store enough to buy from them.

For this and more, the internet pharmacy deserves no more than 2 out of 5 stars.

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