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Rx-direct.com has been conceptualized since 1999 as an int. Pharmacy in response to the increasing prices of pharmaceuticals and demands for cheaper products. They make these products available to customers globally and provide branded and generic drugs. Their location is a question mark as it is not apparent to me on their website. Their bestsellers are the generic erectile dysfunction drugs. The prices are as follows per generic pill: Cialis $1.21, Propecia $0.59, Viagra $0.94 and Levitra $1.49. It should be mentioned that they also sell antibiotics, antidepressants, pain relief and other drugs.

Their products are not only FDA approved but IPABC (International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia), CIPA and CPA (Commercial Product Assurance) according to their website. They accept basic payments; debit and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express and guarantee that transactions conducted on their website are SSL secure. Shipping is free no exceptions and is done through the US Postal Service for as you can guess US addresses and well, of course EMS Courier service for those without US addresses.

So they are available 24/7 for toll-free calls and they have a form to be filled out in the “Contact Us” Section of the Website. However, I didn’t see any prompts for a live chat session. Their refund policy is not explicit but I am guessing an advert that claims 100% money back and risks free shopping means that I am eligible for a refund not so?

Rx-direct.com Reviews

This is what I hate, a website with no reviews. I mean we are in 2017. I take it for granted that everyone has access to the internet and a smartphone or some computerized device. I mean there were reviews on the seller’s website but how reliable can that actually be if there are no dates and there is no blank box or form in which customers visiting the page can append or add to the list.

So where are they getting these reviews? I believe they are embedded into the website’s design hence people are unable to share what I deem their honestly terrible experiences with this company. Why else would you not allow customers to add a review to your page unless you are preventing them from exposing your unethical practices? Then what business does not have links to its social media accounts on its website? When there are no reviews and you are uncertain use a scam checker site to authenticate the company’s website before you buy.

Rx-direct.com Reviews 2016

So scammer doesn’t advise that you buy anything on rx-direct.com and scam adviser gives it a low trust rating.

My thing is that this company has been around since 1999 and there are no reviews to date? It has had enough time to establish a web presence, to create social media accounts to brand itself and advertise yet I cannot find any evidence of this company’s operations except for the limited information available on its website.

Even the sites location is up for question. It could be in Netherlands or the US. Why would a legit website have an uncertain location?

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Well, at least we can count our blessings that we are getting something free shipping! On some sites, shipping can cost as much as $30 so whilst this isn’t really something to do back flips for it’s still cool. Do you know how much $30 can get you? If you’re in Europe you can probably take a trip on one of those low-cost airlines and get yourself a tan.

Speaking for myself, I don’t think free shipping is much of a bribe for me and chances are that I will take my business elsewhere. More than likely to a company that gives me free shipping, free pills or a percentage of my purchase or even the promise of a discount for return shopping. The economy is tough and mostly unpredictable. Rx-direct.com should be established in the market and taking a good chunk out of it. If this is the case why is free-shipping the only freebie this company can offer? Something definitely is off.


To review I strongly believe Rx-direct.com is a scam hidden on a green background website. I like to be cautious when shopping online. I like to buy where everyone is buying or talking about and I like to know who the people I am buying from are and their website gives a little insight as to who they are.

A zero rating is not possible so they would get the next best thing, a rating of one. I hope that I do not have to go into too many details as to why. But I will tell you why; first I am just blabbing because there is nothing good to say, absolutely none.

I genuinely feel sorry for unsuspecting persons who may not know better or just be excited at the thought of getting generic drugs cheaper. There is a saying “Good things not cheap and cheap things not good” and I believe that it is mostly applicable here. The price tempts you to enter your credit card details and the next thing you know you get your statement, realize you’re charged multiple times, or you’re waiting excitedly for a product that never shows and then you can’t get a refund. The plus side is that you can report it to your bank, however, it can be a hassle. So, to avoid all that stress, just do not buy from suspicious sites.

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