Rolaids Reviews: The Tasty Chewable Antacid Which Is Widely Used

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Rolaids Calcium Carbonate

The increase in the amount of acid in the stomach leads to many problems, like indigestion, upset stomach or heartburn. An effective antacid, like Rolaids can be of great use. Rolaids contain calcium carbonate as the active ingredient and provides relief to its users by lowering the amount of trouble making acid in the stomach. It is available in tablets and liquid form to deliver all the rapid heartburn and acid indigestion relief. The tablets are available in three variants – Regular strength, Extra strength, and Ultra strength, whereas the liquid is available as regular strength and ultra strength. If you are selecting the liquid form, you can select from mint or cherry flavor. The regular strength tablet comes only in mint flavor, whereas the other two comes in mint and fruit flavors.

Rolaids is manufactured by Chattem, a subsidiary of Sanofi in United States. Rolaids soft chews contain calcium carbonate as the active content and is widely used as a powerful relief from heartburn or indigestion symptoms.

Rolaids Sodium Free soft chews can be obtained from any local or online store at affordable price. You can not only get discount coupons from the manufacturer’s site, but also the information about the places from where you can get Rolaids. The users have not experienced any severe side effects after using Rolaids liquids or tablets.

Rolaids Reviews

Rolaids ReviewsRolaids is widely used and is available in a number of online stores. The positive feedback from the Rolaids users may be one of the main reasons behind it.

Most of the reviewers admit that no other drug is as useful as Rolaid. Most of them have tried a number of brands with calcium carbonate as the active content, but nothing worked for them as Rolaid. The satisfied users gave good rating and recommends it to treat severe heartburns.
Rolaids Customer Reviews

GBD, who uses Rolaids likes Rolaids taste and certifies that it is a “great formulation” of calcium and magnesium, which “works quickly”. Like other customers, he quoted Rolaids as a “great antacid”.

Sneaky Burrito, a user of Rolaids liquid antacid “love the product”, as it does not contain aluminium, which makes it an apt antacid for the people suffering from kidney problems. He also likes the dosage cup and the taste. The only thing he hates about this product is its cap, which is not water tight.

Rolaids Customer Review

RM Economy, a user of Rolaids Softchews, likes the strawberry flavor and is much happier with the effectiveness of the product. He uses “Awesome”, “Excellent Product” to make reference to Rolaids. He says that no other brand is tasty nor contains more active ingredients to neutralize the acid in the stomach, thereby giving relief from the discomforts.

Pricing and Dosage

The cost of Rolaids Ultra Strength Mint Antacid Chewable Tablets (Size 72 CT) is $6.50 and Rolaids Ultra Strength Liquid Cherry Antacid (Size 12 oz) is $10.

Contact your healthcare provider to know the exact dosage and make sure that you do not consume more than the recommended dose. Depending on the symptoms, take 2 to 4 tablets. Do not take the maximum dose for more than two weeks. If you are using the liquid form, shake it well before use.

How to Buy Rolaids Online

A number of websites offer Rolaids at high discounts and fast shipping.

How to Use Rolaids

Rolaids soft chew can be used with or without food. Chew the tablet thoroughly and then swallow it. Do not take more than the prescribed amount of pills, even if you miss a dose.

Rolaids Side Effects

No severe side effects are associated with the use of Rolaids. Constipation and gas are some of the common side effects that can result from the use of this drug. If you notice any severe symptoms of allergy, discontinue the use and get medical help, without any delay.


Rolaids is manufactured by Chattem, a subsidiary of Sanofi, United States and is used for the treatment of indigestion, upset stomach and heartburn. Rolaids is a simple drug but very much effective. It lowers the acid level in the stomach, thereby alleviating the symptoms of stomach aches. The chewable tablets of Rolaids are tasty and widely used. It can be obtained from any local or online store, without prescription. Based on the good reviews and information available on the internet, we rate this product 4 on a 1 to 5 point scale. We recommend it as an ideal medicine to neutralize the acid in the stomach and cure stomach upsets and indigestion.

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