Risk Factors for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction
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A risk factor is a medical problem that can increase the possibility of another health problem developing, such as erectile dysfunction (ED). Many different health problems can translate into or create erectile dysfunction. Most of these diseases, or health difficulties, will make it more likely that you experience some level of ED. However, not all health problems that create ED are physical. ED can also be caused by psychological problems. Here is a list of some of the risk factors that caab cause a man to experience erectile dysfunction.


Erectile Dysfunction_Age


Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve an erection or to keep that erection during intercourse. One of the most common risk factors associated with ED is age. However, ED can inflict a man at any age. According to recent clinical studies, 5% of the men that participated, ages 20 to 40 have experienced ED, while the percentages increase with age. More than 18% of the men over the age of 40 have experienced erectile dysfunction. Approximately 25% of the men over age 65 have a problem with ED. Treatment for these men usually entails dieting, exercise and erectile dysfunction medication, such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis or their generic equivalents.


Diabetes is another risk factor that creates the likelihood of erectile dysfunction. Between 35% and 75% of the men with diabetes have experienced some level of ED. Men with diabetes will also experience ED ten to fifteen years before men without diabetes. These percentages increase as the man with diabetes gets older.

The reasons diabetes causes ED in men is very complex, but it involves the damage that diabetes does to the muscles, blood vessels and nervous system. In order to achieve an erection, men need an influx of hormones, a desire to be sexually aroused and a healthy nervous system. Diabetes damages the nerves to the penis and reduces the health of the blood vessels that cause an erection. Many of these men can overcome this by taking erectile dysfunction medication.

Heart Disease

More men die from heart disease than any other condition. Cardiac problems are also a major risk factor for erectile dysfunction. Even men that experience ED without cardiovascular problems are found to be more at risk for heart problems in the future. Clogged arteries, damaged arteries or the hardening of arteries cause heart disease, but also create ED. Since an erection requires blood to flow to the penis, a clogged or blocked artery can prevent the natural flow of blood through the body. Because the natural blood flow is decreased, erectile dysfunction can develop. ED is also a sign of heart disease.

High Blood Pressure

Understanding why high blood pressure is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction, a person must first understand how an erection actually works. The penis has two chambers of spongy tissue that sit beside each other. Right under these two chambers, is the another chamber, which has the urethra, or tube, that carries urine and semen through the penis. When a man gets stimulated, signals from the brain are sent to the nerves in the penis. These signals cause the chambers to become relaxed and the blood vessels inside the penis to enlarge or dilate. A rush of blood then floods these openings. This enlargement closes the blood vessels that allow the blood to flow out of the penis causing the penis to expand or generate an erection.

High blood pressure prevents the dilation of the blood vessels inside the penis. Without the blood vessels dilating, an erection cannot be generated. According to recent studies, more than 68% of men surveyed, with high blood pressure had erectile dysfunction. In 45% of those men, the erectile dysfunction was considered severe. This can be treated by medication, but most importantly, changing the diet and exercise regimen will lower a man’s blood pressure. Once a man has worked with his doctor to lower his blood pressure and the medication is no longer needed, the doctor can prescribe ED medications, until the man can achieve an erection without assistance from these treatments.

Cholesterol Level

High cholesterol level is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction. Cholesterol builds up insides the blood vessels preventing blood from flowing to the penis. Cholesterol fighting medications are commonly prescribed for this health problem, but the medication does not always prevent the ED. Changing the diet and exercising will lower a man’s cholesterol level, and so will ED medications. However, patients need to check with their doctor to decide whether the cholesterol medication can be mixed with the ED medication. You may have to wait until you have your cholesterol under control and not longer need the cholesterol medication to begin taking ED medications.


Many men that are overweight, or obese, experience erectile dysfunction. As many as four out of five men that are obese have a problem with ED. This risk factor can create other health problems, but many men do not understand why being overweight causes ED. Men are not alone in this reasoning. Many researchers have yet to understand why obese men develop ED. However, many studies are pointing to the psychological effects obesity plays in a man’s life. Obese men have a lower self-esteem, are uncomfortable with their bodies and the social stigma obese men are faced with everyday, are being touted by many researchers as the reasons this risk factor develops into ED. Most obese men can introduce ED medications into their life to help them overcome this ED problem.

Mental Health

Too many studies have shown that one risk factor for erectile dysfunction is the mental health of a man. Several psychological problems can cause ED, such as stress, anxiety, low self-esteem or depression. It is not completely understood why these mental health problems cause ED, but doctors agree that the brain plays an important role in achieving an erection. Impulses from the brain are only created when a man is sexually stimulated. Without the sexual stimulation, even ED medication will not help a man get or keep an erection for sexual intercourse. Many times these mental health problems can be treated through therapy and ED medications. Check with your physician to decide the best course of action for your circumstances.

Alcohol or Drug Abuse

Alcohol or Drugs

Alcohol or Drugs

One of the most common risk factors for erectile dysfunction is self-inflicted. Abusing alcohol or drugs is a major contributor to erectile dysfunction. For example, too much alcohol can affect the blood vessels in the penis. Abusing prescription or illegal drugs effect the brain signals that get sent to the penis when a man is sexually stimulated. Prolonged abuse of these drugs will cause permanent damage to the nervous system. The man’s sexual desire will also be affected. Treatment for this risk factor entail drug rehabilitation counseling and even the introduction of ED medications, until the man can achieve an erection on his own. However, a man must never mix ED medications and alcohol or any other illegal drug. Mixing drugs can create a host of other health problems, and in more severe cases, even death.

Many other risk factors can create the likelihood of erectile dysfunction. These are more severe diseases or physical problems, such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, spinal injury, chronic kidney disease, stroke and a host of other health problems. In order to prevent these risk factors from developing into erectile dysfunction, it is important to get an annual physical. However, even with early diagnosis of some health problems, erectile dysfunction can occur. If this happens, consult with your physician to decide the best treatment for your erectile dysfunction.

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