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[show-testimonials taxonomy='{current_page_id}' orderby='menu_order' order='ASC' layout='grid' options='theme:card,info-position:info-above,text-alignment:left,columns:1,rating:on,charlimitextra: (...),image-size:ttshowcase_small,image-shape:circle,image-effect:none,image-link:on'] used to be one of the go-to places for online users who wanted to get their pills from the internet. This e-store used to be one of those who sold both brand and generic medicine at prices way cheaper than what the customer would normally get them for from their local pharmacies, not to talk of the big pharmas. Doing its business on the internet between the years of 2013 and 2016, the business didn’t state just where it is being operated out of.

During its three years of stay on the internet, Real Pharmacy X did manage to sell a wide variety of pills. Of these were such remedies for cancer, smokers, depression and birth control, to mention but a few. Of the bunch, the most popular has to be the part that deals with the sexual health of men – the erectile dysfunction medicine.

Looking through this category, I found out that the Viagra offering from Real Pharmacy X went for as low as $0.37. This was the same price that was applied across all options of the generic Viagra that they used to have in stock. While I could not easily find Cialis on the centerspread of the website, it was amazing to see that even the Kamagra Jelly as offered for the same $0.37 back then. With a little digging, one would come across the promise of an FDA approval on all the medicine sold by this internet pharmacy.

There is no information page on Real Pharmacy X, so there was little I could do to have gotten the kind of payment methods it accepted. It is sure though that the e-store would have embraced the credit card system of payment, even if they don’t do business with all of the issuers of these cards. After the order has been paid for and processed, it goes out on shipping to the final consumers.

Shipping methods are entirely up to the choice and pocket of the buyer. There is the general wait time of 9 to 15 days on all of the shipping packages. While this is expected for the regular airmail, there is an EMS option which ensures that the buyer gets their pills in a space of just 3 -7 days.

Getting in touch with the customer care agent seemed the best thing to do since they had left out the shipping costs from the information page available. However, there is no use going that way for a business that had already decided it was time to close shop. It is still interesting to know that asides from the generic email form and some toll-free numbers, users were treated to a livechat support on the website too.

There is a big frown against the cancellation of orders made on the internet pharmacy, especially after such orders have been processed. However, a refund would be applicable if the customer doesn’t get their package at all, or get goods that had been damaged in transit. To make it more of a choice for the customer, they are entitled to another shipment of the same order if they would love that instead. Reviews

Real Pharmacy X used to have a testimonials page built into the website. Looking at the user reviews form there my eyes caught one from a certain Marilyn Philips who rates the business 3 out of 5 stars, but never says anything about their services. All she does do is comment on an issue she had and how the drugs she ordered helped her get a remedy.

Another commenter, Charles Shouse, talked about his impotence and how the pills he got on the internet pharmacy had helped him cope. Asides from the hinting towards an e-pharmacy who sells the real deal, there was nothing much to see here. Reviews 2016 is nowhere to be found on the internet, so it is just normal that they would get a 3% score on both trust and popularity from’s database.

The website has been online for more than three years, as suggested by their number of years in service. But, in all these years of operation, they might not have seen the need to hold an SSL certificate. Were they still online, Scamner would still hold the opinion that buying and browsing on Real Pharmacyx is unsafe.

Without further ado, determined that the internet pharmacy was not keeping to practices expected of a safe internet pharmacy. The Rogue verdict that followed wasn’t that shocking. Coupon Codes

On entering the website back then, a user is faced with a number of coupon codes and discount options. One of the most advertised discount offers on the website is banner which speaks of 50% off extra pills ordered. As is common with pharmacies that make ED medicine their main assortment, this kind of deal applies toward the generics of Cialis, Levitra and Viagra.


FDA approval, a good catalog list and something that looks like nice customer support – how could they have gone wrong? The first thing that put me off was not being able to find this e-store, They left the business without a reason, didn’t keep an SSL certificate and didn’t even last more than three years. This kind of internet pharmacy gives the rest of great internet pharmacies a bad name, and I would not have loved to buy from this e-pharmacy.

On the ratings sheet, gets no more than 1 out of 5 stars.

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