Review – Closed Down Rogue Canadian Pharmacy

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There was a time when a lookup of would have led a customer to a page where they could place orders for medicine online and get their orders filled. Now, the business has been taken off the internet after undergoing a number of changes to different domain types along the way. Today, there is no known reason for why the owners of the business decided to call it quits.

With operating year set at sometimes in 2001, the business officially hit ground bottom around the year 2015/2016. Based in Canada, there were quite a number of pills on the internet pharmacy, but they were much more focused on their assortment of ED medicine. Looking through this bunch, it wasn’t hard to find the Viagra which held a price tag of $1.15 per pill. On its side was Cialis which sold for $1.99 instead. Surely, this is not the best deal on the market, but one can’t take away the fact that this e-store did offer its pills for good prices back in its own day too.

I looked for FDA approval on the pills sold by this e-pharmacy, Real Health Center. With a little digging, I found the claim in there. One of the things that made Real Health Centre endeared to many back in its day was the offer of a no prescription policy. This enabled clients to get both prescription and non-prescription meds without even a leaflet from the doctor. While this would ensure that people get their orders filled fast, it can also give room for substance abuse.

To pay for the orders, the customer is supposed to leave their credit card information on the website. The card options are very extensive, accepting VISA, MasterCard, AmEx, Diners Club and JCB. Even though they promised a couple of shipping methods, the only one which is talked about is Airmail which would go for $10. There is a guaranteed 3-week delivery on every product. After this maximum date has been exceeded, the customer is then expected to get in touch with the customer care agents.

These agents can be reached either via a generic email form on board or by calling any of the toll-free numbers provided. There is no Live chat panel, and there is no use testing the responsiveness of an e-store who doesn’t want to do business anymore. Even though there is no return policy in place, the online pharmacy does promise a refund or reshipment on orders that fail to arrive after the stipulated time. The aforementioned policy would also apply to the determination of a package sent being faulty, near shelf life or damaged in the course of transit. Reviews

During its stint on the internet, Real HealthCentre did have a testimonials page ingrained into the website. A certain Andrew praised the quality of pills he got from the drugstore rather than the business itself. According to the 29-year-old, the Viagra pills he got via Real Health Center made him feel ‘on top of the world.’

There is another comment left by a 25-year-old John who also praises another brand of Viagra that he got from the e-pharmacy. While both reviews point to the sales of quality meds by, it cannot be admitted since they could have been manipulated to suit the Real Health Centre’s needs. Reviews 2016 and did have something to say of this internet pharmacy. According to the former analysis website, this internet pharmacy does not deserve any other rating asides from Rogue. This conclusion was reached after they had been determined as not following some of the strict guidelines established for an online pharmacy to be approved.

Taking the business to Scamner, the same thing was seen. 0% popularity and trust rating led the pack, after which was deemed unpopular on the web. The list goes on with the lack of an SSL certificate. Or a business that claims to have been around for a while, the recent domain registration suggests migration and changes in name along the way.

Either way, this makes the verdict of LegitScript stand out even more. Coupon Codes has some coupon codes and discount options in play, but the most prominent that would have been seen by any client back in the day was the number of free pills that could come with each order. If a customer should purchase pill worth more than $300, they were entitled to twelve free pills in total.

For anything less than that, they would be getting just four of those free pills added to their packages


There was an FDA approval. looked like a great place to trade and they even had some swell customer reviews (albeit not to be fully trusted). The biggest blow is a factor of the website being off the internet already, and there being no reason behind that. If that isn’t enough, the kind of scores that managed on Scamner and LegitScript put the final nail in its coffin.

Since this business is now off the internet, I would like for it to stay there. No legit pharmacy just leaves the web for no reason. Scoring Real Health Center 1 out of 5, there is no way I would never want to buy from them.

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