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Human brain is an amazing creation – it knows how to be innovative, how to copy an innovation, how to beat an innovation and how to sustain in the competition of innovation as well. Nothing is a stronger, or even as strong an example of this fact as the ever advancing service sector throughout the world. One of the very innovative, and undoubtedly helpful addition to the competition was the introduction of online medical service providing business. The latest to which was the entrance of only prescription providing or, to put simply – online medical consultancy. Quickrxrefills.com is one of those latest additions.

First of all, let’s know what this online site actually is. It is not a traditional online pharmacy. Neither it is intended to replace the traditional office-based physician or any other pharmacy. It is an online medical consultation and online prescription service utilizing U.S. licensed physicians. It is not very uncommon to find own-self in a situation when someone is traveling & forgotten or run out of the maintenance medications, or looking to consult a new office-based doctor, or when someone doesn’t want to gamble with own health by simply purchasing medicines online with/ without prescription. In all these situations, www.quickrxrefills.com is committed to serve people with the service of only authentic licensed American physician – on the go.

Meaning – people will be able to avail the services i.e. consultancy and advising from their trusted doctors just by making a call or joining online. The approved doctors of this online site will call the concerned person back within 30-60 minutes or less and patients don’t need to show any medical records to avail this service. In case of a requirement, these very doctors may redirect the patient to another doctor who would be better to treat the problem. Service is provided for diseases like acne, motion sickness, asthma, men’s health etc.

Although the site provides service for a wide range of physical issues, but not all are handled by this site’s doctors. This site doesn’t provide any service for a chronic ongoing disease like diabetes, heart failure, cancer etc. and also doesn’t refill a prescription for weight-loss, insomnia, pain, anxiety etc. For a first time visitor or patient, the service charge is $99 and for a follow-up, the fee is $79. The fee is flat for all types of diseases and nothing is mentioned about any other discount or coupons. To become a member, one needs to log in and there is no hidden cost or monthly membership cost to avail the services of this site.

There is secured phone number to make a call. People can also contact by emailing. Unfortunately, people are not allowed to contact this site in case of an emergency medical condition. The site clearly advises everyone to directly contact 911 for that purpose. People can also reach the services through Facebook and Twitter, where various health related advice & articles are posted for the patients. Sadly no other online review has been found on this site. Therefore, the site must make sure proper promotion.

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