Pillshouse.com Review – Internet Pharmacy with Shady Outlook

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With a bold name as PillsHouse.com, it doesn’t need telling that this is one of those online pharmacies who offers pills for sale to customers. Taking a look at the domain, the first thing that put me off is the lack of both a website copyright information and an About Us page on the website. This means that I could not get to know where this business was operated out of, neither could I determine the number of years they have in the business already.

From the categories list and products displayed on the front of PillsHouse.com, it was light work to determine that the main assortment on this e-store is ED medicine. Of these, they had attractive offerings, making sure they had everything from Viagra and Cialis to Levitra in stock. The Viagra I saw could be purchased from as low as $0.77 to as high as $3.06 per pill. Even the highest price offering on this is way lesser than what the same pill can be obtained for in the local pharmacies or big pharmas.

Cialis and Levitra were also offered for some great prices. For the duo, the customer could get any brand and specific from as low as $0.99 to as much as $2.11 per pill. These are to be the generic option of this medicines.

Due to the lack of an About page, there was no way I could find out the FDA status of medicine that Pills House offers for sale. Even though they didn’t expressly state it, the payment on orders is taken care of with the use of credit cards. After this, the order is processed and sent out on shipping.

Speaking of, the customer can get their package delivered via either of Regular Airmail which takes 2 – 3 weeks and costs $9.95 or Express Delivery (5 – 9 days) which costs $29.95. Unfortunately, there is no way to contact the customer care agents from what I have seen. If there was, then it is not well displayed on the website.

In the case of conflicts on the packages, such as the order not being delivered on time or the package getting lost/ damaged during transit, the customer is entitled to either a refund or reshipment. This is entirely up to such customers. However, the e-pharmacy would not accept the returns of any medicine that has already been sent out on shipping.

Pillshouse.com Reviews

There is no testimonial page on Pills House, so there was little to see there in terms of user reviews. However, it is shocking to witness that they don’t even have any of such customer reviews on the internet too.

This points to a new or rogue business. Personally, the absence of customer reviews is something I do not see as a green light. Afterall, a business is supposed to have garnered clients that would talk about it, either positively or negatively.

Pillshouse.com Reviews 2016

A recent analysis of Pills House on independent analysis websites show that the e-store does not find favor on the internet. Scam Adviser’s opinion of the online drugstore is one of an unsafe website which could be based in the United States.

The same platform scored this internet pharmacy 65% on safety, carrying a risk tag with it. Last, but not least, is the unknown popularity rating of PillsHouse.com among online users.

Taking matters over to Scamner.com, it was confirmed that the Pillshouse.com has been in business for more than three years but doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate. That is not to mention the chance that they are hosted in a country associated with scammers. Overall, the e-pharmacy gets 0% score on both popularity and trust rating. Little wonder why browsing and buying from the pharmacy are not advised for anyone.

Pillshouse.com Coupon Codes

One of the bigger deals that I saw when I opened this domain is the free delivery option on all orders. While there was a well-defined shipping policy, I could only wonder why they would offer free deliveries then. Likewise, they would offer bonus pills on every order of ED medicine that the customer makes.

To make the deals even better, the more the customer orders determines whether they get their products shipped via the standard method, or they get an express delivery package instead.


PillsHouse.com fell into a lot of ditches along the way. There was no About Page, the website didn’t clearly define a way to get in touch with its customer care agents and there surely wasn’t an information page. An FDA approval is lacking, and the list doesn’t even end there.

For a business that was determined to have spent nothing less than three years in the business, lack of customer reviews is inexcusable. I could go on with Pillshouse.com, but the bottom line still remains that I would not risk my money and buy from them.

As far as ratings go, PillsHouse.com gets 1 out of 5.

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