Pillpack.pharmacy Reviews – Personalized Pill Packs Delivered to Your Address

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PillPack.pharmacy is an online pharmacy that works differently as conventional pharmacies work. In other words, PillPack makes medication simpler by sending packs of medications to their customers for different timings instead of sending an entire bottle or packet of each drug separately. All customers can have an access to personalized online portal and dashboard where they can provide their medication needs with drugs name, timings they need to take those drugs, the date when the refills required, when to deliver the products and more.

The online pharmacy takes your orders and delivers personalized pill packs right to your doorstep. Unlike packages delivered from other conventional pharmacies, PillPack sends all the drugs sorted together into plastic packs that are printed with date, time and the medicines included. The time mentioned is when patient needs to take the medicines. The personalized service and their packaging make them unique like no other online pharmacy. The online pharmacy usually ships two weeks worth of medication.

Even though, the online pharmacy puts an extra effort in providing personalized experience and unique features, but the prices of the drugs is same as on other conventional pharmacies. Customers can pay through all major credit and debit cards while customer service is reachable through phone contact, email and online form.

Pillpack.pharmacy Reviews

PillPack.pharmacy is a well received and popular online pharmacy that enjoys an exceptional online reputation. Other than satisfactory customer reviews, the website received praises from media and news magazines and pharmacy verification sources. For example, it is among the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites Accreditation by NABP (The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy).

Pillpack.pharmacy Reviews

Customer feedback is also mostly positive with most customers praising their services, quality of medicines, level of personalization and their responsive customer service. It has also received a lot of media attention due to its unconventional service and features. All in all, PillPack is an innovation in online pharmacy industry and a recommended to everyone especially if you find it hard to keep track of all your medication.

Pillpack.pharmacy Reviews 2016

Customer reviews and online feedback remained positive throughout 2015 and 2016. Most customers are happy with their services and quality of medicines. Other than an overwhelming customer feedback, they are also rated as one of the best emerging online pharmacies in the United States.

Pillpack.pharmacy Reviews 2016

The online pharmacy is also reviewed by some news websites like Forbes. One of the articles published in Forbes claimed that PillPack is a successful startup and could change the way America takes its medicines. The entire article praised the concept and team behind the website and claimed that the website is future of medication in the United States.

Pillpack.pharmacy Reviews 20161

Other than Forbes, PillPack is also covered by many other newspapers due to its unconventional and innovative approach to medication. According to a report published last year, PillPack has raised an outstanding funding of $50 million to build physical retail pharmacies across the United States.

Even though, customer feedback is generally positive, one customer complained about their websites features and claimed that he left because he was not able to edit his medication information on the website.

Pillpack.pharmacy Reviews 20162

According to Alexa.com, the website is among the top 13 thousand most visited websites in the United States from where most of the traffic comes from. Alexa also shows that the website climbed rankings from top 90 thousand to top 65 thousand in last one year which means it is gaining popularity.

Pillpack.pharmacy Coupon Codes

The online pharmacy offers very competitive prices that are similar to other pharmacies even when they put an extra effort in personalized packing and services. Other than that, there are also additional deals to save more.

  • Free Shipping. The online store offers free shipping to all their orders that are usually two weeks worth of medications. There is also no hidden fee involved.
  • Refer a Friend. If you refer someone to the pharmacy, they donate $100 to RxArt for each referral.


The website of the PillPack is very simple in design but very user friendly. The design is also sleek and very attractive to eyes with information provided in very easy to understand layout. The pharmacy is also very unique and offers personalized service like no other online pharmacy. It not only offers unique services through its package and pill packs that are sorted out for patients, but the prices offered are also very competitive. It is also praised by different newspaper and customers for its services and innovative approach. Some articles also claim that it is the future of medication while it is also all set to establish retail pharmacy stores across the United States. All in all, the online pharmacy deserves 4 out of 5 rating.

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