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This is an online store that sells organic food supplements. The store is based United States and has been operational since 2001. It aims to improve body health by providing food supplements. These food supplements are made to maintain the pH level in the body. They are mostly alkaline liquids and minerals that counter acid build up inside the body.

The website offers these food supplements and liquids at cheaper rates. It is unique in its kind as not all website focuses on acidity and pH level of the body. These food supplements are made in United States and are independently tested. Only then they are approved and certified by the GMP.

The website layout is pretty impressive. The text font is a little too big for reader’s liking but the content is comprehensive enough to tempt customers into buying from this source. The color scheming and user interface is commendable. The website is quite easily navigable and the users can guide themselves easily through tabs and panes. However, there should be a few more details such as the shipping and ordering guidelines as well as customer reviews tab.

There is not enough information regarding the shipping and ordering of products. However, customers are required to make accounts and log in before they order products. Payments can be made through Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Customers can also pay through PayPal. The online transaction is safe and secure.

Customers and visitors can also contact the website on case they have any queries regarding the services or the supplements. Telephone agents are available from 8 am to 10 pm throughout the week. You can also have live chat offline during the weekdays in these timings. Email is also an option to contact the website for any details regarding the ordering and shipping. Reviews

Reviews about this website have been difficult to find. However, customers have reviewed the products from this website which gives a fair bit of indication about the services and authenticity of this website. This website also has social media fan pages which are followed by quite a few people so there is no question of its anonymity to common people. However, its authenticity is still to be tested. Reviews

The following review comes from a user who had tested the pH strips and said he was content with them after having learned how to use them. He said he would recommend the product to other users as well. Reviews1

Another positive review came from a user who felt happy with the effectiveness of the product. He said he feels much better and his joints do not ache much. Subsequently, it lead him to more calmness.

Positive reviews suggest that the product quality at this store is fine. The services also seem to be good from these reviews. Reviews 2015

As far as reviews about this website for the year 2015 are concerned, it is quite a difficult task to find them. The website does not have a review portal for reasons only known to them. No recent customer reviews may suggest that the website has had a tough time in the recent past. It is therefore in the better interest of pH ion balance to come up with an effective customer review forum where new customers can decided whether to order from the store or not. Reviews 2015

As far as reviewing websites are concerned, has been reviewed by them. It is probably the only source of indication about the reputation of the website in the recent past.

Legitscript does not have any information about this website which suggests that phionbalance may be a suspicious website. Reviews 20151

Another review from suggests that the website has gone through a tough time and a degradation in its rankings. It says that the website now ranks among the top 25,000 websites within United States and has a global ranking among the top 60,000 websites.

The review section does not give a clear indication that the website is completely safe. Therefore it is better to avoid this website and look for alternatives. Coupon Codes

There are several coupon codes and discount offer available for this website. Some of them are as follows:

  • There is $2 discount on PHion complete digestive Enzyme.
  • Free shipping on $100 plus shopping along with $29 off on PHion Natural Energy Program.
  • A discount of $9 on Phion Acid Drainage


To conclude this review, it can be said that was previously well accepted for its services and products. However, in the recent past the website has gone through a tough time bearing a drop in its rankings. It could be because there may have been lesser customers at the website and lack of reviews would have played on new customers’ minds. Therefore it is rated 2 out of 5.

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