Reviews: Makes Unauthorized Charges on Cards review is an online store that offers a wide variety of medication. One of the main advantages of shopping from this store is that you will enjoy confidentiality and the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home. There are so many people who suffer from varied health conditions and some of them cannot afford treatment from hospitals. There are also those who do not have medical covers and paying for meds can be quite a struggle. This store helps such people to access medication without a problem.

The store makes life easier for all the patients that come to this store. Some of the common products that you will find on this store include asthma, arthritis, diabetes, antidepressants, sexual health, allergies, stomach health, hair loss, heart problems and cancer among so many others. There is something for everyone who lands on this store in search of some medical remedies. Reviews

There were mixed reviews about this site on the internet. A good number of customers had complains that there are so many sites that have similar names and often you will find that the site has been changed to a new domain. Most of the reviews that we found on the internet were negative and a good number of customers said that after placing orders with the store and paying with their cards, there will be some subsequent charges on the card several times. This does not stop even when you inform the company that it been charging your card without your consent.

Anon used his brand new card to place an order from this site in January 2012 and got the order without any problem. However, about 7 weeks later, he started getting some charges made to the card and this went on for about four times with over $200 being charged. When he called the company, they did not listen to him and claimed that there was static and could not communicate. He does not recommend this site and says that you should avoid this site unless you want to get some unauthorized charges on your payment card. Coupon Codes

The store does not seem to have any coupon codes at the moment. The products are sold at the indicated prices. We looked at various sites that usually have coupon codes but we could not find any for this store. This means that the store does not have any discounts that it offers to the buyers presently. If you choose to buy from this site, you should be prepared to pay the full amount of the products that you need.

There are so many sites that have coupon codes and discounts that buyers can take advantage of. In most cases, the health conditions that require medications would need several dosages. This might make the cost of the drugs to be quite high. Getting discounts is one of the ways that you can be able to reduce the cost of medications that you might need. The store would need to consider customers who cannot afford to pay the full amount of medications and offer some discounts.


When you look at the site, there are times that it is functional and other times it is said to be under maintenance. The other unusual thing about this site is that it shares the same information with The site also appears to be based in Hong Kong which is a high risk country according to It is advisable to be very cautious with this site since it does not seem to be genuine. The site may be involved in some scandalous activities and would be good to avoid it. This site gets a score of 1 star out of 5 due to the negative feedback it has.

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