Review – Treacherous Pharmacy with Unknown Popularity and Location

[show-testimonials taxonomy='{current_page_id}' orderby='menu_order' order='ASC' layout='grid' options='theme:card,info-position:info-above,text-alignment:left,columns:1,rating:on,charlimitextra: (...),image-size:ttshowcase_small,image-shape:circle,image-effect:none,image-link:on'] is an online pharmacy that trades generic drugs. In line with a statement from its home page, the store claims to have ‘a wide spectrum of quality medicine’ which can be justified from the ‘Categories column’. It enlists drugs for, Anti-allergies, antibiotics, those meant to assist in quitting smoking and impotence remedies just to mention but a few. On the ‘Best sellers’ list are evitra, Pilgry, Provigra X, Femara, Femcare and a hair loss cream. I wonder if this accrues to their relatively low prices for instance; 25mg Viagra in a pack of 270 pills is at the cost of $0.58 per pill while a 10mg tablet of Cialis in a pack of 270 tablets goes for as little as$ 0.77.I wish I had known this site prior spending a fortune in my previous supply of Viagra.

To identify with several requirements that are inconsistent with the ordering process, I pay a visit to ‘FAQ’. Here I’m informed that the generics retailed by this site are approved by the FDA from India where the drugs are manufactured. I also learn the importance of consulting my physician before buying drugs despite that the store does not demand a prescription from me. Another core factor that I get to note is the accepted credits Cards. That is; Diners Club, Amex, JCB, Visa and Master Cards. Depending on the one I choose to make use of a slight variation of the total shopping is experienced, the store assures me that in most cases the charged price is lower than expected. As for its shipping policy, my parcel can only be delivered by an Express Courier service approximately (three days) or a registered air mail that takes about a week to twelve days for the drugs to be delivered. Despite both having a tracking number I can only monitor my package four days after it has been dispatched if I choose the former while the latter allows monitoring of the package once it’s near my destination. The store guarantees me quality services by having a refund policy stipulating a cash refund or a reshipment of my package if it fails to fit the promised standard. The same rule applies if I lack to receive my parcel past the maximum delivery date. Realizing that the shipping charges are not disclosed, I take the initiative to inquire from the support team via a contact form only for it to report an error after submission.

As a result, I dialed +4420 3129 5698 which was shortly received by a customer care agent, but due to connectivity problems, I did not get to hear the answer to my question.

I proceed to see how the site has been reviewed by its clients as such comments dictate my expectations and shopping decisions. Reviews

James, a 55-year-old from the USA says that the store offers the ‘highest quality ‘of products at prices that are insanely cheap; an act which he views wise in attracting the buyers.

Rachel a 22-year-old, on the other, had claimed that the store ‘never’ stops to ‘amaze’ her and asks if it intends to start a fan club on Facebook. The final review that I get to read is from a 30-year-old called Fabio, who admits to finding a cure to his ailment ‘without spending a fortune’ an experience that he acknowledges being worthy.

Most site owners are fond of manipulating customers comments posted on their sites; this makes me seek a second opinion from clients views found on free sites. Surfing the web, I fail to get other reviews and opt for scam checkers for some assistance. Reviews 2016

I’m perplexed as I view that this store is blacklisted as it does not adhere to the legal regulations of selling transcription drugs and other drugs. The offence is classified as intention or deliberate thus fitting the definition of a Rogue pharmacy.

The next point that emphasizes to be accused of engaging in fraud is that it lacks reviews from its customers apart from the suspected ones from its site. I strongly agree with the statement after getting null findings earlier on. To consult some more, I employ

The report awards the site an average safe rate of 51% due to the denial of primary information I ought to be aware. An example is an unknown location despite some geographical approximations of it being based in the US.

The other issue is to do with undefined popularity regardless of more than a seven years domain history. It leads to a conclusion that it a threat to potential clients. Coupon Codes

Saving some money from my medical expenses makes maintaining my health a lot easier. The discount of 10 free 100mg Viagra pills once I make a purchase of 180 of them coincides with my interest.

Suppose that I buy 30, 20mg pills of Cialis I will get 4 Viagra pills free of charge. In addition to that, if I purchase 60-120 similar tablets I get ten extra free pills and a free shipping service through registered air mail. How about I make to buy more than 120 pills? Ten extra Viagra pills and an express courier service free of charge amounts to my saves.

The only principle that applies here is that of buying in bulk. The quantities I shop the bigger the offers especially for impotent medication and other best-selling products.


I must say the quick phone response was a plus and I won’t blame the store for the connectivity disturbances I got to experience. The reviews from its site were all positive, and so I give them the benefit of the doubt. Lack of reviews depicted by the report and the hidden identity issues of the store are evidential enough to declare the store a scam. My usual rating to deceitful sites is 1-star out of 5 stars, and that is what I award It is nothing short of a treacherous shop with manipulated reviews.

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