Overview Of Cipla Ltd. One of India’s Biggest Drug Company

Cipla Ltd.
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Cipla is one of the world leaders in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Based in India, the origins of the company dates back to 1935, when scientist Dr. Khwaja Abdul Hamied started The Chemical, Industrial and Pharmaceutical Laboratories; known today as Cipla. This pharmaceutical company is better known throughout the world for its humanitarian work as a low-cost provider of drugs to fight AIDS in impoverished or underdeveloped nations.

CiplaIn terms of retail sales, Cipla is the second largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in India. Since its start, the drug manufacturer has become a world-wide leader in the pharmaceutical industry. Cipla prominently touches every corner of the globe and has its medicines approved by almost every country’s regulatory body. This includes the Federal and Drug Administration in the United States, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in the United Kingdom, Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia, Health Canada and a host of other country’s drug regulatory bodies, like the ones in South Africa, Brazil, Germany and Hungary.

This places Cipla in a unique position. With more than 180 countries approving of the way they manufacturer their drugs, this pharmaceutical organization continues to expand and develop medications everyone can afford to buy.

The company shocked the world when it decided to offer its AIDS medications to impoverished countries in 2001. These highly expensive drugs were provided by Cipla for an affordable $350 per year for each HIV positive patient in those countries. After ten years of providing these drugs to underdeveloped nations, the Journal of the International AIDS Society wrote, “Cipla’s dramatic price reduction, which received widespread media attention, hammered the message home that many of the multinational drug companies were abusing their market monopoly in the face of a catastrophic human disaster.”

Cipla saw a lot of smear campaigns against them after this stunning announcement. Primarily from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). It was later discovered that AHF had close ties to American pharmaceutical manufacturer Gilead Sciences, which sold competing AIDS drugs at an inflated price. Cipla did not have to fight this smear campaign, others did it for them. The Economic Times of Delhi chimed in, as well as renowned AIDS activist Gregg Gonsalves, who pioneered AIDS activism in the United States. Gonsalves went as far to call AHF self-serving, grand-standers and said AHF gave civil society a bad name.

This publicized how great of a pharmaceutical manufacturing company Cipla really is. When others come out to defend the company, it is clear that false statements are being circulated. Cipla was helping the world, and larger pharmaceutical companies did not like it. These campaigns only strengthened Cipla’s resolve to make the best products in the pharmaceutical industry,

Cipla goes to great lengths when choosing the pharmacies to sell their medications in. Online pharmacies even go through a more rigorous examination. Cipla wants every pharmacy that sells their generic medications to be as professional and reputable as they themselves have become. This means that the company investigates each pharmacy to make sure that business is highly qualified to sell their products. This means consumers can rest assured that if a land-based or online pharmacy sales Cipla manufactured drugs, they are legitimate and reputable.

Cipla manufacturers

Cipla manufacturers

Cipla has grown tremendously over the years since their inception. The company built a research and development department in 1952 that wasahead of the times then and continues to be on the cutting edge of drug manufacturing. Within the past ten years, Cipla has built more state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to improve on its quality of products. Few pharmaceutical manufacturers continue to improve and work on their quality control like Cipla does.

All of these facts showcase that Cipla is one of the best pharmaceutical companies in the world. Regulatory agencies around the world recognized the company’s quality generic drugs and their unprecedented humanitarian efforts.

Cipla has a host of generic products it manufacturers at its cutting-edge facilities. Generic drugs for erectile dysfunction, allergy medications, diabetes drugs, bacteria and fungus fighting medicines, antidepressants and drugs to fight against high cholesterol, alcoholism, premature ejaculation, acid reflux and many more. These drugs can easily be found at legitimate online pharmacies that sell them at a reduced cost to the customers. Many of these drugs are cheaper than their name-brand counterparts.

Cipla has went as far as publishing their Code of Conduct on their website for every customer to review. It includes transparency, ethical conduct, conflict of interest, legal compliance and cost consciousness of all their employees, just to name a few. This kind of transparency is not available through many pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Cipla manufacturers

Cipla manufacturers

Besides the many generic prescription medications Cipla manufacturers, it also produces childcare products, cold and flu medication, hair care products and medication for foot care, oral hygiene, eye care, skin care and a host of other over-the-counter medications. These medicines are also produced at a lower cost than their name-brand counterparts, and that savings is passed to the customer through the land-based and online pharmacies that sell Cipla’s products.

Whatever circumstance you find yourself in, Cipla is there to help by providing inexpensive medicines that everyone can afford. This is a goal that a lot of pharmaceutical companies do not aspire to, and it shows how rare Cipla really is in the pharmaceutical industry. That is why consumers need to take a closer look at the businesses that sell their products.

The care, professionalism, code of conduct and quality is not only expected from the Cipla organization, it is expected from all their suppliers. You can rest assured that wherever you find their products, knowledgeable consultants will be there to help you out. With this in mind, the next time you are prescribed a medication, check out the suppliers of Cipla products and see how much money they can save you. Many of these suppliers offer a money back guarantee or returns, no questions asked. They want satisfied customers, because that is what Cipla expects from them.