OurUnknownsecrets Reviews: There Is Some Risk Level with This Site

OurUnkownsecrets.com Review
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OurUnknownsecrets.com is an online pharmacy that deals with the sale of a number of medications such as oral steroids, fat burners, sexual health enhancers, injectable steroids and sleep aids or relievers. Among the drugs sold by the pharmacy are anabol5mg, testanon 250mg, Viagra 100 mg, Rital10mg, orslim 120mg, CytomelT3100mg, Orslim120mg, Dianabol DS10mg, Deca Durabolin100mg and Testerone Enanthate 250mg among others. These drugs are of high quality and are sourced from reputable pharmacies in the world. These pharmacies include British dispensary, Zafa, Signature pharma in India, Aires pharma, LA pharma, PharmaEvo Pvt.Ltd, Body research, Organon, ScheringGeofanSami and G.S.K among Others. The Company gives free shipping services to all orders that exceed $250. The company is based in Malaysia and has been in operation for seven years now. There prices are relatively cheap and affordable to its customers. They do have an online chat that customers can use to ask all questions or enquiries before placing their orders. They do safeguard their customers’ safety by sourcing for their drugs from certified pharmacies around the world.

OurUnkownsecrets.com Reviews

This pharmacy has numerous reviews from happy customers that are positive and others from unhappy customers that are quite negative. One customer known as newcomer gave his review two months ago and notes in bold italics that despite him reading all the horrible comments concerning the site he still went ahead and ordered. It took two months which he says that could have been as a result of all the procedures to receive his stuff. He says that the medications were legitimate. It took 2-3 days after arriving in the states to reach his postal address. The packaging and the labeling were all looking legit and he has no doubt about it. The drugs were effective.

Silntrunin is one unhappy customer who in his review he says that he highly recommends one to stay away from this pharmacy. He says his reasons for his stern warning is, the site was getting a lot of bad reviews on a BB site which were being deleted and only the good reviews were been left up. Then recently their whole thread was removed. This left a lot of people hanging on orders him included.

Scamadviser.com Gives the site a trust score of 71%. The website has a good online reliability and a good trust rating too.

OurUnknownsecrets.com Coupon Codes

This pharmacy has a number of coupon codes in place. It gives free shipping services to orders of $250 and above. This can encourage customers to make large orders with the company so as to enjoy this offer. This creates a mutual benefit to both parties. The company increases its sales considerably while the customer enjoys the relive from the hustles that come with shipping process.

The following drugs have an offer and are selling at a reduced price from the initial one. Anadrol Oxymetholone 50mg previously selling at $120 currently $65. Anabol 5mg previously at $6 currently at $4, Danabol DS 10mg previously at $150 and currently at $110, Deca Durabolin previously at $9 currently $7, Sustanon previously at $8 currently at $6. This reduced prices can encourage customers to purchase in large quantities while anticipating that the prices can later go up to their original prices. The customers will strive not to be left out by the offer in season before it is all over.


OurUnknownsecrets.com seems to have popularity in the internet. This contributes to the high ratings from the general public and other websites as well. However this is not a conclusion as to the overall credibility of the site. The final and overall rating is that that the interested party or customer will come up with after carrying out an independent review. It’s advisable to do so as to make an informed decision on whether to buy from them or not. Scamaviser.com rates the website with a trust score of 71%. This is a score that can be classified as above average. The site gets a rating of 2 stars.

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