Online RX Review: Your Trusted Online Provider of Rx Medicines

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Online RX is an internet drugstore chain that offers a number of options when it comes to various medications. They offer at least 30 different brands of OTC and prescription medications for pain. Aside from pain relief medicines, they also offer another type of medicines such as sleeping aid drugs, quit smoking drugs, weight loss pills, skin care treatment and medicines for men and women.,

This internet pharmacy is a network of online pharmacies. It is a group of online pharmacies that aim to help patients that cannot buy their medicines at a regular price. Their goal is to make medication affordable for all, especially people in third world countries. With the affordable medicines they offer, they expect everyone to have access to quality medication. Can you trust Online Rx? Here’s what its customers have to say about their experience with this e-dispensary.

Online RX Reviews

Searching for customer reviews for Online Rx was very easy for us and fruitful. This website has been operating for more than a decade hence they accumulated a large number of loyal customers. In fact, since it is a network online pharmacy, they already have millions of customers.

Online RX Reviews

Online RX Reviews

Among the things that the customers of Online Rx have to say are as follows:

  • They deliver on time
  • The Online Rx website is easy to use and navigate
  • They process orders as fast as possible
  • They have great customer support team
  • They answer all questions in a prompt manner
  • The prices of their medicines are good, affordable and is a worth it
  • They do follow up on customer’s order as needed
  • They have an honest support team
  • The site is safe is safe and secure

The customers of Online Rx are from different countries yet they have the same view of their experience when ordering from this internet drugstore – it was great and they appreciate it. These are the kind of customer reviews we are looking for.

Online RX Online

Online Rx was established in 2001 according to their website. They are licensed by CIPA, MIPA, and the FDA. They are also verified by Pharmacy Checker. As mentioned in their FAQ page, all of their generic medicines are approved by the Food and Drugs Administration. It is to show that their offers are safe and effective.

Online RX Website

Online RX Website

Pain relief medications are among the best sellers of Online Rx. Aside from Pain relief drugs, erectile dysfunction medicines are also among the most popular drugs offered by this e-dispensary. They also offer drugs to treat gastrointestinal, herbal medicines, cholesterol-lowering drugs, sugar lowering drugs, blood level lowering drugs, heart disease medication, anti-smoking, and weight loss pills.

All medicines offered by Online Rx e-stores can be delivered anywhere in the world. If you are planning to refill your Rx prescription, check your local drug law if you can import medicines in your country. All orders are delivered via EMS for international shipping while FedEx and United States Postal Service are used for customers in the US. All orders are then handed to local partner couriers in its country of destination. PO Box address is acceptable. Ordering from Online Rx are only allowed online thru the official website of Online Rx. The mode of payment accepted is just with a credit card.

Online RX Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are codes used when ordering online. Codes are equivalent to discounts. It can be a monetary discount like $5 to $100 off or a certain percentage such as 5% to 25% off your total order. Coupon codes are used by online stores to entice customers and to make their old customers loyal.

Online Rx does not currently offer coupon codes. Aside from offering low-priced medicines and ensuring that they are sending quality medications, Online Rx thinks there is no need for additional discounts for their customers to stay. To date, Online Rx has a million happy customers.

Online RX Phone Numbers

Nothing beats an online store that has a working phone number. Before we place an order, we ensure that the e-store we are going to use has a valid contact information. We normally call them or chat with them to ask random questions to ensure that it is working. We do this to avoid getting disappointed in the end. We wouldn’t want to face a problem with our order and have nothing to talk with about it because there is no number to call or email to send our queries to.

Online RX Phone Numbers

Online RX Phone Numbers

For Online Rx customers, this seems to be not a problem. Their UK customers and US customers can call them via 718 487 9792 and 4420 3239 7092. These numbers might not work if you are not in the said countries though.

If you are outside of UK and US, you can contact Online Rx via their contact us page.

Online RX Spam and Phone Calls

Uninvited emails and phone calls can be very annoying especially if you keep on receiving them on a daily basis. Online Rx knew this hence they do not support sending unsolicited emails and making unnecessary phone calls just to offer their products. They believe that if a person needs an affordable medicine, they’ll search for online pharmacies that can provide it like Online Rx.


After reading all the information, we gathered about Online Rx, we can say that this online pharmacy network deserves a rating of 5. We are giving it a 5-star rating because of its good background, its great customer feedback, and its working contact information. We certainly endorse an online pharmacy that has a phone support team that can handle customer queries and problems at one ring. In addition, Online Rx does have the cheapest price of Rx and OTC medicines online like $0.27 for a generic Viagra and less than $0.50 for a generic Amoxil.

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