Omsi Reviews – Online Pharmacy from India with Risks Involved

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Those who buy medical supplies and prescription medicines on a regular basis know the hassle and the issues related to the task. More often than not, at least one medicine cannot be found in a store and multiple stores need to be visited to do this task. This is not only time consuming but also highly exhausting. (Online Medical Store India) is an Indian portal through which customers can buy all their medicines and medical supplies on one platform.

The website is the product of Youngistan Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd based in Delhi, India and aims to create better healthcare solutions for its customers. Customers can also seek medical advice or prescriptions from this website via consultancy on the phone or through email. The company has a network of over 3,000 doctors working in affiliation with it. Medication is easily available on this website however, the website mentions on the homepage itself that certain drugs will not be issued without proper prescriptions or advice of a verified practitioner.

The website is highly interactive with multiple categories through which customers can buy the products of their need. The website consists of a wide range of medicines, supplements, health food and drinks, monitoring devices, surgical/disposable items, baby products, feminine care products, skin/hair care products, cosmetics, fragrances, Ayurvedic products and home hygiene products. The website ships all over India and even internationally. International orders are processed with an additional fee which covers the shipping and handling charges. Reviews

While conducting a search for customer reviews for this website, unfortunately not many reviews were found. This is quite alarming because the website is a platform which aims to sell products and customers need to know whether they can trust the site or not. Reviews

Only one review was found for this website which was also a negative one. is the website which published this review. According to this customer, he placed an order which was labelled to have been processed by the company. He also made the required payments to the website. However, he neither received his order nor any refund by the company. He also reported that the customer service team was contacted again and again and promised that his refund would be processed soon but to no avail.

The lack of reviews of this website on various review platforms such as,, or is an additionally alarming factor about this website. Reviews 2015

The search for reviews for in the year of 2015 was also unsuccessful. This reaffirms the doubt cast over the legitimacy of this website. Reviews 2015

An additionally alarming factor is the fact that this website does not have any feedback on the internet according to which a credible source for website reviews. Reviews 20151, a credible analytical website also does not have any information regarding this website. It labels this website to be safe as per the data provided by Google Safe Browsing Analytics; however, it does not provide any additional data related to the reputation of this website. Reviews 20152 another analytical website rates this website among the top 6,000 most visited website in India and most of the audience for this website is generated from India and USA. Coupon Codes

There were no Coupon Codes found for this website on the internet. However, the website itself offers discounts to customers. Regular customers are eligible to avail up to 20% off on various products. Customers can email the website and get information about the offers and discounts which they are eligible to avail from this website.


Not everyone is quite comfortable ordering products online. A website which has a lack of reviews and no online reputation cannot be trusted so easily. falls under this category as it does not have any reviews published about it and neither has it been deemed a legitimate platform by any analytical websites. While the website itself is highly functional and seems to be focused on serving customers, it cannot be trusted merely on the design and interactivity features. Anyone who is thinking of buying products from the website should wait until some recommendations can be made for the website. Without any conformation about its legitimacy, any transaction with the company is ill-advised. Based on these factors, the company deserves a rating of 1 out of 5 stars.

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