MySecureTabs Review – The Pharmacy Network Without Negative Consumer Comments

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One of the major reasons people are prompted to source their meds on the web is so that they can reduce the medication costs. After going through all the sites in the Mysecuretabs pharmacy network, one common thing we have noticed in all of them is the cheap prices they offer for all their meds. We took our time to compare these prices with the ones that other local pharmacies offer. We noticed that Mysecuretabs prices were cheaper by over 90%.

How long a pharmacy network has been in operation can tell you whether they offer great services or they just offer fake services. Mysecuretabs pharmacy sites have been on the web for 17 years. This shows that they take good care of their customers. Since all the sites in the Mysecuretabs pharmacy network resemble each other, the look you will notice in all of them is the one indicated below:

Due to offering quality service, privacy, and security to their customers, the Mysecuretabs pharmacy network has managed to grow their customer base to over a million buyers. All the stores that have the above look are not necessarily in the Mysecuretabs pharmacy network. Some of them are fake sites which have stolen the Mysecuretabs web design and look. It is hard to notice when you happen to end on one of the scam sites by mistake. The best way to avoid these scam sites is to trust only links and web addresses which have already been investigated to prove their legitimacy.

MySecureTabs Reviews

Just to be sure that the people who had shopped previously on the Mysecuretabs network sites got what they needed and they were offered great customer support, we decided to find customer reviews. We found a large number of consumer comments. All of these were positive. Here are some of the reviews we found:

Mysecuretabs Reviews

Sarah had ordered from other online pharmacies before she finally located Mysecuretabs drug stores. She says that the courteous and quick service she experienced on the Mysecuretabs sites is rare these days. She is happy with both the people who manufactured her product and the pharmacy network which delivered it to her.

Even if Piter was all the way in Italy, his shipment arrived on time. He indicates that he is happy with the customer service and the shipment. He will be placing another order on the Mysecuretabs drugstore network sites. Barbara’s order arrived sooner than she was even expected in Sweden. The products inside had the same qualities just like she had seen them in the advertisement. This made her feel 100% satisfied.

MySecureTabs Online

If you are thinking of using a search engine to try and locate the sites in the Mysecuretabs pharmacy network, we would advise against this. First, we have tried it ourselves. What we have determined is that the sites in the Mysecuretabs network drug stores are not Search Engine Optimized. Therefore, they don’t appear on the search engine results page. Another reason why you need to avoid using the search engines to look for the Mysecuretabs network site is that scammers leverage the search engine traffic to steal from users.

If you are worried about losing your money while paying for your meds on the Mysecuretabs pharmacy network, you should not be worried. The drugstore network handles money using credit cards. Therefore, as long as you have a VISA or a Mastercard, you will pay for your meds. If you pay and then think that you have been scammed (this doesn’t happen with real Mysecuretabs pharmacy sites), you will have the ability to dispute all the charges made on your credit card.

The pharmacy network is very good with maintaining their consumer privacy. For example, your drugs will be delivered using a discrete package. The only thing that will be visible is your address. The medication names and prices will be hidden. The drug names are not included on the credit card statement. You will find drugs to help you fix your health problems on any one of the Mysecuretabs network sites. The store has over 27 drug categories arranged alphabetically. Each category carries the medication to be used in treating a specific health problem.

MySecureTabs Coupon Codes

People will be happy to realize that there are numerous chances to save money when they are buying them from the Mysecuretabs pharmacy network. First, you have the ability to use the coupon IT-4752 at checkout to get a 10% discount. Second, the shopping cart has other offers as you can see in the following sample shopping cart:

You get to receive some free pills. You can receive either Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra as a bonus. The airmail shipping is free as long as you are paying over 200 dollars for your meds. The 200 dollars will also allow you to receive an automatic 10% discount on all your orders. EMS shipping is free when your drugs cost you more than 300 dollars.

Mysecuretabs Phone Numbers

Scam sites hide their contact details. Mysecuretabs pharmacy network displays their phone numbers on all their sites. The two phone numbers available are as indicated below:

  • +4420 3239 7092
  • +1 718 487 9792

The pharmacy sites will also allow you to send them an email. To accomplish this, check the contact page and fill out the contact form.

Mysecuretabs Spam and Phone Calls

Even after looking on the internet for hours to try and locate any evidence that could indicate that Mysecuretabs spam their clients with unneeded phone calls and emails, we could not find any evidence. This means that spam is non-existent in the Mysecuretabs drugstore network.


Mysecuretabs has been on the web for long enough to prove that they offer solid service to their customers. People who have already commented on the services they offer have indicated that the pharmacy network has great delivery services and the medications always provide the effect they are looking for. This makes us rate the pharmacy network 5 stars.

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