Mygra 100/120 Pills Sildenafil Review: You Can’t Trust a Drug from Unknown Producer

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Mygra 120 mg is not a common drug for erectile dysfunction (ED). Firstly, the common dosage forms available for Sildenafil Citrate products are only in multiples of 25 or 50 (25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg), so this 120 mg is rather odd. Usually, Sildenafil products with 120 mg product formulations are combination drugs (100mg Sildenafil with SSRI for premature ejaculation), but in Mygra’s case, it contains an amplified amount of Sildenafil for ED. Mygra’s manufacturer is also unknown, which makes the product sketchy and dubious; what’s known about the drug is that it is also from India’s generic drug industry.

The primary indication of Sildenafil Citrate for patients is impotence in males; however, there are a number of other applications for Sildenafil Citrate in the medical field. Since the targeted enzyme of Sildenafil (the PDE5 enzyme) can be identified in several body tissues, Sildenafil can work for various clinical conditions too. One of the other approved uses of Sildenafil Citrate is also for pulmonary hypertension (PAH), in order to decrease arterial blood pressure and also supplement exercise capacity in patients. Apart from PAH, Sildenafil drugs such as Mygra can also be utilized for female concerns such as pregnancy maintenance or as an agent for fertility (although in these cases, Sildenafil is used intravaginally and not orally).

In patients with erectile dysfunction, Mygra is taken orally prior to any intended coital/sexual activity. In about an hour, the drug can be expected to ameliorate the failed erectile function by increasing the blood flow directed to the cavernosal tissues. This mechanism works almost all of the time, except for patients with unknown resistance to Sildenafil.

Customer Reviews

Like the unknown manufacturer, there are also no known reviews for the product Mygra. Reviews are an essential aspect of any drug, as patients tend to go for the opinions of other buyers when it comes to online medication purchases. There is a significant fraction of patients preferring online shopping and these same people are interested in viewing product evaluations for the drugs they are planning to purchase.

The paucity of reviews for Mygra can indicate its unpopularity amongst users and can also indicate that the product is merely distributed locally. Usually, local products do not get as much recognition online as the Internet staples. Mygra may also be toppled down by other brands, as there are a plethora of Sildenafil products available; not to mention well-reputed brands too. Buyers may have ended up fancying illustrious generic manufacturers over Mygra from an unnamed supplier.

Pricing and Dosage

Besides the atypical 120mg dosage form, Mygra is also created in the archetypal 100mg tablets. Regardless of manufacturer, the intake of Sildenafil products remains constant; patients are made to consume Sildenafil for ED only as needed and only once in a day. Unlike Tadalafil, though, Sildenafil products do not have a “daily dose” regimen, as the effect of one Sildenafil product can only last for 4 hours.

Mygra Price

Mygra Price has a price quote for Mygra and the store price for 5 tablets of Mygra is roughly $19 for 5 tablets of the 120mg product. Honestly, the price for Mygra is a bit steep as opposed to its generic counterparts considering there are manufacturers such as Cipla and Sun Pharma (which are US FDA accredited entities) offering their generic Sildenafil drugs for less than or a bit more than just a dollar.

How to Buy Mygra Online

All Sildenafil products, regardless of manufacturer, require a valid/legal medical prescription for their dispensation. Brand-name or not, the buyers have to provide their Rx for the products for impotence.

To purchase Mygra, clients all over India just have to visit their local pharmacies as the drug is dispensed freely in their country. On the contrary, international patients interested in giving Mygra “a go” can only do so via Internet pharmacy channels such as which is an online store based in Russia.

How to Use

If you are a first-time Sildenafil user, you should know that any Sildenafil drug takes an average of one hour before functioning fully and lasts about 4 hours in the body. Because of this fact, patients should take Mygra or any Sildenafil medication between 1-4 hours prior to intercourse to maximize the drug’s effect.

Although it seems that taking alcohol with Sildenafil is a cool idea, it is actually not, as alcohol does not only hamper the efficacy of Sildenafil products, it also contributes to the possible exacerbation of the hypotension side effect of Sildenafil in patients.

Buyers should plan their Mygra use wisely, as the drug only lasts for 4 hours and a second dose of the day is strictly prohibited. Taking more than one dose of Sildenafil for impotence symptoms puts the patients at risk of aggravation of the adverse side effects.

Side Effects

Patients can also note adverse events or side effects with their use of Sildenafil Citrate products. Males can have headaches with the drug and may even notice an unusual reddening of their faces or their skin (vasodilatation or flushing) while using the drug. Others may also find their vision changing (getting blurry or seeing “blue”) with the use of Mygra. These are not normal, but they are also not serious cases of side effects in patients. There is a side effect advisory given to the patients prior to taking the medication, so patients can be better acquainted with the possible side effects. However, in a tiny fraction of the patient population, the side effects can be a tad worse, so patients need to observe carefully how they react to the Sildenafil allocation for their condition.

Conclusion with Rating

There is no question on the efficacy of Sildenafil when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction. However, the Sildenafil drug Mygra is not one of those drugs which have been tried and tested when it comes to impotence treatment. We can say that the drug might be effective, but due to its unverified nature, we can only speculate about its efficacy. Mygra is also from an unknown supplier, which adds to the qualms regarding its quality. On a 5-point scale, we can only award Mygra with 1 out of 5 due to the blatant scarcity of quality markers for the product.

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