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This website is basically an online store that has a variety of products for daily life needs. It also has a great pharmacy in particular which is one of the protruding features that it has. The pharmacy seems quite extensive and the customers can log into the website. Hence it aims to improve the health conditions in the society.

There is a wide range of products you can choose from this website. These medical products address to various common health problems which makes this online store a much more helpful medical assistant. The products are available for reasonably lower prices and the shipping is also quite convenient.

Layout of this website is kept pretty simple and there are not too many complications and problems when it comes to online ordering. Readable font and texts with good color scheme makes it more attractive and navigation through the website is also pretty smooth.

Customers can also order prescription refills and the orders placing is pretty simple as well. All you have to do is sign in to the website. In addition to the services, customers can also avail saving opportunities on healthcare. There are other reward options and offers as well which work as an intriguing marketing tool for the customers.

One attractive feature for this store is that it also has pet products. Medications for your dogs and cats are easily accessible through this online store. Food, toys and other pet items are available at cheaper costs and are of high quality. Reviews

As far as reviews from the customers are concerned, this website has nothing to display in this section. The reason is that it doesn’t have any customers review section and there is nothing available that can indicate how this store performs or whether it is a legitimate online pharmacy or not. Reviews

In order to attain more customers and value in the online market, it is almost become a necessity for this website to come up with an effective customer feedback system which could be a potential game changer for the chances of this website.

According to, this website doesn’t rank too highly in the world charts as well as the ones for United States. Its ranking suggests that the website is seldom visited by the users which is a clear indication of the number of customers it might have.

The review section for this website is terribly negative as there is nothing positive to talk about it in first place. Secondly, its rank is too low which is compelling enough for the customers to avoid it. Reviews 2016

The reviews section doesn’t have anything to talk about even in the year 2016. The scarcity of reviews might suggest that the store is no longer functional but that is actually not the case. You will be surprised to learn what Legitscript has to say about this online pharmacy. Reviews 2016

According to, this website is legitimate in the United States. It is a good support for this pharmacy and can be a big life saver for The reason is that Legitscript is a renowned online pharmacy reviewer. Hence, in the absence of customer reviews, it becomes almost a necessity for this store to rank well in the books of Legitscript.

Although this website doesn’t have any customer reviews, the review from Legitscript is a real help for its chances in the online market. Nevertheless, the importance of positive customer reviews can never be neglected and therefore, the website should come up with an effective strategy to get more customer reviews. Coupon Codes

There are several offers upon buying medical products. Some of them are as follows.

  • Reward points are available for customers upon buying medical products from this store.
  • Same day shipping is also available to facilitate the customers and provide them quick services.

Conclusion is a strange online store for a number of reasons. Firstly, its claims for providing good customer services are seriously doubtful because there are no customer reviews to back them. Lack of customer reviews is the biggest flaw that this website has. It could be one major factor in low sales for this website and should be taken into account seriously. Also, it is probably a better idea if the website discloses the prices for medical products before asking the customers to sign in. It could help improve sales for prescriptions. Overall, the website needs a lot of improvement and therefore it receives only 2 out of 5.

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