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MIMS is an acronym for Monthly Index of Medical Specialities. Mims.com is owned by Haymarket Media Group which is a UK-based privately owned media company.

MIMS provides officially approved information to a global healthcare market across 13 countries in Asia Pacific. Its website produces reports, guidelines, case studies, publications, journals, news, education modules anddrug informationthat are valuable to general practitioners, specialist doctors, pharmacists, nurses and patients.

The website provides a search function that allows users to find the basic information of thousands of medications by brand, generic or class. A unique search option is also available that enables users to get the information of medicines by highlighting key factors like shape, color, score, logo, etc. Such sort of information of medications helps users to take steps in promoting health and wellnessin the society.

In addition, the website extends its scope towards diseases which are listed in 15 major categories. Each category contains its various medical conditions. The useful content and remedy procedure of each medical conditions are available in the form of guidelines, reports, videos, articles and research updates. This section of the website serves as a knowledge center for health concerns.

Another feature of specialized electronic learning is available for healthcare professionals in Hong Kong onlyby registering a free account. The education module comprises of limited number of health-related products and health conditions.

Mims.com Reviews

Customer reviews and online feedback are hardly found about the website. Even though, the website has great number of content, articles, publications, reports, updates about medicines and health conditions which are viewed daily by thousands of users, but still no feedback is available over internet.

The website is still aglobal name in the healthcare industry, even its reviews are not available prior to 2015. It is visited by thousands of viewersevery day which shows its limited popularity. The content available on the website is officially approved, and its ownership has a reputable name in the industry for more than 50 years. All in all, even due to unavailability of feedback, mims.com is still a recognized content provider. It is found that the country where the website is most popular is India.

Mims.com Reviews 2015

Customer reviews about the website are not available in 2015 as well. According to alexa.com, the website has mixed trend of upward and downward movement in global ranking in the year 2015 in terms of monthly traffic. At the beginning of the year, the website was ranked among top 32 thousand most visited websites, but in December 2015, it declinedto top 35 thousand most visited websites in the world. Whereas, the ranking goes upward direction slightly since the beginning of the year 2016.Since the website got the popularity mostly in India, therefore it is among the top 6,000 most visited websites in the country. The graphical display is given below:

Mims.com Reviews 2015

Even due to absence of customer reviews, mims.com managed to get quite good ranking in India which shows its average performance. Its global ranking is also on upward direction since the beginning of the year 2016, but didn’t get quick upward trend during the year 2015.

Mims.com Coupon Code

The website does not offer its own products and services. It is purely a content provider, therefore there is no question to offer any discounts and promotions to its users. The registration and accessible to the website is free by just signing up an account, which may be considered as one of the best incentives of all time.


The display and design of the website is eye-catching. Its interface is little bit simple for viewers. It features content, reports, journals, news, healthcare updates, information and treatmenton thousands of medicines and hundreds of conditions. It was founded in 1969 with an aim to facilitate the improvement of patient safety through timely and up-to-date health-related information to healthcare professionals. Online reviews and feedback are not available over internet. Keeping in view its popularity mostly in India, its ranking is quite good in the country. Its worldwide ranking is little bit good with slightly upward trend since the beginning of the year 2016. Above all, it is rated 2 out of 5 stars rating.

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