Metro-meds Reviews – A Suspicious Online Store with No Genuine Feedback

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OPEN is an online drug store claiming to have quality generic medicines and prescriptions equivalent to brand drugs in terms of dosage and strength at a lower cost. The website has experience of three years in online marketing of different medication services. The products are shipped to various parts of the world but there is no finalized list of countries.

The website provides FDA approved medications for different purposes such as Birth Control, Diabetes, Hair Loss, Erectile Dysfunction, Depression and other health issues. Special offers such as free pills with delivery orders attract the customers. Varieties of medicines are available such as generic pill of Caverta, Levitra, Kamagra and Cialis etc.

Orders only have a reference number and they cannot be tracked. Regular Airmail is used for shipment. Payments can be done through Mastercard, Visa, Eurocard, American Express Credit Cards and via bank accounts with highest level of protection. The site has a refund system where the customers can also cancel their orders and refund their money. An online support form enables the customers to leave their queries on the website. Customers can also call on the phone and email to resolve their problems. Reviews

It is difficult to find many reviews from customers for this website. This makes the website suspicious of scamming and fraud. Not many buyers have shared their experience with public regarding the website which goes against the website itself. However, a few testimonials from the users suggest that they are happy with the online store. The website is recommended to upgrade their feedback system so that the users can tell the world of their shopping experience. Reviews

Legitscript terms this website as “Rogue” which means that the website does not comply with the standard medical and pharmacy practices and also may be involved in fraud and deceptive business: Reviews1

According to Scamadviser, the website cannot be trusted and it is better to avoid such sites. Reviews2

Based on the lack of reviews from genuine customers and moderate or poor rating for trustworthiness from multiple scam alert websites makes this website a risk for doing any business. Reviews 2015

Just like previous years, story remained same for as there are no reviews this year for them anywhere on the internet. No or very few reviews about a website especially for an online pharmacy is always a dangerous sign and no recent reviews to the website could potentially harm the business of this online store. It is a basic need of any business to have feedback from their customers in order to progress and therefore Metro-Meds have a serious task in their hand. Without a concrete evidence in the form of customer’s feedback, they remained a risky website for now. Coupon Codes

In addition to their low prices, the website offers additional discounts to help customers save more. The online store offers different discount packages to provide ease to the customers. Such discount packages are especially beneficial for costly orders.

  • 30 Viagra pills with 30 Cialis pills will get users a discount of 10%.
  • 50 pills each of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra can earn customers a discount of upto $ 225.

At the moment, the site does not offer any coupon codes but they may be available in future.

Conclusion is an online store that sells medicines and prescriptions for several health issues. There is a huge variety of products to choose from which makes this store a much wanted commodity. The packages are customer friendly and prices are lower than the actual retail prices, and therefore should attract buyers from all over the world. One major drawback for the online pharmacy is the lack of reviews from the customers due to which independent websites do not show much trust in this website. If the issue is not catered, the website may start losing money and the business may not expand. Looking at the overall services of the website and their trustworthiness earns it a rating of 2 out of 5. The design of the website is also very simple and basic but still it looks attractive.

is closed. We Suggest
We recommend you try as it is the most reliable pharmacy at the moment according to customer reviews
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