Medsmex Reviews – A Untrustworthy Pharmacy from Mexico is an online pharmacy based in Mexico. It is a licensed pharmacy that has been in business since 1999. According to the website, this pharmacy obtains all of the meds from registered corporations in Mexico and only provides quality products to their customers.

It maintains strict quality check to assure the company sends original and unopened meds with best available expiration dates. Every package gets personal attention.

Sure, it sounds good, but does the company cares about its customers? Does it go the extra mile to provide its customer with something better? We will find it out in our review!

Medsmex Approvals and Certifications


Medsmex scamadviser

ScamAdviser gives MedsMex an average trust score of 63%. According to the analytical data, the company is 18 years old and has no security issues. It is very impressive if you look past the average trust score. The company is believed to be Mexican and is owned by the Medioation Maxioo Group.

ScamAdviser didn’t reveal anything alarming, but we are not getting our hopes up.


Medsmex cipa

CIPA labels MedsMex as Invalid. Wait, don’t get any ideas. Every company that doesn’t nail the CIPA seal is labeled invalid. So far, there are on 60 pharmacies that managed to win the seal, and all these companies hail from Canada. Therefore, it’s impossible for a foreign brand to earn this honor.

While this would be a major victory for Medsmex, we are not going to cry over the fact that this pharmacy failed to make it into the list. The Canadian International Pharmacy Association is among the most highly trusted authorities but let’s be real; it doesn’t entertain every online medical market space.


Medsmex legitscript

LegitScript has an interesting take on MedsMex. It remains transparent and calls this pharmacy a Rogue. Thanks to LegitScript, we now understand that MedsMex is a fraudulent company that engages in the deceptive business practice. Moreover, it fails to meet specific regulations set by the medical industry.

This concerns us. LegitScript is among the most accurate and transparent reviewers. The platform does an excellent job of protecting the consumer.


PharmacyChecker is among the most regulated checkers in the online medical market space. Its word holds a lot of weight. But for some reason, it can’t help us out. Yes, we said it couldn’t help our case. But why?

It’s because this reviewer even doesn’t have the name MedsMex in any of its records. The company didn’t make any of its lists, be it verified or rogue. We can’t say this is a significant loss for MedsMex because there was no negative outtake.

Medsmex Reviews


Trustpilot has nothing to say about Medsmex. The site has no customer reviews about Medmex, the trust rating is zero. It seems like the Trustpilot community didn’t even heard about this particular brand.

Medsmex Trustpilot


WOT gave MedsMex a mildly poor review. Yes, the safety rating is unknown, but it did give a generous 2 out of 5 scores for reputation. Furthermore, MedsMex managed to score a 41/100 for trustworthiness and 25/100 for child safety. There are over 14 customer reviews. Most of them are positive giving MedsMex a 4 out of 5 scores.

This is a sign of relief for the company. This is the only positive thing about MedsMex we have heard so far.

Medsmex wot

Medsmex Google Reviews

There is no business profile of MedsMex. Therefore, we couldn’t find any Google Reviews.

Medsmex Coupon Codes

So far, this is the only positive thing we heard about MedsMex (other being WOT Reviews). It seems as the company does care about its customers and do want to stay in business. This is why it offers loyalty programs to keep its customer base intact.

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We will admit we were very confident at the start, the company looked promising with its regulations. Unfortunately, it all went haywire as soon as we took matters into our own hands. We tried multiple reviewing platforms across the internet, almost every one of them had nothing positive to say about

While we didn’t find any issue on the website, we didn’t find any promise when we searched on the internet. Every platform we check had only one thing to say, stay away from this, it is a fraud. Well, we are going to convey the same message to you. Don’t trust this site; it will rip you off.

At the end of our review, we rate on 2 stars.

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