Manifest Pharmacy Reviews – A Suspicious Online Pharmacy Stationed in Greenville SC

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This website puts special focus on efficient shipping of medications and drugs to its customers. It ships all medical products within United States. This pharmacy has a wide range of medical products including the ones for diabetes and other refrigerated items. There is also a 90 day refill program so it saves a lot of money for the customers.

To maintain standards, the website has an interesting way to operate things. First off, customers and patients have to contact the website. From there the website contacts the physician and asks for your prescription. The prescription may be sent through fax or emailed. In case patients have prescriptions in the form of hard copy, they have to mail them to the company. As soon as the prescription is received, a customer service agent will call you to confirm your order and delivery. Orders are processed within a day of receiving the prescription.

Shipping is absolutely free regardless of what the order may be worth. Refrigerated items are also shipped for free and ensured that they do not lose their effects. On the website, you will find the FAQ section where all possible questions are answered by the pharmacy. It helps in understanding the dynamics of the website.

Customers can contact the company through email, telephone and fax. It is located in South Carolina and can be approached if needed. Reviews

Since the website focuses primarily on supply of medicines, the reviews are of great importance to determine whether or not it performs its duties in an orderly manner. Unfortunately, there are no reviews to be found about this website. One of the major reasons is that this website is marked unsafe for browsing due to some technical reasons. Hence, there is a talk about whether or not it is operational any longer. Reviews

Hence, there are some serious doubts on the legitimacy of this website. It could well be that it is in the process of transferring the domain or it may be renovating completely. Anyhow, there are no reviews even for the previous domain so it cannot be trusted for buying prescriptions.

Strangely enough, the following review suggests that it may be completely safe for browsing. However, it could well be that the review was generated prior to closing of the current domain. Anyhow, there is no indication about how the website might be performing and serving the customers.

The review section for the website is not too supportive for it. The reason is quite simple i.e. there are no reviews to talk about. Reviews 2015

As for the year 2015, not much has changed for this website and there are still no reviews to be found. The problem seems to be worsening and there hasn’t been much done about it. In order to keep its market value up, the website may have to take some serious actions or else it could face severe consequences. Reviews 2015

According to which is a renowned online pharmacy reviewer, this pharmacy is not verified and therefore, it is a dangerous website. It could well be involved in scamming and fraud and so the customers and patients are requested to stay clear and avoid any financial losses.

The review section for this website doesn’t bear any fruit and it is pretty evident that no sensible person would order medications from there. There are no facts and figures that could suggest that the website is working well. We would highly recommend the customers to look for alternative options and save their precious time and money. Coupon Codes

Well, there remains no discussion regarding the coupon codes because the website may not be safe for use. However, the website claims to provide free shipping to the customers throughout United Sates. It is a money saving deal provided that the website ships any products in the first place.

Conclusion looked like a promising website because of its subtle and simple layout and the presentation of information. It seemed like they care most about their customers but unfortunately, the reality may possibly be the other way round. There is no evidence about efficient performance from this website and therefore, it is not the right idea to trust the company and order any medications. We advise the customers to look for other reputable online pharmacies and order from there. The only ratings it can receive are on the basis of its layout which is by far the best and probably the only feature of this website we could talk about. It is rated 1 out of 5.

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