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KP is an acronym for Kaiser Permanente. It was founded in 1945 as a non-profit healthcare company. It currently employs more than 177,000 people who serve around 10.1 million registered members. It operates in nine different states of United States of America.

Its objective is to provide healthcare facilities to those who deserve to live healthier lives and who have no capacity to get better health and wellness facilities in the society. It offers different health insurance plans depending upon the age, income and location of members. The services offered in these plans include hospital care, preventive care, doctor visits, immunizations, prescription drugs, etc.

It also works with several employers in order to devise and provide better health insurance plans to their employees who are also registered members of KP. The website features search option for viewers to find the basic information of thousands of medications and supplements. Viewers can also build awareness on various health conditions and diseases as vast amount of reading material and video content is available on the website. This includes diagnosis process, treatment guidelines, side effects of medicines, clinical research, etc.

There are approximately 38 hospitals and 619 medical offices where more than 17,000 physicians and 49,000 nurses have been deployed to take care of registered members. Since KP is a non-profit company, therefore it serves health insurance plans and medical facilities at cheaper rates. Reviews

Customer reviews are available on various review websites. A review website has 94 reviews from both happy and angry customers. Some customers praised about the healthcare services, whereas some are found making complaints for receiving bad services. The common complaints reported by customers are incompetent staff and nonseriousness in delivering services. On average, it receives 2.5 out of 5 stars rating. Below is the representation of such rating: Reviews

Another review website known as shows 80 feedback from customers. Most of the reviews are negative which include bad service, wrong advice and cancellation of appointments. On the other hand, some customers are happy with services provided in hospitals and medical offices. On average, it receives 1.9 out of 5 stars rating. Below is the representation of such rating: Reviews1 is also BBB accredited business since 1997 and got A+ rating, which is the highest on a scale of A+ to F. As per BBB website, 01 complaint has been resolved with BBB in last 3 years, no complaint has been resolved in last 12 months. Here is the representation of such rating: Reviews2

On the whole, customer reviews are average with some complaints. Bad service and incompetent staff are major reasons of dissatisfaction of customers. Reviews 2015

Online feedback about the website is also available in 2015. Another website shows mixed response from customers. Most customers are dissatisfied due to poor service, incompetent nurses and terrible administration staff. Whereas, some customers are found talking positively about healthcare services and plans. On the basis of 23 reviews, it gets an average score of 3.5 out of 5 stars rating. Below is the depiction of such rating: Reviews 2015

A review website known as shows 516 reviews having both positive and negative comments. But, mostly customers are of the view of negative feedback. Based on 169 ratings out of 516 reviews, the average rating is given hereunder: Reviews 20151

According to, the website is among the top 5,000 most viewed websites in United States, and the website slightly climbed its worldwide ranking in the year 2015 in terms of monthly traffic from top 35 thousand in January to top 32 thousand in December. The graphical display is given below: Reviews 20152

All in all, Customers are easily found commenting and rating about the website in 2015 as well. On average, it is found that customer reviews are satisfactory. Coupon Code

KP offers its healthcare services to registered members which is only possible by signing up a free account. At present, the website does not offer any discount and promotions to its members.

Conclusion is a non-profit healthcare company. It offers various health insurance plans along with search option of medications and reading material on various diseases. The interface is little bit easy for viewers. Customer reviews are easily and adequately available over internet. It operates in nine states of U.S., therefore its ranking in the country is quite good. Its global ranking is on upward trend since the beginning of the year 2016. Above all, it receives 2.5 out of 5 stars rating.

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